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What is ETIAS? Your ETIAS Application Questions Solved:

ETIAS lets American travelers to get multiple entries to all of the 26 countries which lie in the Schengen Zone. ETIAS 2021 would start being applicable from January, 2021. For your travel to Schengen countries within Europe, in the future, submitting an ETIAS application would be mandatory. Thus, if you are looking forward to visiting any destination in Europe, here’s everything you need to know about the ETIAS as we have tried to solve the majority of your ETIAS application questions. 

What Are Schengen Zone Countries?

Schengen visa countries

You can safely pass between separate countries that mostly consist of EU member states, because of the Schengen Agreement. Due to this agreement, you do not need to undergo any border-check while traveling from one country to another that is within the EU. There are 26 states in this area and there is a common visa policy in place for these nations.

What Exactly Is the ETIAS System?

As a security measure, the European Travel Information and Authorization System have been put in place. Due to ETIAS, you would now need this special authorization before entering any of the countries within the Schengen area. The management of people entering this zone would become better due to this additional step. In September 2016, ETIAS was introduced by the European Commission.

Passengers would require to get pre-approved before they can get to Europe as the ETIAS system would run a background verification for every traveler that decides to arrive in the continent. This would ensure safety as travelers posing security threats would be filtered and checked.

Risks would be controlled and tracking of travelers would be ensured so that risks could be determined. This would be done for passengers even as they go around the Schengen area. Every applicant would have to go through the ETIAS system once it is put into place.

Would It Take Long To Get An ETIAS Visa?

A visa might be required if you want to visit Europe and this would be decided by factors like your travel purpose and country where you decide to reside within Europe.

A visa can be a time-consuming procedure, requiring you to complete extensive paperwork for being able to visit countries around the globe, be it for education, work or just a vacation. This visa approval process can easily take weeks and you might even have to spend significant amounts of money for getting the authorization.

To travel around Europe, you might need the ETIAS Visa. However, you might not have to go through the same hassles that you have to face while trying to get a normal visa if you apply for traveling to ETIAS visa countries. You can visit the official website of the EU Travel Information & Authorization System for getting access to the list of countries where this authorization might be necessary.

When Do I Need To Start Applying For ETIAS?

If you want to travel within the Schengen Area, which includes 26 countries, most of which lie within the European Union, you would have to apply for ETIAS and submit your application. This has to be done for travel after January 2021.

List of Countries That Come Under ETIAS-

All the Schengen Zone countries would be included under ETIAS. There are 26 countries that would be covered, within Europe. These countries are-

1. Austria

2. Germany

3. Lithuania

4. Slovakia

5. Belgium

6. Greece

7. Luxembourg

8. Slovenia

9. Czech Republic

10. Hungary

11. Malta

12. Spain

13. Denmark

14. Netherlands

15. Iceland

16. Sweden

17. Italy

18. Norway

19. Switzerland

20. Estonia

21. Finland

22. Latvia

23. Poland

24. Liechtenstein

25. Portugal

26. France

ETIAS would be covering these countries within Europe and you would need to submit an application for traveling within this Zone of nations.

Why Do I Need An ETIAS?

An ETIAS would be required for all your travel needs, be it for a vacation or a business trip. Even if you are traveling due to medical reasons or other transit causes, an ETIAS would be indispensable. ETIAS would serve as an essential document when you travel within the Schengen zone. Therefore, apart from your government ID and valid passport, ETIAS would soon serve as an important credential while you travel. Without it, entry to Schengen Area countries would not be allowed.

Boarding might be refused if you fail to present your ETIAS authorization. It would be totally the responsibility of the traveler, who would have to make sure that they are able to produce all necessary documents like their visa, passport, valid government ID and other important certificates. ETIAS would also become significant if you want to travel within Schengen Zone.

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Documents Required To Apply For ETIAS-

Your valid passport would be the only document that you would be required to submit while applying for ETIAS. A digital photograph might be required apart from your passport being machine readable. In some cases, your passport might also need to have an electronic chip installed for you to being able to apply for ETIAS.

Is The ETIAS Process Lengthy?

