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What is Porter phone number for availing flight services?

Porter Airlines is one of the top regional-based airlines that has a fleet formed of Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 planes only. Priority members on this airline can avail priority boarding services as it takes off to numerous destinations like Boston, Chicago, Ottawa, Toronto. The best part about these airlines is its rewards program VIPorter that lets passengers book flights using points. Apart from that, complimentary food and drinks, as well as magazines placed in-flight help passengers, swish through their journey! In this article, we are going to discuss this short-haul flight carrier and tell you how you can dial Porter Phone Number for availing multiple benefits.

What is porter airlines?

Porter Airlines, founded in 2006, is a regional air carrier that has its headquarters at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. They have extended flight services around Canada and the United States. In Canada, Porter serves numerous locations like Toronto, Fredericton, Halifax, Montréal and many others. Chicago, Washington, and New York are some of the US destinations that are traversed by Porter flights. This is one of the superior airlines that have partnerships with JetBlue airways for taking tourists around International regions like Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Cancun. There are 23 destinations that regional airline Porter serves.

Which aircraft form the fleet of porter airlines?

There are 29 planes under Porter airlines, each of which can carry around 74 passengers. The only aircraft that forms Porter’s fleet is Bombardier Q400. These planes have a seat pitch that allows enough legroom to passengers wanting a spacious trip. They offer more room than 78-seat planes.

What is the porter airlines baggage fee and policy 2020?

 porter airlines baggage fee and policy 2020  call on porter phone number

On Porter airlines, you would be allowed to bring with you, for free, one small personal item, which can be a laptop bag or a briefcase that can be easily adjusted under the seat in front of you. Porter Phone Number can be ringed for knowing about prohibited items inside carry-ons.

By paying applicable checked baggage fees and charges, you would be able to bring luggage for submission at the airport. However, one carryon bag and the personal item come with the base fare paid and you do not have to spend any extra amount for that.

Ensure that the carry-on bag does not exceed 22*16*9 inches in dimensions or 47 linear inches. This would be calculated including the handles of the bag and wheels. Your personal item also has restrictions as it should not go beyond 36 inches in dimensions (17*13*6 inches). Jackets, strollers, and walkers would all come under personal items. For a full list of items that count as personal articles, you can call Porter Phone Number.

Checked bags have their overweight and oversized fee, that would have to be born by the passengers if their luggage exceeds 62 linear inches including length, width, and height or goes beyond 50 pounds. As per policy, you would be able to bring 2 checked items to the airport.

Your first checked bag would be priced at $25 USD and $35 USD for web check-in and airport check-in, respectively. The same for the second bag would be $35 USD for online check-in via online methods or $45 USD for checking in at the airport with your second luggage. Porter Airlines Number can be reached out to for adding bags to your itinerary.

If you want to bring additional bags with you, then they would set you back by $100 if you get them checked at the airport, while you can expect to pay a little lower price of around $90 for checking them online.

What is the oversize baggage fee and overweight luggage charges on porter?

oversize baggage fee and overweight luggage charges on porter call on porter phone number

If your bags are overweight then you can expect to shell around $75 for every bag that goes over and above 51 pounds till 70 pounds, while oversized bags would be priced at $75 for bags that lie between 62 and 80 inches. If your bags go beyond this maximum 80 linear inches of size, then you would not be allowed to take it with you on your trip. The maximum weight that is allowed on Porter airlines is 70 pounds.

What is the frequent flyer program of porter airlines?

Porter Airlines is one of the most prestigious regional carriers and has a frequent flyer rewards program in place by the name VIPorter. You can use your rewards points for getting free flights or upgrading your seat. For booking flights, you can use your accumulated miles and points or even make use of dollars and mileage credit. Earning an elite status or premium Porter airlines membership can be done by booking flights and spending money to make reservations. If you are choosing points or a combination of money and air miles to book flights, you would have to pay for the taxes on your own. Calling Porter Phone Number, you can quickly purchase flight tickets using award points. You can book award flight tickets and make huge savings when flying to your favorite destinations around the world.

There are three tiers on Porter airline, which is the VIPorter class, the VIPorter passport class, and the VIPorter priority status.

1) VIPorter: As per this status policy, you would be able to earn 5 miles for every dollar spent on Porter airlines flight reservations. Your points would not expire at all and you just have to make the spending of $1499 for booking flights or availing other services that qualify under this rewards program.

2) VIPorter passport tier: Under this tier, you simply need to spend $1500 to $2999 as qualifying dollars on Porter to earn 6 points for every dollar spent. This is one class ahead of the VIPORTER elite status.

3) VIPorter Priority class: Earn 7 air miles for spending one dollar on Porter airlines. Just make the spending of 3000 qualifying miles and you would be eligible for this highest status with Porter airline. The best part is that you can use your points at any time for booking free flights as they do not expire. Porter airlines phone number reservations helpdesk can be called for help regarding booking with miles.

The difference, however, is that VIPorter members would not get the premium call center facility that other members would be able to take advantage of. They would also not the complimentary checked luggage or premium seat selection options. If your flight gets delayed, then you can stay the night as Porter Airlines would book accommodation for you as complimentary service, only if you are a Viporter Passport or Priority member. Porter Customer Number can be dialed for additional assistance regarding canceled or missed flights.

The best part about the highest elite Viporter Priority status is that they are the only ones who get to bring a checked bag for free to the airport, get premium seat selection facility and avail same-day flight change service without any fees.

What is the VIPorter air miles expiration date of reward points?

