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What Is Interline Booking on Interline Flights?

Interlining allows travelers to switch from one airline to the other without them having to worry about baggage transfer between the two different airlines. Interline agreements allow airlines to handle the entire itinerary under a single booking for a wider itinerary. This service, however, is not available on airlines and only Interline partners are allowed to handle such itineraries. In this article we discuss about what Interline booking is and what Interline flights are.

How to book an Interline ticket?

You can use an Online Travel Agency or make an interline booking via a travel agent. These options can come in handy for Interline travel-

Booking Done via OTA: You can purchase an interline flight ticket from an online travel agency by visiting the website and clicking the multi city option on the flights search page. Enter your details and that would showcase the interline multi-city airfare as you add different legs to your journey and book a single flight ticket having transfer between different interline airline partners.

Booking through a Travel Agent: You can also visit your travel agent for a genuine flight ticket reservation at the best deals and discounts available. The representatives at the agency would help you make an interline reservation and you do not have to worry about doing it yourself.

What is Interline Travel and Example to Explain Interline Fare-

With an interline itinerary, you do not need to check-in again while being transferred from one airline to another. The only condition is that the connecting flights should be partners in providing interline tickets.

For example, American Airlines has an interline agreement with Delta airlines that allows them to transfer passengers between their networks without travelers having to check-in again. Check-in once and fly on a totally different airline without having to worry about your baggage.

WOW Air doesn’t have an interline deal, just like many other low cost carriers, and thus, to get transferred from one airline to the other on your itinerary, you would have to collect your bags and perform the check-in process again with the next airline company.

How to Check In To Start My Interline Journey?

If you have booked your itinerary with multi-city option on different airlines providing interline services, you can check-in for the entire journey once and the baggage would be transferred from one carrier to the other without causing you any hassle. However, you can dial the airlines customer support to confirm the booking and policies and circumvent paying extra fees.

How to Handle Baggage for Interline Flights?

From your point of boarding till your last destination, the airline would transport your interline baggage. They would coordinate among themselves and transfer your baggage between them. Joint fare benefits between two partner airlines allows you to book a single ticket on different airlines and not worry about the bags being taken along the entire journey. Had no agreement existed, you would have to make two bookings and go through the frustration of checking in again with your luggage to complete the next leg of your interline journey.

Benefits of Interline Travel-

1) Pay a single fare for the entire itinerary and get issued a single flight ticket. Check-in only once for the whole journey.
2) No worries about bags being taken from boarding point to final destination as it is done by the airlines as per the airline interline baggage agreements.
3) Interline ticket prices are often lesser than total of two separate tickets.
4) You would be transferred to the other partner airline at no extra cost on your interline flight airfare.
5) You get to earn miles on your interline reservation, like a regular frequent flier and enjoy elite benefits.

Thus, interline booking on interline flights helps you purchase multi-carrier tickets at cheaper costs and this passenger service agreement between interline airlines lets the company earn a great revenue while the passenger does not have to worry about baggage transfer between the flights. Both the airline and passengers benefits from this agreement. For booking interline flight tickets or getting any query about flight ticket booking, cancellation or refund resolved, you can call us on +1-(855)-737-8707 and let us serve you by finding maximum discounted airfare at the best deals and offers, making your journey affordable!

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