United Delta Status Match 2020

What Is United Delta Status Match 2020 Loyalty Challenge?

Almost every airline company has a loyalty program in place that lets you earn points for every time you board a flight. The rewards currency that you earn when taking a flight on these airlines can be used for future travels. You can redeem your points and miles for purchasing flight tickets. There are different tiers for these loyalty programs. The more you spend, the higher the tier that you get placed on gets. If you already have status with an airline like United or Delta, then the United Delta status match facility can help you switch. If you are interested in knowing more about Delta SkyMiles Medallion status match challenge or United MileagePlus Premier status match challenge, then you should read on.

What Is Loyalty Status Matching Between Airlines?

United Delta status match programs let frequent flyers who are a member of one airline to get the equivalent or lower status on the loyalty program of the other airline. This is done for a set period of time but can be extended if you complete challenges like taking some flights and accumulating points. On Delta, if you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum member then you can match your loyalty status with different MileagePlus levels on United airlines. Airline elite status match options for 2020 are many.

Status match challenge offers passengers who are already elite members on one airline company to get a similar matching status on another airline. Status match with United Airlines or Delta can let you get complimentary elite status. They would verify your documents like your loyalty program card and recent transactions. Then, you would be assigned a status based on their respective ongoing programs for status matching.

How is Status Match Different From Status Challenge?

Status match and status challenge differ from one another. There are no minimum flying requirements if you just get approved for a status match. However, if you take a status challenge, then you need to fly a certain number of flights or a specific number of miles for completing and availing your elite status on the other airline.

United Status Match for Switching From Delta Airlines

If you are a silver SkyMiles member then you would be assigned the Premier Silver status on the United MileagePlus program. For Delta Gold members, United would link them with their Premier Gold program. United would make Delta Platinum members their MileagePlus Premier Platinum holders when they apply for the United Delta status match. Therefore, your current status on one airline can be matched with another airline and you can avail of the benefits of those programs. This upgrade would be done only for 90 days. Post that, if you want to keep the status for the remaining portion of the year, you would have to complete the MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge.

What Are Premier Qualifying Flights and Premier Qualifying Points?

Premier qualifying flights (PQF) are the number of flights you need to take for keeping your status with United when status matching for the rest of the year. 

Premier qualifying points (PQP) are the number of points you need to earn on flights that are operated by United or United Express after the 90 day period ends, for keeping the matched Premier Status.

What Are Pqp and Pqf Requirements on United Mileage Plus Status Match Program?

1. If you want to retain your matched Premier Silver status, then you would need to fly 4 PQF and on flights operated by United Express or United you need to earn 1000 qualifying points.

2. Earn 2000 PQP and fly on 6 qualifying flights for keeping your United Delta status match Premier Gold membership.

3. Hold your Premier Platinum membership just by earning 3000 PQP and flying on 10 Premier qualifying flights.

Delta Medallion Status Match Challenge to Switch From United Airlines

On Delta Airlines, you can get a complimentary medallion status match for 3 months. Post this United Delta status match period, if you want to keep your medallion status with Delta, you would have to successfully complete certain challenges.

Delta SkyMiles Silver Medallion status is assigned to those switching from United Premier Silver Mileage Plus status. If you have a Premier Gold United Airlines frequent flyer membership, then you would be given the Delta Gold Medallion SkyMiles status when you apply for the United Delta status match. For United Global Services members, Premier Platinum and Premier 1K members, Delta would assign the Platinum SkyMiles membership. This is the status comparison system decided by Delta for switching from United airlines. However, diamond medallion status does not come under the status match program.

What is Mqm, Mqs and Mqd to Extend Matched My Delta Membership?

If you have to extend your membership that was assigned to you for 3 months as per Delta status challenge 2020, then you have to earn a specific amount of Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM) or fly Medallion Qualification Segments (MQS) during this period of 3 months of the complimentary status match with Delta Air Lines.

MQDs are Medallion Qualifying Dollars. For members of the United States, MQD can be earned or MQD waiver can be qualified for. This would help you extend your Delta status.

How Many Mqd, Mqm or Mqs Do I Need to Extend My Status?

1. Silver Membership: To keep your Silver status with Delta, you would need 6,250 MQM or 8 MQS. You can also earn $750 MQD or qualify for MQD Waiver for keeping the Silver SkyMiles membership.

2. Gold Status: As per Delta SkyMiles Status Match Challenge, earn $1500 MQD or get MQD Waiver for keeping Gold status. You can also earn 12,500 MQMs or 15 MQSs for extending the period for keeping your SkyMiles Gold status.

3. Platinum Delta Status: If you are able to earn 18,750 MQMs or fly 25 MQS, or get $2,250 MQD, then the period for keeping your Platinum SkyMiles membership would be extended.

You can also get Medallion Qualifying Dollars waiver for extending Delta status match. This waiver can be obtained by making $25,000 or more in eligible purchases with Delta within the trial period of 3 months.

What Documents Would I Need for Delta United Status Match?

You need to have elite status with some airline for applying for the United Delta status match. You should be able to present a digital membership card with the frequent flyer program with one airline or have sent the photo of the physical one to the airlines. For status matching, you would also need to present a statement or show recent transactions with the airline’s frequent flier program for being eligible to get approved. This statement should clearly depict the elite status that you earned with the airline. The status expiry period for the loyalty program might also be required to be shown.

How Can I Apply for United Delta Status Matching?

For the United airlines status match, you should not have participated in this program for earning Premier Status within the last 5 years. While for Delta, you should not have gotten the complimentary Medallion status within the past 3 years. The policies and terms regarding the United Delta status match challenge are all available on the respective website of the airline’s company.

If you want to apply for United Status Match 2020, then you can fill the Mileage Plus Status Match Challenge form. For Delta, this can be achieved by filling the SKYMILES MEDALLION STATUS MATCH CHALLENGE FORM. You must allow the airlines up to two weeks for verifying your request and getting back to you on your registered email address. If you fail to meet any of the criteria as stated by the airlines, then you would not be eligible to apply for this membership.

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