delta airlines bereavement policy

What is Delta Airlines Bereavement Policy

In the unfortunate scenario of an immediate family member passing away, some airlines offer special bereavement fares applicable to passengers for family emergencies. These airlines offer special discounted bereavement fares to those traveling to a funeral to mourn the death. Airline bereavement fares help you book a last-minute emergency flight ticket, without burning a hole in your pocket. Delta Airlines bereavement policy helps you make emergency Delta flight bookings for such situations.

If you try to book flight tickets at the end moment, regular flight ticket prices might be higher than normal. However, you might have the need to book a ticket to fly to a funeral. Under such circumstances, you can save money by making flight ticket reservations under the bereavement policy of airlines. Delta airlines are one such airline that offers passengers traveling to a funeral with bereavement fares to purchase discounted flight tickets.

Who is eligible to avail special fares for bereavement travel?

Special discounted fares for bereavement travel are offered by Delta Airlines, which is one of the largest airlines in the world. To be eligible for availing this discount, the death should be of an immediate family member. Immediate family member includes adopted/great/step/half/in-law versions of-

1. Parent

2. Spouse (Husband/Wife)

3. Grandparent

4. Grandchild

5. Aunt/Uncle

6. Niece/Nephew

7. presiding over services

8. Sibling (Brother/Sister)

9. Child (Son/Daughter)

10. Domestic Partner

Only these people are eligible for getting the special discounted fares on their domestic/International travel as mentioned on the official Delta website. The Travel duration must be within 7 days of the imminent death or immediate death of a family member. Other than the normal validity of your flight ticket, no minimum or maximum stay requirement is there as per the Delta Airlines bereavement policy.

Delta airlines only allow passengers who are SkyMiles members, which is the rewards currency program of Delta airlines, to avail bereavement fares. If you are not a member, you need to enroll in their free SkyMiles program to be able to book delta flight emergency tickets.

Who doesn’t qualify for Bereavement fare?

You cannot avail of discounted Delta bereavement fare if you are traveling for routine or emergency surgeries that are not life-threatening. If you are traveling to visit terminally ill relatives, Delta airlines wouldn’t consider this case as eligible for a bereavement fare. Delta Airlines also doesn’t consider terminally ill passengers traveling to a medical facility for treatment under this scheme.

Documents needed for availing Delta Bereavement Fare:

You might need to provide the following information as per Delta Airlines bereavement policy to avail discounted fares:

1. The name of the deceased person

2. Your relationship with the person who passed away

3. The name of the hospital, funeral home or hospice

4. If applicable, you might also need to provide the name of the attending doctor.

How to make Flight Ticket Booking under Delta Airlines Bereavement policy:

You can make flight ticket reservations by calling Delta airlines customer support desk or by booking through travel agents, who would call the airlines for bookings, cancellation or refund. The customer support executives would guide you through the entire process of delta flight emergency ticket booking and offer the bereavement fares to you for last-minute family emergency travels.

Other Tid-bits about Delta Airlines Bereavement Policy:

If you change the timing of your return tickets, then you have to pay the difference in the fare but Delta airlines waive the service fees.

Bereavement fares are subject to availability and it might happen that might be offering lower prices than those being offered under Delta Airlines bereavement policy. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you compare the prices online to the bereavement fares being offered.

Bereavement fares cannot be booked online. Delta airlines offer bereavement fares only to registered members of their free SkyMiles program.

Delta Airlines Policy In Case Of Death Of Previously Ticketed Customer:

If a previously-ticketed customer expires, or if an immediate family member of the passenger dies, Delta Airlines offer a full refund to those customers. Delta Airlines also offer a refund to any companion, traveling with the customer, that faces the death of a family member. You need to provide a death certificate to avail of the refund by calling Delta airlines or by e-mailing to Delta customer support.

Thus, Delta Airlines bereavement policy offers some flexibility or discount to the passengers traveling to a funeral or to mourn the death of an immediate family member. Delta Airlines offer special discounted bereavement fares in such scenarios and help you book last minute flights. If you have any further doubts about Delta Airlines’ bereavement fare policy or any other queries regarding flight ticket booking, cancellation or refund, please feel free to call us on 855-737-8707.

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