what are budget airlines

What Are Budget Airlines – All about Flying Budget Airlines

Super-cheap flight is a dream that is now a reality! If you want to fly cheaper, then RyanAir and such other low-cost airlines are now available. They even promise to offer free flights in the future, but for now, what you get it lower prices that can save you hundreds of dollars on airfare. Regular […]

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change name flight ticket

How to Change Name on Flight Ticket – Can You Actually Do So?

Small errors while booking your flight e-ticket online can often happen. If you have made mistakes while entering your name and have made a spelling error or other typo mistakes, you might be stressing about it. However, fret not! More often than not, without causing you too much pain, most airline companies would let you […]

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turkish airlines transfer united

How to Transfer Turkish Airlines Miles to United Airlines?

Turkish Airlines has extended its services to Asia, South America, North America, Africa, and Europe. The largest airline of Turkey, Turkish Airlines can take you to over 120 destinations all across the globe so that you travel at maximum comfort. Miles & Smiles is the loyalty currency program of Turkish airlines. On United Airlines, the […]

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Rules for Traveling on a Plane

Rules for Traveling on a Plane and Etiquette to Follow:

Have you ever been on a plane where the passenger seated next to you was walking around barefoot or opened a pack of stinky tuna sandwiches? Have you been nauseated in a plane due to the other person having an unpleasant smell? These are some common experiences and it can be very irritating for those […]

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what to do if your flight is canceled or delayed

Things to Do When Your Flight Is Canceled or Delayed

Everybody wants to reach timely to their destination. However, sometimes, mishaps might happen due to faults on the part of airline companies. Your flight might get delayed or the airlines might even have to cancel your booking, that can cause you a hell lot of stress and can put you in panic mode. In this […]

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find error fare flights

How To Find Error Fare Flights and Get The Cheapest Airfare:

Errors in listing flight prices can help you save hundreds of dollars on your round trip ticket if you are able to scan the airlines website and find them. Error fare flights are caused due to numerous different factors and the fact is that sometimes the airline companies overlook the errors as the mistakes are […]

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Read Time on International Flight Tickets

How to Read Time on International Flight Tickets?

If you are unfamiliar with time zones, flight timings and time conversion, boarding a plane can be pretty scary. If you are not careful, you might even miss your flight and this can cause you to lose enormous amounts of money apart from having to face hassles of re-booking your flight. The departure timing and […]

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midnight flight confusion

Midnight Flight Confusion: Don’t Miss Your Flight!

Midnight flight confusion is one of the most common problems faced by new travelers or those who are not savvy with flight timings. Even those flying frequently might sometimes get confused with timings and time zones and reach the airport at the wrong hour. Understanding the 24-hour format of timing, and what 00:00 means on […]

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What Happens If You Miss a Connecting Flight and Tips to Follow

Having a missed connecting flight can be insanely stressful and you might find yourself helpless in such a situation. This can cause a lot of stress and if you do not have a course of action in case you missed your connecting flight, it can cause you to be confused and panicking. Relax! What happens […]

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