extraordinary circumstances for a flight delay

What are the extraordinary circumstances for a flight delay?

If you are a regular flyer with airlines, then you would know that delays are a part and parcel of flying. However, airlines do offer certain compensations when your flight gets delayed due to situations that are under the control of the airline. In case of extraordinary circumstances for flight delay, however, you would not be eligible for any compensation as these are affairs not under their power. If you are not sure about what these external issues are and how they can lead to your flight getting delayed, then in this article, we have tried to explain what these are and how extraordinary circumstances flight delay can hamper your airport experience.

How delays hinder the passenger experience with airlines?

If your flight has been delayed, then it can be a very time-consuming process to apply for refunds or even re-book a flight. However, for delays that have lasted for more than three hours, there are laws that guarantee your compensation of around €600, as per European Union Regulation 261/2004. In the European Union, compensation is granted even if your flight got delayed leading you to miss a connecting leg.

Before we know more about the meaning of the extraordinary circumstances, we first need to understand what does not count as an extraordinary circumstance for a flight delay. If your flight got delayed due to technical issues with the aircraft like defects in manufacturing or other sabotage issues, then you would be allowed to fill the flight compensation form and get compensated. Even for delays due to bad weather on a flight prior to yours, which led to your flight being delayed, you would be entitled to claim reimbursement. If you were bumped from your flight due to overbooking or even if you were denied boarding due to this, you can ask for compensation. Extraordinary circumstances for flight delay does not mean hindrances due to issues with the staff like unavailability of sufficient cabin crew or delays due to the attendants coming late.

If your airline company canceled your flight, then that would not count as an extraordinary situation. As per the EU law, you would be eligible to make compensation claims.

What are the extraordinary circumstances of flight delays?

However, not all situations are under the control of the airlines. There can be other issues that might lead to your flight getting delayed like extreme weather issues or strikes. The carriers might not have predicted these unforeseen situations beforehand and therefore, due to such delays or cancellations, passengers would not be able to avail any compensation.

Van der Lans ruling and the Wallentin-Hermann ruling were put in place to specify extraordinary circumstances definition. According to this, the delay or cancellation under extraordinary circumstances must arise from situations that are beyond the control of the airline company and should not be an inherent feature of the airline’s normal operation.

There is a certain list of extraordinary circumstances for a flight delay that you should be aware of if you want to be compensated. These are:

1. Flight delay due to air traffic control strikes

2. Acts of terrorism that cause flight cancellations or delays

3. Circumstances arising from passengers inside the flight

4. If the plane has to make an emergency landing due to medical emergencies on board, then that would also count under extraordinary circumstances.

5. Weather conditions that are extreme in nature like a heavy storm, which reduces visibility and poses a security threat.

6. Intense fog that is a risk for security of passengers.

7. Other disasters in the natural environment like a volcanic ash cloud.

8. Delays or cancellations due to civil unrest or political agitation

9. Bird strike is a collision between the airplane and a bird or other airborne animals. It can be a hazard and therefore, for such affairs, the airlines would not pay you any heavy compensation.

10.  Strikes by the airport Union would also count as an extraordinary hindrance to the flight operation.

11. Snowstorms

12. Extreme windstorms causing inclement weather conditions

These extraordinary situations might happen even if the airline takes full security measures to prevent delays or cancellations from happening. These factors are not the fault of the airline and are not caused by negligence on their part. For a flight canceled due to operational reasons, you would be allowed to get compensated. However, for the situations mentioned above, that are not due to such reasons, you would not be able to receive your monetary reimbursement. This is because these disruptions are not under the control of the carriers and even legally, compensations are not to be processed for such issues. So, what do extraordinary circumstances mean? We hope we have answered your query!

What weather conditions cause flight delays?

If you are taking a flight from a destination that is prone to windstorms or heavy snowing, then delays might be frequent. For any airline, the security of its passengers is of topmost priority. Therefore, if the visibility reduces due to bad weather conditions, then the airlines would not take off and you might be stuck at the airport for long hours.

Is bad weather an extraordinary circumstance? This is the first question that people ask when they hear about delays due to weather. Yes, bad weather is an extraordinary circumstance. However, if your current flight got delayed due to weather delays at another destination, you can still claim compensation.

If there are inclement weather conditions at the airport or your vacation spots like heavy snow or windstorms, then the airline would take this as an extraordinary circumstance. Apart from snowstorms, if there are other factors that might contribute to flight delays like hurricanes. Due to extreme weather conditions, the runway might turn slippery and this can cause accidents. To avoid this, deicing is done, which leads to delays. The Wind is another factor that can lead to delays on transatlantic flights. Crosswinds can often pose challenges to the aircraft.

However, at the airport, you might be offered free food and drinks for long delays. If you are not sure why your flight was delayed, then you can always reach out to the airlines or check your mobile application for finding delay notifications.

If you are looking for a flight delay compensation lightning strike caused, then you should know that airlines are not required to pay for delays due to lightning strikes that often occur and hamper the services of airlines. However, recently, passengers have been awarded their due compensation for delays due to lightning, which causes loss of time for travelers. Although this is unexpected, some argued that it is not an extraordinary circumstance. If you want to know about compensations for flight delay due to weather conditions like lightning strikes, it is best to contact the airlines directly.

Can I get compensation for flights delayed due to extraordinary circumstances?

Flight delay compensation like ash clouds or adverse weather conditions like stormy fronts is exempted from flight delay or cancellation compensation. The airlines are not legally bound to pay you any form of compensation if the delays are due to extraordinary circumstances. So, if you lost time while waiting at the airport or faced a delay in landing due to such situations, you would, perhaps, not be able to apply for reimbursement.

This is how extraordinary circumstances flight delay leads to confusion for passengers as they are not able to get any reimbursement for their canceled or delayed flights. If you want to cancel your flight ticket and get a refund, then you can contact our team of customer support professionals who work year-round, trying to offer the best solution to your problem. We are adept at handling all your doubts related to flight ticket booking and refunds and can help you re-book a flight at low costs. For the best deals and offers as well as bargain prices on airplane tickets, you can dial our magical numbers 1-855-737-8707

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