Delta Transfer Miles To Spouse

Will Delta Transfer Miles To Spouse For Booking Flights?

Delta Airlines is a full-service carrier, offering its services to global destinations all around the world. In today’s age and day almost every airline company has a loyalty program in place where passengers earn miles when they spend money on shopping, flight booking, hotel reservations or availing other partner services. The loyalty currency of Delta Airlines is best known by the name SkyMiles. It has multiple benefits, including award bookings and the option to share SkyMiles between accounts. By redeeming your SkyMiles on Delta Airlines, you can save yourself from the trouble of paying hefty airfare. However, transferring Delta membership rewards points may or may not be a good idea, depending upon certain factors. Will Delta transfer miles to spouse for flight bookings? Let’s find out in this article.

What Exactly Is Delta SkyMiles?

Delta SkyMiles is fantastic if you are looking forward to saving some money on flight ticket bookings. With Delta’s Sky Wish program, you can even transfer these miles for gifting or donation purposes. Delta SkyMiles, in a nutshell, is the loyalty program of Delta Airlines, which lets you earn miles while you spend for availing services on Delta and other partners. Your spouse can claim Delta miles if you transfer your award points to them.

Does Delta Charge For Transferring SkyMiles To Someone?

Delta transfer miles to spouse or others at charges. Most of the airlines would charge some fee for transferring miles from one account to the other. This can be done easily but Delta airlines would charge you $30 as a transaction fee in this case and one cent per mile that you transfer from your account to the frequent flyer account of your spouse. In addition to this sum, you would also have to bear taxes for every transfer you make. Therefore, you need to analyze and make careful calculations for determining whether the whole process would actually be economically feasible.

Is There A Limit For Transferring Delta Miles To My Spouse?

Yes! There are some restrictions imposed when your try to transfer Delta miles from your SkyMiles account to the frequent flyer account of your spouse. If you want to transfer Delta miles to a spouse, remember that a maximum of only 150,000 Delta SkyMiles points can be transferred every year from your account to your domestic partner. If you are trying to receive Delta miles and points from your spouse, then you would only be allowed to receive a maximum of 300,000 Delta points from them. At a time, you can only transfer your miles to up to 4 SkyMiles member.

What Information Of My Spouse Would I Need When Transferring Delta Miles?

If you are keen on transferring air miles from your Delta account to the one of your spouse, then you would need their name. In addition to providing their name, you would also need the frequent flyer number of your spouse and their email. Delta transfer miles to spouse, but name, SkyMiles number and email address is what you need to enter while doing so.

Does Transferring Delta Air Miles To My Spouse Actually Make Sense?

Let’s do some math for understanding when mile transfer from your Delta account to that of your spouse actually makes complete sense. Suppose, your spouse has around 48,000 SkyMiles in their account. They want to buy round trip flight tickets. When they search on their Delta frequent flyer account, they see that in totality, they would have to shell out 50,000 Delta miles for successfully completing their purchase.

Therefore, they are short of just 2,000 Sky miles. If you have around 2,000 miles in your account, you can easily give those Delta SkyMiles to your spouse. We know that Delta transfer miles to spouse at some fee. But, the charges would only be a $30 transaction fee, some tax and $20 as processing fee (2000 miles X 1 cent per transferred mile). So, overall, you just pay $50 and some additional taxes. This perfectly makes sense if your spouse is just short of a few SkyMiles.

I Want To Transfer Too Many Miles To My Spouse. Is It Economical?

If your spouse needs, say over 20,000 miles for purchasing their round trip flight ticket, then probably transferring Sky Miles from your account to theirs would not make sense. This is because $200 processing fee would apply to your transaction. Aside from that a $30 transaction fee and taxes would also be applied to your transfer. So, spending over $230 just for transferring Delta miles to your spouse would not actually be economical. The hefty transfer charges, is perhaps why this would not be worth it. If you want to transfer a lot of miles to your spouse, think again! Paying cash instead of going for transfer of air miles might make more sense.

How Can I Transfer Delta Sky Miles To My Spouse?

Can my wife use my Delta SkyMiles? Yes. Just by following a few simple and easy steps, you can go about transferring your SkyMiles to your spouse:

1. Visit Delta Airlines official website and sign in to your SkyMiles account

2. After going to SkyMiles Reward, enter the number of miles you want to transfer, the name and email address of your spouse. Miles can only be transferred in increments of 1,000.

3. You can transfer anywhere between 1000 to 30,000 SkyMiles points to your spouse.

4. Enter your credit card details and pay the transaction fees.

5. Check your email.

6. You would have received the taxation confirmation email.

7. Keep in mind that the Delta miles transfer to your spouse or partner, once processed successfully, is non-refundable.

Will Delta Airlines Let Me Book Awards For My Spouse Without Transferring Miles?

Most of the flights that operate in the U.S. would allow you to book award tickets for others. You can do so by visiting the official airlines website and logging in to your Delta SkyMiles account. Delta Airlines miles and points can be used for flight ticket booking for your spouse and others. Simply search for Delta domestic US awards and find the appropriate flight. You can make the booking for your spouse simply by entering their name instead of your name. This is a feature that almost all United States Airlines like Delta allow.

Are Their Precautions To Be Taken When Booking Direct Delta Award Flights For My Spouse?

Delta miles can be transferred between spouses easily. However, Some passengers who booked awards directly from their SkyMiles account for their spouse, faced some issues. At the airport, they were asked to produce the credit card that they used for booking their award flight ticket. If you used your better half’s Delta frequent flyer account, then it is recommended that you carry with you a copy of the credit card that was used for making the booking. You might also carry a letter written by you, stating that your frequent flyer miles were used for purchasing Delta award flights for your spouse. Doing this, you can avoid hassles. Korean Air and few others might not let you book awards for others. You would have to show some proof for authorization of your relationship with the person you’d be booking award flights for. So, even if Delta transfers miles to spouse or not, you can book awards for your spouse directly without actually transferring your Delta air miles.

Best Ways To Earn Delta Award Miles For Your Spouse-

You might want to reconsider your idea to transfer Delta airline miles to spouse. You and your spouse, domestic partner or partner can use credit cards for earning additional SkyMiles. AMEX Gold Delta SkyMiles card can let you earn around 50,000 bonus miles, while AMEX Platinum Delta card can help you get 60,000 Delta SkyMiles. For getting this, there is a minimum spending amount that you need to complete. There are sign up bonuses as well on these cards, which can let you earn some extra miles.

So, will Delta transfer miles to spouse for making flight ticket reservations? We hope you have found the perfect answer for your query. If you are still not satisfied and have doubts regarding flight ticket booking, cancellation and refunds, you can feel free to call us. We have a solid team of customer support professionals, who can guide you through your booking and find the cheapest flight options for you. We work round the clock ensuring that you only get the maximum discounts and best airfare for your booking. If you are tired of browsing through online ticketing websites, give us a call on +1-(855)-737-8707.

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