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What to do when you lost confirmation number southwest?

The Flight confirmation number for Southwest passengers is sent out by the airlines to the registered email address. RapidRewards members can easily log in to their accounts and find their itinerary listed. However, if you have lost confirmation number Southwest, then there is nothing to stress about. There are many options like using your credit card details, dialing Southwest contact number or even searching your email for Southwest airlines to retrieve confirmation number to work. If you are not sure how to go about finding your confirmation code, then in this article, we have listed out all the important points for helping you do so.

What is the confirmation number on southwest airlines?

Southwest Airlines record locator is an alphanumeric code that can be found on your flight ticket booked with Southwest airlines. It is also known as Southwest reservation number or booking code and offers multiple benefits like easy access to your itinerary, accelerated check-in and even an option to pay baggage fee and select seats online. Once you book your flight tickets, the airline or your OTA travel provider would instantly send it out on your email ID as well as a mobile application. Your six character long flight confirmation code can help the authorities identify your booking and that is why it is important for you to have it. Even at the airport, you can perform flight confirmation number lookup and use the self-service kiosks for printing your boarding document out. You can get done with this process smoothly with your Southwest flight confirmation number. Losing this sequence can lead to unnecessary delays.

Where is my confirmation code on my e-ticket?

Your confirmation code would be in your email address as well as on your e-ticket receipt. It is a 6-digit reservation number that you would be able to located on the right-hand side of your flight ticket. It is recommended that you print your Southwest confirmation email for enhancing your travel. If you have downloaded the mobile application of Southwest airlines, then over on this app, you would be able to find your booked flight with the confirmation details mentioned.

How to find your flight confirmation number on the southwest?

The first thing that you need to do for finding your lost confirmation number Southwest, is to check your email inbox. Use the search bar and try typing in ‘Southwest.’ This might help you located your account details or confirmation number for a flight that you booked recently or in the past using this email address. Ensure that you have checked your SPAM or TRASH section.

If you are not logged in to your flight itinerary, then you would have to check the ITINERARIES section by performing a log-in. For this, you would have to visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.

If you hold a Rapid Rewards membership with Southwest, then you can log in to this account and there you would be able to find your reservation along with the flight confirmation number. You can also use your credit card statement for Southwest lost flight confirmation number.

It might happen that you are at the airport, trying to check-in using one of the self-service kiosks placed there, that you are unable to find your Southwest airlines confirmation email. This email is important as it contains your confirmation code which you would have to enter. You can then visit the reservations helpdesk and provide your credit card number which you used for making the booking. Doing this, the airport authority would be able to locate your itinerary and print your boarding pass.

In case you lost confirmation number southwest, you can also use your driver’s license with a magnetic strip for allowing the airport authority to find your six-digit reservation number for performing checking or printing a boarding document.

How to find southwest travel funds lost confirmation number?

Southwest customer relations number is the one to dial if you want to Southwest travel funds lost confirmation number. They would take your credit card number and help find your travel funds confirmation number. But before that, ensure that you have checked your email thoroughly. For checking the balance on your travel funds, you can click on Manage Reservations and then View Travel Funds. Enter the Southwest airlines lost and found confirmation number and you would be able to see the travel funds associated with your account.

How to retrieve southwest airlines itinerary using a credit card number?

Every itinerary booked on Southwest comes with a confirmation number. If you have booked your tickets and have lost confirmation number Southwest somehow, then you can retrieve it with the help of your credit card information. Let’s look at the steps for doing so:

1) Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines

2) On their page, click on the Check-in option or click on the Manage Your Travel link.

3) It would take you to the reservations page holding your itinerary.

4) There would be a link that you can click for looking up your confirmation number.

5) From the methods to do so, click the Credit card option.

6) There, you can enter your first as well as last name and provide details regarding your credit card and departure date and city.

7) Once the page showing results loads, you would be able to locate your confirmation code.

8) This is how lost confirmation number Southwest can be retrieved.

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Can I call southwest airlines phone number for finding my confirmation number?

If you are unable to find your confirmation number by the methods mentioned above, you can always head to the airport or call the Southwest phone number. You would be connected to an agent, who would guide you with your itinerary. If they refuse to provide you with the details for security reasons, then try again and tell them that you have tour credit card details with you for confirming that the original booker is actually you. They might look upon their database and help you get back your confirmation number. This is how Southwest airlines lost and found confirmation number works.

Now that you know how to find your flight confirmation number on the southwest, you can visit their Retrieve Air Reservation page for finding your itinerary, checking in and printing boarding passes.

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