Although there is no set expiration or validity period for your Viporter miles, if you do not earn them within 24 months or do not redeem them within these 24 consecutive months, then your points would expire and become invalidated. For knowing about the routes that you can fly for counting against reward points accumulation, you can call Porter Phone Number.

How to book flights under porter airlines?

You can get on a Porter flight by visiting the official website of the airline’s company or by getting in touch with your OTA travel provider. Select your destination and fare type as well as the origin airport on the website. You would also be required to choose a date for travel. Click on the SEARCH button and you would be shown flights that suit your selected date. Call Porter Airlines Phone Number if you are not sure about e-ticketing. You can compare the prices and the fare classes and then select the perfect itinerary. 

On Porter, you would find Basic fares, Freedom, Standard, and Flexible fare types. Basic airfare can be availed by passengers who want budgeted travel experience and do not have carryons with them. You can just fly with a personal item and squeeze the benefits of top-notch onboard services at low costs.

Once you are done choosing the fare class online or by calling Porter Contact Number, you can make the payment through a secure payment gateway available on the Porter website. You would receive your e-ticket and email confirmation shortly.

How can I choose my preferred seat on porter airlines?

You might have to pay for certain seats on Porter, while others can be chosen for free. For seat selection, you need to visit Porter website and log in to MY BOOKINGS. From there, you can add or change your chosen seat. You would be shown a seat map on Porter flight, that would show the occupied seats as well as unoccupied ones. You can pay the requisite seat fees for selecting seats in advance. This can also be done by dialing Porter Airlines Reservations Phone Number.

If you want to avoid sitting in the middle seat or need a window seat or get an aisle seat for spreading out, then advance seat selection can help you with all your needs. However, if you fail to do so, the airline would automatically allocate a seat to you when you are checking in to your itinerary.

You can book additional seats, if you are unable to sit comfortably in one. This can be done by dialing Porter Customer Care Number.

How can I check in to my porter flight online or offline?

Checking in online with Porter airlines can be done by visiting the official website 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. You can perform this web check-in 60 minutes before your flight takes off. If you want an agent to help you with checkins, you can call Porter Phone Number. With the help of online check-in, you can pay for your bags, add bags, upgrade seats, add your frequent flyer number Porter offers or even get a digital boarding pass for printing.

If you are at the airport and want to check-in, then you need to do so 1.5 hours ahead of departure time for International flights and 1 hour before departure timing for domestic flights. You can do so by visiting the self-service kiosks at the airport or by reaching out to an airport official helping customers with Porter check-in procedures. You can call Porter Helpline Number for further information.

What are the inflight services being offered by porter airlines

All the fare classes would be served identical meals, including beer or choice of beverage. Snacks, coffee, tea, beer or wine are all complimentary on your Porter airline flight and this complimentary in-flight service is why many passengers choose this airline over others. Although the in-flight facilities are great, you would not be able to charge your device or get access to Wi-Fi. There are no power outlets on Porter flights, however, you would find charging stations at your departure airport, that you can choose to charge your phone or watch in advance. Porter Flights Phone Number can be called for knowing more about the flight services they offer. Since it is just a regional short-haul carrier, there isn’t any entertainment system attached to your seats.

Will I get rebooked if my porter flight is canceled?

Porter airlines try to ensure premium services for all its passengers. They would keep you notified about cancellations of delays with the help of text and email notifications on your provided details. In case the flight you are about to board gets canceled for some reason, you would be re-booked on another one at no charges. For choosing a new flight and rebook it, you can simply use their online rebooking tool and get alternate flight options or call Porter Airlines Toll Free Number.

If you want to claim hotel charges, transportation or other costs that you had to incur because of flight delays, then that can be done online or by calling Porter Customer Service Number. You would need to provide your booking confirmation number and other details like receipts, documents, and information about the canceled journey. Submit the form and their client service team members would reach out to you shortly.

How to travel with pets on porter airlines flight?

You are allowed to bring your furry animal with you in flight. However, you would be expected to bear a $50 fee, exclusive of taxes. After you are done with your reservation, you can call the Porter Airlines Support number for adding your pet to the flight. This advance booking, 24 hours after making your reservation, is recommended by the airline. You would receive a refund if your pet does not get accommodated on the selected flight. Ensure that for International travel, you have health certificates and other necessary documents with you. This health certificate is not required for domestic flights. When you travel with pets, make sure that they are enclosed in a secure, leak-proof and spacious carrier at all times. They would not be allowed to sit on your lap or on the seat, though.

What is porter airlines traveling with children policy?

If you are traveling with infants or kids, then they should have a minimum age of 7 days. Lap infants are infants that are below the age of 2 and can be carried to the destination in your lap. You would only be allowed to take one lap infant with you per purchased seat. An adult should at all times be there with them. You can even bring a car seat and purchase a paid Porter seat for your infants. If you want details regarding infant travel, you can call Porter Toll Free Number. For children who have completed 2 years of age or are older, you would compulsorily have to buy seats for them. Traveling with an infant and a pet is not permitted as per their policy.

These were some of the main points regarding Porter airlines. You can dial Porter Phone Number for traveling around multiple destinations across the world. If you want to book flights, then we have a powerful booking engine that can not only offer cheap flight tickets to any destination but can also apply the best deals and discounts to your reservation. Our customer support staff works 24/7 assisting customers with flight ticket booking, cancellation, and refunds. We are a leading ticketing service provider that can make your journey incredibly affordable. For an enhanced flight booking experience call us on 1-855-737-8707.

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