Hawaiian Airlines cancels flights

What Can I Do When Hawaiian Airlines Cancels Flights?

Within the United States, Hawaiian Airlines has made its place as the largest airlines in Hawaii. Hawaiian airlines generally receive good customer reviews and is known as the oldest US carrier that has not been involved in any fatal accidents. With very few cancellation complaints, it is a flag carrier of Hawaii. It is a known fact that Hawaiian Airlines cancels flights not very frequently. However, recently a lot of Hawaiian flights have been canceled due to certain circumstances. Let’s take a look at the reasons for flight cancellations and what you can do if your flight with Hawaiian is canceled.

Weather Related Cancellations On Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines cancels flights when the reasons are justifiable. In August 2018, the major U.S. Airline had to cancel a lot of flights, citing reasons like mechanical issues and Hurricane Lane. The airlines tried to adjust passengers traveling to their destination on the next available flight and rebooked them so that they did not have to face hassles. The flights that were canceled by Hawaiian due to weather related issues include HA101 ITO-HNL, HA346 HNL-OGG, HA587 KOA-HNL, HA201 ITO-HNL, among others. The flights that were canceled due to mechanical issue on part of the airlines included HA17 LAS-HNL and HA37 SAN-OGG. Ohana by Hawaiian flights, operated by the Empire Airlines, were also canceled stating weather as the reason. These included those with flight numbers HA651, HA623, HA657, HA652 and few others. Hawaiian Airlines canceled flights in the past due to issues and if you want to avoid these difficulties, then it is recommended that you contact the airlines for constantly getting updates about your itinerary.

Hawaiian Airlines Canceled Tons of Flights In The Past: Things To Note

Hawaiian flights have been canceled in the past. Flights that were operating between California and Hawaii were once called off. The cancellation had affected hundreds of travelers and had delayed their plans. The flights that were affected include those that were to take off from San Francisco to Honolulu, and one that was to travel between Oakland and Kona. If you were booked on such a flight, you would have noticed that the airline company took prompt action. They informed passengers by reaching out to them directly and rebooking them on other flights. Passengers were asked to call the reservation helpdesk, if they were to board any of the deferred or canceled flights and had not received any communication. The airline company had then stated that these adjustments were being made due to delays in delivery of new Airbus A321neos. A large number of passengers were disappointed with the services being offered by Hawaiian airlines. You should always make sure to have turned flights alert feature on. If you are traveling to Hawaii or other destinations that Hawaiian Airline flies to, you should always call the airlines for asking them about your Hawaiian Airlines flight status.

Software Glitch Leading To Hawaiian Flight Cancellation-

Hawaiian Airlines cancels flights rarely. However, recently, in June of 2019, a glitch in the software of Hawaiian airlines is why dozens of travelers had their flights either delayed or canceled. About 54 flights had suffered a delay in their flight timings, while around 8 flights stood canceled. The software glitch was the primary reason why passenger trips had to suffer. What happened was that there was a functionality issue in the multi-rode receiver unit. This had interrupted the reception of the installed GPS system. This scenario led to the enormous number of cancellations and delays on Hawaiian Airlines. The issue had occurred after upgradations were done to some units as per the FAA mandate. In Lihue, 8 other flights had been canceled on the same day due to some other problem. However, even in this situation, Hawaiian airline was quick to act. As per the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, after they got their systems running back to normal, they accommodated all the passengers, whose trips had suffered due to cancellations, on other available flights at that time.

What Are My Rights If Hawaiian Airlines Cancels My Flight?

If your flight to Hawaii or other destinations served by Hawaiian Airlines was canceled, then there are few things that you should be aware of. If your flight was canceled due to crew shortage, change of plane or other circumstances that were under the control of the airline, you can possibly request for compensation. If your Hawaiian flight was delayed for more than four hours, then you would be compensated in form of meal vouchers for satiating your hunger while you wait to board your flight. The airlines might help you find another available flight and make Hawaiian Airlines reservations. They might even get you hotel accommodation so that you are comfortable while you wait to travel to your destination.

Avail Extra Compensation For Hawaiian Canceled Flights-

As per your domestic contract of carriage on Hawaiian airlines, you can get meals and hotel rooms or even make a phone call when you are delayed or canceled for a specific duration of time. Extra compensation is something that you are not entitled to as per your contact with Hawaiian Airlines. Some passengers might receive partial reimbursements when Hawaiian Airlines cancels flights to their destination. This can partially cover the hotel, baggage and other expenses that you might have incurred. For long delays, if you are polite, you might even be lucky enough to receive travel credits that you can use for future travel on Hawaiian airlines.

Just note that within the United States, there is no law that regulates what the airlines are supposed to do when Hawaiian cancels your flight. It completely depends on your contract of carriage with Hawaiian airlines and other principles of the general contract law. There are no federal rules that apply when Hawaiian Airlines cancels flights in the U.S.

How To Get Compensation If Your Hawaiian Airlines Flight Got Canceled?

If your Hawaiian Airlines flight gets canceled or delayed, the best thing to do in this situation is to use Hawaiian Airlines customer service. In the past, passengers whose flights were going from Los Angeles to Hawaii were canceled by Hawaiian airlines. Flights of hundreds of travelers were disrupted as a result of these issues. Due to the flight cancellation on Hawaiian Airlines, the passengers who faced inconvenience received food vouchers and hotel rooms, while money for their tickets were also refunded back to them. Apart from being assured that Hawaiian would be arranging a flight for the frustrated passengers, they were also given $100 worth of travel credits for future flights as a way of saying sorry for the trouble they had to go through.

If Hawaiian Airlines cancelled flights today or you want compensation for delayed flights on Hawaiian Airlines, you can contact their reservations helpdesk. You can also attach your boarding pass stubs, expense receipts and flight tickets and mail it to the address mentioned on their official website. You can either mail it in writing or use fascimile for flight disruptions on Hawaiian Airline. Email support of Hawaiian is always helpful for inquiring about compensations if your flight was canceled due to some reasons or was delayed for long.

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