Delta Mileage Run 2020

How To Use Delta Mileage Run 2020 For Getting Elite Status?

Elite mileage runs on airlines can be a quick fix if you have gaps in your frequent flyer status with the airlines company. If you hold a loyalty membership with any airline, then it comes with a lot of perks and comfort options. These advantages are very useful for those who get on flights frequently. However, if you are a member of the rewards program of an airline but haven’t been able to reach the qualifying miles for retaining your medallion status on Delta, then cheap mileage runs can come in very handy as you can speed things up and earn miles by taking quick circuitous trips. Delta mileage run 2020 lets you get a qualifying next tier upgrade for the coming year if you are able to quickly reach the qualifying miles that would let you avail the benefits that the diamond or other Delta medallion status comes with.

What Is A Mileage Run On Delta Air Lines?

Airline companies have made a quick shift in their strategies and reward passengers based on how many miles they have flown over the year and how much money they have spent for taking trip with the airlines. End-of-year mileage runs on airlines like Delta help those, who weren’t able to fly the required number of miles. They get to earn them in a short span of time with this quick fix. What some people do for bridging the gap is that they take an outbound journey to a destination and quickly hop on a return flight for getting back to their home airport. Doing this, during the end of the year, they are able to rack up on some additional miles for taking flights. This helps them keep the benefits of their elite status for the next year. Lounge access, free checked bags, seat upgrades at no additional charges and other perks are lucrative for those who take business trips or vacations very frequently. Therefore, for them, this Delta mileage booster is of utmost importance and taking such flights is more of an investment for future travel.

Airlines like Delta are making it hard for members to reach qualifying elite status on their rewards program. Getting upgrades to the next tier on their rewards facility is another challenge. So, if somebody already has a status with the airlines, they try their best to not lose it. However, these days some airline companies like United Airlines do not take the number of miles into consideration while determining elite status. What they are taking into account is the amount that a passenger spends for availing their services and the number of flights that they take in a year.


You might be in a rush for earning miles and points by the end of the year for keeping your status with Delta airline. Passengers often take round trip flights without even actually leaving the airport for flying medallion qualifying segments and miles. They get off the airplane and take their flight back home. If you are also facing a time crunch and are looking to book Delta mileage runs 2020, here are some tips to do so:

1. How Many Miles Do You Need? The first step for booking Delta Elite Mileage Run should be to calculate the number of miles that you are actually short of. You should also be aware of the fact that you have to spend $15,000 pre-free and pre-fax with the airlines. Qualifying number of segments should also be taken by passengers. These two in combination is a requirement for you to get a Delta status upgrade for keeping your status with the airlines company. If you want to know how many SkyMiles you would earn for flying Delta and other partner airlines, you can use a Delta mileage run calculator.

2. Pick The Right Destination: Dollars and miles, if you are short of time, should be earned in the quickest possible way. You don’t necessarily have to take a vacation for this reason. Therefore, choosing the right flights and destinations for a mileage run is of prime importance. Being flexible in this regards can let you earn the required number of miles in a quick span of time.

3. Think Partner Airlines: Choose partner airlines if you have to, when opting for Delta Air Lines Mileage Run. If you book flights on Delta SkyAlliance partners, then you might be able to quickly get deals and offers for applying to your flight tickets that can let you earn the required number of miles quickly. These airlines fly to destinations all around the globe. Therefore, apart from the location, picking the right airline is also necessary. You might be able to earn more Medallion Qualifying Dollars if you book Delta partner airlines. You can move closer to your goal of possessing your medallion status as this process is faster and cheaper.

4. Be Open-Minded: Remember that last-minute mileage runs might not always work out as flight delays and cancellations can hinder the process of you taking a fast flight and earning medallion miles and dollars on Delta. However, if you have successfully taken a mileage run trip, then you would have the benefit of flying in style and comfort while saving hundreds of dollars for flight upgrades. You can go on a Delta mileage run for platinum or diamond. Book high-cost tickets like those in business class, where you would be fed well while you earn those points and miles.


If you look from an economic perspective, then a good Delta mileage run deal should cost anywhere between two cents to three cents for every mile. If you are looking for mileage earning, then do keep in mind the actual cost that you would be spending for earning each mile and then decide if it would actually be worth the effort. You should not be overspending when booking mileage run flights.


If you want to find a good mileage run, then you should look for business class flights or those that have been placed in a higher fare category. Take the help of an online Delta mileage run finder for this or reach out to a trusted online travel agent. You get more out of the money that you spend on booking such tickets as Delta estimates what you are actually spending. Booking higher-priced tickets let you bump up your elite status for the coming season. So, if you book flight ticket deals that fly you from East Coast to the Philippines with a layover at Shanghai on Delta partner airlines China Eastern Airlines, then it can totally be worth your money as you would be able to continue having elite status with Delta. This is the benefit that Delta mileage run 2020 offers to its passengers.


However, a lot of flyers book flight tickets at the end of the year for completing the Delta Medallion Qualifying Miles and flight segment requirements. Taking such quick flights where you might not even take the full advantage of the destination that you might be traveling to, leads to increased unnecessary carbon emission. This is a huge drawback of Delta mileage run 2020 and is a cause for concern. Therefore, the longevity of this practice of getting on round trip flights for stacking up miles and reward points is in question at the moment.


You can get equivalent status on another airline if you are already holding elite status with an airline company. This is actually called the status match program that airlines announce from time to time. United Delta Status Match can let you get elite status on Delta if you are already holding status with United Airlines. If you want to keep your medallion status on Delta after the validity period, then you can complete the challenges that require you to fly certain miles and segments. Doing this, you would be able to get qualifying status on Delta easily.

Credit cards that let you book the latest Delta mileage run using points can accelerate your process of earning qualifying Delta miles without spending any cash. Therefore, if you are looking to book mileage run airplane tickets, then making reservations directly using credit card points is a good idea!

The privilege that Delta elite status offers, which includes comfort and free bags is why Delta mileage run 2020 is popular among travelers. A top-level status with the airlines is a necessity for those who go for frequent trips multiple times in a year. They always hunt for cheap flights and mileage runs for making their travel affordable and pleasant. 

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