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What are the Chances of Getting on a Standby Flight as per Rules?

Everybody wants to hop on a standby flight and get to their destination quicker if they missed their original one. You might also be looking for your chances of getting on a standby flight as per rules, for extending your holidays. Whatever the reason might be, standby flights can be a matter of luck and chance. It’s like a match of gambling and you may or may not save money while trying to book such itineraries. Although getting on a standby flight is not guaranteed, there certainly are some tips that you can put to use for increasing your chances of getting your wait-list confirmed.

What are Stand by flights?

If seats on a plane are empty due to being unsold or unclaimed, airlines often sell those to wait-listed passengers who are kept on stand-by. Standby flights are a great way of traveling if you want same-day flights at a later or earlier time. They can also help you make a quick reservation if you missed your original flight and are in a rush to reach your final destination. The chances of getting on a standby flight can be high or low, depending upon the situation. You can wait for a flight to start boarding and respond to your name being called out and travel to your destination earlier or later in the day. Employees of airlines and their families also use the stand by flights to their advantage. Thus, these types of flights can help you have an extended vacation or serve as alternative to your actual ticket.

How to Fly Standby?

If you want to change the timing of your original itinerary, you can call the airline company and their customer support executive would guide you through the process of booking a standby flight online. You can also take the help of a travel agent for this purpose. This would help you circumvent the flight change fees and avoid paying cancellation charges.

Buddy passes can be distributed by airline employees and these would allow them to get up to 60% of their flight ticket booking. While boarding, they can get on the flight, after senior airline employees and those who paid for standby slot get on the flight. This is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the Cost of Standby Flight?

A standby fee of up to $100 might be applied to your flight ticket reservation if you choose to fly standby. Different classes incur a different fee and standby flights are not cheap by any means. You must confirm with the airline about the charges and if you are allowed to fly standby because it depends on availability and policies. On Frontier and Delta Airlines, passengers are not eligible for stand-by flights if they travel in economy class. Business and first-class passengers might even be allowed to fly standby at no additional fee on some airlines. Using Buddy pass would let you have some chances of getting on a standby flight, at some taxes and fee.

Tips on Getting on Standby Flights and Benefits of Flying Standby:

1) Be Nice: If you are traveling using buddy pass, the best behavior is expected out of you and you should be polite and courteous while trying to ask for a standby flight.

2) Don’t Fly During Rush Days: Flights tend to remain full-on holidays and during long weekends. Therefore, you must choose flights that depart after the holidays for a better chance at securing a standby flight.

3) Use Popular Routes: If there are more number of flights flying to your destination on that day, your chances of getting last-minute standby flights increases. The probability of finding a standby flight on popular routes is greater than the chances of finding a wait-listed seat on routes that have less number of flights operating.

4) Carry less number of bags: Traveling with heavy luggage and checked-in bags could lower your chances of getting on a standby flight as per rules. Checking bags when flying standby can be a hassle. You need to rush to the boarding gates and wait there for your chance. If you have already checked your bags in, many airlines won’t allow you to fly standby. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry only a carry-on, whenever possible, for better chances of getting on a standby flight.

5) Be a Member: Having elite status with the airline can help you push forward as you’d be valued more as a loyal customer of the airline. You can have better chances at bagging that last-minute standby ticket if you are a privileged member of their rewards program.

6) Check Your Ticket: Some itineraries might not allow you to travel using standby flights and thus, you must go through the fine print carefully.

7) Arrive Early: You need to be present at the airport as early as possible because the chances of people not showing up for their flights are highest during the early morning hours. You can have an upper hand at securing a standby ticket in such a scenario.

8) Travel Singly: If you are traveling with multiple people, the airline might find it difficult to put all of you on the same flight and thus, it is better to look for standby flights if you are traveling alone.

9) The Standby App: You can download and use apps provided by some airlines, making standby travel easier. Using these applications, you can look for standby flights and make your reservation effortlessly.

10) Respond Quickly: If you want to increase your chances of getting on a standby flight as per rules, you should reach the airport early and arrive at the boarding gate. Respond as soon as your name gets called out by the agent and you can get the seat faster. If you fail to respond, the seat might be allotted to the next person on their wait-list. Hence, try to stay near the gate at all times.

Standby flights offer you a great opportunity to book last minute flight tickets for same-day travel at different time slots. However, there can be some risks associated with standby travel. Airlines do not prioritize buddy pass and standby passengers and the buddy passes can only be used for leisure travel and if found that the employee or family member is using those miles for business purposes, they could lose their travel benefits. The passengers agree to not be accommodated or compensated for canceled flights or those that they miss.

You can have great chances of getting on a standby flight as per rules, but these were some strategies for flying standby that should be kept in your mind before you go ahead with trying to find standby flights. Standby flights can be a great tool for those who want to have an extended vacation or want to change the time of their travel. These tickets might not be cheap but can help provide convenience. If you want to book cheap flight tickets at a maximum discounted fare, we can help you out with that. Just give us a call on airline number: +1-(855)-737-8707 and we would hook you up with the best flight deals and offers to make your travel affordable and budget-friendly!

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