spirit airlines baggage fees and policy 2020

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees & Policy 2020 – What’s New?

Spirit Airlines has surely made its mark as an ultra low cost carrier serving over 60+ destinations. You can find ultra low cost flights on Spirit airlines as the base fare has been kept extremely low. Apart from other places, Spirit is hugely popular in the United States, Latin America and Caribbean. However, there are […]

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discount airlines Spirit, Frontier and Allegiant

10 things about flying discount airlines Spirit, Frontier and Allegiant

Spirit airlines, Allegiant airlines and Frontier airlines grab eyeballs from the aviation industry as these are ultra-low-cost carriers with very catchy fares, where Denver to New York City can cost as low as $74, Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale $54 and you can travel one-way from Phoenix to Las Vegas for as low as $40. These […]

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