What Happens If You Miss a Connecting Flight and Tips to Follow

Having a missed connecting flight can be insanely stressful and you might find yourself helpless in such a situation. This can cause a lot of stress and if you do not have a course of action in case you missed your connecting flight, it can cause you to be confused and panicking. Relax! What happens if you miss your flight? We have a comprehensive guide that can come in handy in case you missed the connecting flight you were supposed to board, due to situations that were unforeseen by you.

Why You Could Have Missed Your Connecting Flight-

  1. If the airline company is at fault and your flight got disrupted due to cancellations or delays caused by the airlines, then the course of action would be taken that can get you flight ticket cancellation compensation in form of refunds or vouchers that you can avail on your next flight ticket booking. You can also get compensation if the length of the delay exceeded a certain limitation and the airline company would offer you a refund or book another flight for you in such cases. If you are denied boarding due problems with the airlines, then also you can claim for compensation. This is something to be taken a note of if you missed connecting flight due to delay by airlines.
  2. In case you missed connecting flight due to reasons that are personal and are not a fault of the airlines, then you should immediately dial the airline company so that you can at least get some part of your airfare back to you. This would help you not miss out on the entire value of the ticket.

When Are You Eligible For Compensation If You Miss A Connecting Flight?

In case you are unable to get on the plane and miss your connecting flight, or if there are excessive delays or cancellations, and if the fault is of the airlines, then the company is required to provide you reimbursement for missed flight for the inconvenience cause due to their mistake.

Legally, you can claim compensation by filling out the compensation form on the airline websites or by dialing the respective airline company if the conditions are as follows:

  1. The connecting flight was a European flight or it was taking off from the interiors of EU. You would be eligible for claiming compensation on your flight ticket for inconvenience caused to you by the airline company, if this is the case. However, if the flight got delayed within the United States, then you would not be eligible for any compensation.
  2. Airline companies are supposed to notify you in advance of any cancellations. This is to be done 14 days prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. In case this has not been done and the company did not alert you with any notification about cancellations, then you can claim compensation.
  3. As per Flight Compensation Regulation, if your connecting flight got delayed for more than 3 hours or if the airlines canceled your flight on the spot, then you can ask for some compensation from the airline company.
  4. If you missed connecting flight due to weather delays or because of similar reasons, you would not be eligible for compensation. However, you can get reimbursed or compensated if the delay was caused due to other causes as a fault of the flight company.

For claiming compensation properly for your connecting flight, you should make sure that the same booking reference was used to make all your bookings.

NOTE: To check whether you are eligible to claim your missed flight compensation visit Here.

You should make sure that you have kept enough time between your connecting flights so that you if delays occur, you are at least able to board the connecting flight without missing it. Immigration can also cause delays and so can customs. If you do not find flights on the same airline company, then make the booking for your connecting itinerary by choosing to different companies under the same booking reference number.

What To Do When You Miss The Flight Due To Your Fault?

If traffic or other reasons got you to miss your connecting flight then the fault would be considered yours and there is no guarantee that you would be able to get any discounts for re-booking your flight. What happens if you miss a connecting flight on purpose and what you should do? Well, you can always ask at the customer support desks at the airports if they can help you re-book your flight. They might do so but you would certainly have to bear the cost of the fare difference or other fees that might be applicable for the same.

The point that should be noted is that if you booked your flight under the same reference but both your flights were for different airlines, then the first company would not handle or take up the responsibility of the second company. If you missed connecting flight for separate tickets, you would have to contact the airline whose flight you missed for getting you to make proper re-bookings or suggest other methodologies for getting you to your final destination.

If you have not been lucky enough and you missed connecting flight due to whatever circumstances, you can relax. You now know what to do and the plan you should follow if the unfortunate incident occurs to you. If you have doubts regarding flight ticket booking, cancellation or refund, you can give us a call on (855)-737-8707 for us to help you find the maximum discounted airfare on your flight ticket booking and getting the best deals and offers for making your journey comfortable and easy. You can also feel free to dial the number given above if you want the resolution of other doubts related to flight tickets. We work round the clock ensuring that you get nothing but the best ticketing experience when you choose us!

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