No, you can complete your ETIAS application within ten minutes as per the ETIAS official website. You would have to fill details like those about your travel and personal information. Other information might also be asked in the application form that you would have to enter and then your eligibility for ETIAS would be determined. This determination would take a few minutes.

The ETIAS website would send you a notification if you are found to be eligible and your information is verified. If the authorization system finds you to be a threat to security, you might be flagged and manual assessment would be done for such cases that can take anywhere up to two weeks for verification.

Can My Application For ETIAS Be Denied?

Your ETIAS application might be denied if you have recently been into any conflict area or if you have been rejected from another country. Your application might even be denied if you have been deported from another country or if you have criminal records against you.

ETIAS authorization would be processed after your details are processed by several databases and agencies like Visa Information System (VIS), Europol and Schengen Information System (SIS). These watch lists would help verify your details and thus, your application would be processed accordingly.

You can appeal the decision if your application has been denied by the ETIAS system.

If you pose security threats, or if the system finds any other concerns that can act as risk factors, the system would flag you. You would even be flagged if the details provided by you turn out to be fraudulent. Your application might be rejected due to any of these reasons and you would always receive the reason for rejection. Thus, your application might not be approved due to the above causes and can be rejected or denied.

Do I Have To Pay For ETIAS Verification?

For every ETIAS application, applicants can expect to pay about $8. This payment can be made on the website directly, before the processing of your application begins. This would be the ETIAS visa cost passengers would have to bear during their ETIAS visa application.

Does ETIAS Have A Validity?

This is one of the most common ETIAS application questions that people ask. You can visit the countries within the Schengen zone unlimited number of times once your application is approved as it is valid for 3 years from the date of approval. This is the validity of ETIAS, but the condition is that within a 180-day period, your visit should not exceed 90 days. 

Thus, ETIAS, once approved by the system, would allow you to travel for 3 years before you having to reapply.

Does Everybody Including Children Have To Apply For ETIAS?

If any child has to enter the member states within the Schengen Zone, they would have to apply for ETIAS. The same has to be done by people of all age groups- be it the elderly or infants. It is mandatory for everybody to complete their ETIAS application and have it verified. For minors, the legal guardian is supposed to submit their application on their behalf.

The fee for ETIAS application is waived off, if the applicant is over 70 years of age or under the age of 18.

Can I Freely Travel In Schengen Zone After ETIAS Approval?

Each of your visits should not exceed a 90 day period, if you travel within the Schengen zone after ETIAS approval. Once approved, this authorization would let you freely travel an unlimited number of times in the Schengen area. However, even if you have your ETIAS approved, the border patrol would decide if you would be given entry to the country where you want to visit.

Based on the specific country where you want to enter, the ETIAS approval would be carried out. Your first point of entry would be Portugal if you specify that you would be traveling to Portugal first. Entry through other countries might not be permitted because the entry was approved only for entry through the country that you mentioned while submitting your ETIAS application.

Do Only U.S. Citizens Need To Apply For ETIAS?

Countries including Australia, Brazil, and Singapore are among the 57 countries that lie outside of the European Union whose citizens would be needing to apply for ETIAS authorization. Nationals of countries that do not require visa for entry to the Schengen zone would also have to apply for ETIAS. Thus, it is not only US citizens who have to apply for the ETIAS approval.

Travelers visiting from countries which are part of Visa Waiver Program to the United States have to apply for ESTA, which is a system similar to ESTA in the US. Electronic System for Travel Authorization fee is applicable to all those planning to visit the US and it is $14. The visitors allowed to visit the US for less than 90 days, have to pay this ESTA fee.

When does the Schengen visa start, you ask? ETIAS would begin being applicable from 2021 and we have hopefully answered all your ETIAS application questions. But, if you want to book cheap flight tickets now and enjoy your dream vacation, you should consider calling us on 1-855-737-8707 and letting us help you find cheap flight tickets to multiple destinations around the globe at the maximum discounted airfare. We also work round the clock ensuring that you get nothing but the best deals and offers on your reservation. You can also give us a ring if you have doubts regarding flight ticket cancellation or refund!
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