Humanitarian AirFare & Missionary Fare

What is Humanitarian AirFare and Missionary Fare?

Air travel requirements for NGO, humanitarian groups and missionaries can be challenging as it requires a constant change in itineraries. Perilous travels to remote destinations can risk the safety of humanitarians and thus, safety during humanitarian flights is of utmost importance. Therefore, for specialist humanitarian airfares as well as secure travel for missionaries, airlines partner up with travel groups and help arrange air travel for non-profit sectors like NGO’s and missionary and humanitarian groups at Humanitarian Airfare.

Advantages of Booking Humanitarian Flight Tickets

Booking flexible flight ticket reservation at humanitarian airfare aims at providing savings to not-for-profit organizations up to and over 30% in certain situations. Members and employees of non-profit organizations working for disaster management might require disaster relief flights for working towards noble causes. They can avail this humanitarian airfare and humanitarian fares might allow additional advantages like extended ticketing, no minimum stay around a global network, free excess baggage, and flexibility on changing itinerary and inbound returns. Tickets can have one-year validity, depending upon airline rules. Some travel groups work with over 2000 NGOs and help them provide humanitarian flight ticket bookings.

Do You Need an Id to Book Humanitarian Airline Tickets?

To save money and book flights at humanitarian prices, you need to show a humanitarian airfare letter provided by your NGO, which is a certificate issued for global or domestic usage. Name tags and ID tags are also needed for your humanitarian ticket to be valid. An original letter of a mission on the nonprofit’s official letterhead might also be needed. American airlines humanitarian fares are also offered by some travel companies apart from offering humanitarian airfares for numerous other airlines offering cheaper airfares. You can contact humanitarian travel consultants for such non-profit airline tickets.

Delta airline’ missionary fares, as well as a humanitarian flight for multiple other airlines, are provided by some travel groups arranging flights for volunteers and humanitarians. Airlines are compassionate about those serving others selflessly and thus humanitarian airfares support those in the non-profit sector. Airlines like American airlines allow no cancellation penalty up to 24 hours before scheduled departure apart from permitting changes on the dates of flight. However, unaccompanied minors are not allowed to take flights booked at humanitarian fares on flight ticket reservations. American Airlines allows one additional baggage on the economy or main cabin extra classes, making traveling with essentials for disaster prone areas easier. Humanitarian airfares generally do not increase like regular flight tickets as you try to book flights close to the scheduled departure of the metal. Minimum or maximum stay restrictions are also generally waved off on humanitarian flight tickets.

Which Companies Allow You to Book Humanitarian Flights?

Cheap and budget-friendly volunteer trips helping you have a volunteer travel experience if you are flying for good, even for International humanitarian flights, are being provided by some travel companies. KeyTravel, FlyforGood, Siama, etc. are some travel companies that can help you plan international service trips at humanitarian fares. Generally, they don’t have hidden charges and can be contacted by email or you can dial for inquiries at +1-(855)-737-8707. 24-hour emergency service is often provided by these travel groups to change your itineraries multiple times and offer reduced or waived seat change fees when booked under the Humanitarian Airfare Program.
To make further inquiries or to book any flight ticket at Humanitarian airfare or to avail any other service be it flight booking, cancellation or refund, call us on +1-855-737-8707

Can My Family Member Book Tickets at Humanitarian Airfares?

Immediate family members might also be allowed to avail humanitarian airfares and such tickets should preferably be booked by calling an agent. So, with lower prices and no last-minute increases, as well as no minimum or maximum stay, you can book a Humanitarian flight ticket and serve humanity, if you are a nonprofit traveler.

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