What Is A Flight Itinerary

What is a flight itinerary and What are its Types?

Travelers have been booking flight itinerary tickets for jet-setting to their destination for decades. Flight tickets hold all important information like the date and time of your travel as well as information about the departure airport and airport of arrival. The airport code and timings are also mentioned on your electronic or traditional flight ticket. However, do you know what is flight itinerary? When you purchase airplane tickets online, they often come with a confirmation email as well as your itinerary. What exactly do we mean to say when we say itinerary? In this article, we have attempted to answer all your queries regarding the flight ticket itinerary and have also mentioned some tips for booking an itinerary for visa application towards the end.

What is an itinerary and what does a flight itinerary look like:

An itinerary, in terms of flights, is the route of your travel. Your provisional flight itinerary includes the time your flight would take off, the time it would reach the destination, the airport codes for both departure and arrival as well as the name of the airports from where it would fly and land. Your flight itinerary also concisely includes your choice of food that you would be served in-flight and also the name of the passenger. The dates for your journey and flight itinerary number would also come under an itinerary.

Is your flight itinerary your ticket?

Is a flight itinerary the same as a ticket? A detailed itinerary and your flight ticket are not one and the same thing. An itinerary is just a proposed route and an overview of the journey that you would be taking. Although an itinerary does include flight details, you would still have to perform an online or offline check-in for availing the boarding pass and getting on your flight. You can actually get an idea about your itinerary, note the flight time and date and lock it for 24 hours on most U.S. Carriers. Some airlines even allow a lock-in period of 72 hours so that you can reserve the itinerary and apply for visa approval. In spite of having an itinerary, you would need your flight ticket and boarding passes.

Now that we have precisely covered what is flight itinerary planning, we need to understand that an itinerary is not the proof of your travel and you need to have your plane tickets with you. Itineraries just give you an idea about the timings and dates as well as airports. You can tell to your friends if you are planning a group vacation or inform your colleagues if you are looking for group business travel.

From where can I get my flight itinerary online?

Now that you can some idea about what is a flight itinerary, let’s get to booking your itinerary. When you buy flight tickets using trusted online travel agencies for OTA travel or get your tickets by calling the reservations helpdesk, you would be e-mailed your flight itinerary to your registered email address that you provided while booking flight tickets. If you want to look for your flight itinerary online, you can visit the official airlines website and look for the ‘My Trips’ section by logging in to your booking. You would be required to enter your last name and booking reference number or PNR and you can get the comprehensive outline for your travel from there.

What are the types of flight itineraries and options?

Is the itinerary my ticket? No! You don’t compulsorily need to pay for your itinerary. You would certainly have to pay for your ticket and get it mailed to you. However, you can keep the ticket on hold as specified by the airlines. They mention the tentative dates and planned travel schedule. 

A flight itinerary can be of several different types like a multi city flight itinerary, a one-way flight or a round trip one! Different itineraries are created by airlines to suit all needs. Somebody might be looking for a single flight, while others might be wanting to fly and come back, while yet others might be traveling in groups! All of these flight itineraries are usually taken into consideration when you are applying for your visa. Now that you know what is a flight itinerary, let’s list down the different options you have when looking at flight itineraries-

1) Multi-City Flight Itinerary: A multi-city flight lets you travel to two or more than two locations under one ticket. Just choose the multicity option when booking flights and you would be able to add more locations to your itinerary. For instance, you can go from London to Paris to Amsterdam to London using a multi-city flight search.

2) Multiple Airlines Itinerary: Suppose you are traveling from London to Paris with British and then flying on Air France to London. As per this itinerary, you chose to take the help of two different airlines for completing your journey.

3) Round Trip Itinerary: So, what is my flight itinerary for roundtrip travel? If you select the round trip flight option when looking for flights to take, you can fly to your destination and come back to your original airport of departure under this itinerary. You would be issued two tickets. One for the outbound and another for the inbound journey. An example of this would be traveling from London to Paris and then back to London using a return ticket.

4) Group Travelers Itinerary: If you are traveling with multiple people, then booking a group flight itinerary can be a good idea. You would be issued different boarding passes but would have the same PNR for getting to the airport. You might get money-saving offers when you pay for booking such types of itineraries.

5) One Way Flight Itinerary: This is the most common type of itinerary that passengers book. You can travel to a single destination using a one-way flight itinerary, meaning you can fly from one airport to another using such flights. This is a single flight that lets you travel between two destinations. An example of this would be a flight that takes you from London to Paris.

What is the importance of my flight itinerary?

A flight itinerary is useful in many aspects. With a flight itinerary, you already have a detailed schedule that you can use to plan a course of action. With the help of your flight ticket itinerary, you can easily make the most out of your time and manage the expenditure. You would know the price of the flight you would be booking and can adjust your vacation costs accordingly.

This was some information regarding what is a flight itinerary and the different categories it has. You would get your flight itinerary receipt as a document confirming your flight ticket and it would hold the flight e-ticket number. If you are still unsure about flight ticket booking, cancellation and refunds, we have all the resources to help you book cheap flights. We work relentlessly for helping you book affordable tickets to multiple destinations around the globe. For the best deals, maximum discounts, attractive deals and unmissable offers, you can reach out to our customer support helpdesk at 1-(855)-737-8707.

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