Throwaway Ticketing

Throwaway Ticketing Delta Airlines Explained:

Hidden City Ticketing, also called Throwaway Ticketing is an airline ploy used by passengers to Skiplag their flights and save huge amounts of money. This practice is also known as point-beyond booking, as those using throwaway tickets, book cheap flights beyond their actual point of travel and get down at a layover destination. This stopover is the actual point where they intended to travel to. Throwaway ticketing delta airline helps passengers to cut down on their expenses but can lead to several issues for the company. Delta SkyMiles hidden city ticketing is a common travel hack. Had the passenger not skiplagged by using throwaway ticketing travel hack, the airlines could have generated more revenue. Thus, this practice is disliked by airlines and they are trying to ban throwaway ticketing.

Throwaway Ticketing Delta- Simple but Prohibited Travel Trick:

Throwaway ticketing on Delta is a simple travel hack, where you get down at a layover destination but have made the booking for a point beyond that stopover. Thus, you skip a leg of your ticket and only partially use the reservation. Using hidden city ticketing websites could help you make such reservations. These tickets, though legal, can lead you to get punished by the airlines as they are trying their best to ban passengers from using this method for travel.

Imagine wanting to travel from A to B. You check direct flights and find them to be expensive. But, if you travel from A to C with a stopover at B, and find the prices lower for this throwaway ticket, you can book a ticket for travel from A to C with a layover at your desired destination-B. You get down at B and instead of boarding your connecting flight to C, you exit the airport and skip a leg of your journey. This is called throwaway ticketing or skiplagging.

Throwaway Ticketing Delta Explained:

Delta airlines website often shows expensive direct flights. However, the point beyond booking when used can let you have a layover at your desired location at much cheaper airfare.

On Delta airlines, this is not only applicable for revenue tickets. Delta indirectly encourages passengers to use throwaway ticketing on award flights as well. For example and reference, in the main cabin, hypothetically, let us say that Montreal to Atlanta uses up 47000 SkyMiles when a direct booking is made. But, if you travel from Montreal to Orlando with a stop at Atlanta, this can significantly bring down the cost to just 9000 miles! So, Delta SkyMiles hidden city ticketing is often used by passengers to throw away a part of their ticket and skip a leg of their journey. This is unfair for regular passengers and thus, this price model encourages passengers to indulge in throwaway ticketing.

The risk is, if your flight to Atlanta or the intermediate destination is canceled, you might be taken directly to the final undesired destination, which in this case in Orlando.

Throwaway Ticketing on Delta Airlines-The Problems:

Using a throwaway ticket is highly frowned upon by airlines. This can be due to:

Loss of Revenue: If a passenger skiplagged a leg of their reservation and throws away the rest of the ticket, a lot of money can be saved. But, from the airlines perspective, had you made a direct flight ticket booking to your destination, a lot more revenue could have been generated. Thus, Delta does not like passengers who use throwaway ticketing travel trick.

Unnecessary Delays: Say that you used throwaway ticketing and skipped a leg of your flight. Passengers on the next leg could be left waiting for you to the board and this could potentially lead to a flight delay since you already left the airport by skiplagging on Delta airlines. Skipping connecting flights on the delta could thus be inconvenient for the company.

Extra Baggage Expenditure for Airline: By throwaway ticketing on Delta, your carry-on could create a problem for the airlines. If gate-checking of the baggage is required, the airline would have to take it to the endpoint and then would have to spend extra money on sending the baggage to your location.

Consequences of Throwaway Ticketing Delta:

Delta airlines could refuse to serve you in the future and flag you and your SkyMiles account. If you throwaway tickets, Delta airlines could negate all your SkyMiles and remove the elite status from their membership program. Delta could also share your details with its partner airlines, leading you to get banned from all the alliances. Although it is not illegal to throwaway tickets, Delta no show policy can be strict if you try to use this airline ploy. You can be held back at the airport and could be allowed to fly only after you paid the full fare.

Delta airlines might overbook their flights to avoid passengers from tricking them by using throwaway ticketing hack. Lufthansa throwaway ticketing led to the airlines to issue a warning against the passenger indulging in this fraudulent practice. Even United Airlines gave a warning to those who tried to use throwaway ticketing. Although most people consider this as a scare-tactic, you might not always be lucky enough to get away with throwaway ticketing on Delta. So, you take a risk by not showing up for the second leg of your journey and can have a fraud charge against you. However, we can give you maximum discount offers on airline ticket reservations and help you book cheap flight tickets, risk-free! Feel free to give us a call on +1-(855)-737-8707 for any queries related to flight ticket booking, cancellation or refund and let us give you the best flight booking service.

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