how do e ticket work

How Do E Tickets Work At The Airport in 2020 For Travel?

If you have recently been on a plane, you would know that e-tickets are now being used as a travel document. These are reservations in the computer system of airlines. You can get your e-ticket receipt and boarding pass online. Paying for flight tickets and checking in has all become the play of a few […]

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transfer airline ticket to another person

Transfer Airline Ticket to Another Person – Is It Doable?

Airlines would often prevent passengers from transferring their flight ticket to someone else. This is done to ensure that on popular routes, third party sellers are not allowed to buy tickets in bulk. They can do so and sell them at higher prices later by changing the name. This would make the airline lose out […]

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change name flight ticket

How to Change Name on Flight Ticket – Can You Actually Do So?

Small errors while booking your flight e-ticket online can often happen. If you have made mistakes while entering your name and have made a spelling error or other typo mistakes, you might be stressing about it. However, fret not! More often than not, without causing you too much pain, most airline companies would let you […]

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