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What Are Budget Airlines – All about Flying Budget Airlines

Super-cheap flight is a dream that is now a reality! If you want to fly cheaper, then RyanAir and such other low-cost airlines are now available. They even promise to offer free flights in the future, but for now, what you get it lower prices that can save you hundreds of dollars on airfare. Regular flight tickets can often be expensive, but budget flights can take you to your destination at low costs. No frills airlines and ultra-low-cost airlines do not include free bags and you might even have to forego free in-flight meals. However, if you just want to get from one destination to the other, these budget airline companies can be a perfect option. There are some differences between legacy carriers and budget carriers. If you are curious about what are budget airlines and want to know more about flying budget, then read on… 

What Is a Budget Airline?

The best budget airlines USA has, offer inexpensive tickets that can go as low as $50 in one-way pricing. You get such a bargain on airfare as these budget airline flights cut down on their operating costs and do not provide refreshments or meals for free. You would technically have to pay for every additional service. The fares on budget flights are non-refundable and can cut back on passenger luxuries. However, on some of the flights, your experience can be pleasant. For example, Southwest airlines offers free checked bags to passengers. If you want to get bare-bones airfare, then flying on these low-cost airlines would be a great bet.

What Is The Best Budget Airline?

What are budget airlines is that they are lowly priced flights that you can get on. Some budget airline offer better services and deals than the others. Here are some examples of budget airlines that you can get on:

1) Air Asia: The largest low-cost airline in Asia, Air Asia has been on the top spot for years as it can take you across 120 destinations. You can purchase meals for a low as $3 on Air Asia’s low cost flights and avail premium in-flight services.

2) Norwegian: Norwegian offers low-cost flights for short and long-haul routes that can get you around 96 global destinations like London, Berlin and Dubai. The economy menu can let you choose from delicacies at cheap prices and can come in handy for long flights. Norwegian, although a budget airline, offers free in-flight WiFi, so that you stay connected to the internet.

3) JetBlue Airways: This is one of those budget airlines that offer power outlets on board and even free snacks to satiate your hunger. What are budget airlines if you don’t have to pay for additional services! However, on JetBlue, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and travel to over 100 destinations around the world at cheap airfare and satellite TV in-flight.

4) EasyJet: One of the low cost airlines Europe has, on EasyJet you can travel to over 800 destinations using the budget services of Easy Jet. You would have to purchase in-flight meals but their selection is extensive. This budget airline has 230 airbuses and you can reserve flight seats for free if you book a Flexi ticket.

5) Virgin America: On demand Wi-Fi and entertainment facilities can all be taken advantage of on Virgin America flights. One of the most well-known boutique airline, take a trip to over 115 destinations in the world that include Texas, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

6) Jetstar Airways: Customer-centric approach and meals that can be pre-ordered is a feature of this low priced airline. For flights of longer duration, in-flight entertainment systems might also be available.

7) AirAisa X: Long distance carrier of Air Asia, Air Asia X offers comfortable seating options do that you can travel safely in premium and economy cabins.

8) Azul Brazilian Airlines: Travel to Florida, Portugal or other destinations as Azul Brazilian is a budget airline that lets you stay entertained with its in-flight systems. In both economy and business classes, you can order from their selection of fresh foods for long-haul flights.

9) Southwest Airlines: One of the most popular low-cost budget carriers, Southwest Airlines is famous for offering free carry on baggage and soft drinks in flight. Pay $8 and use internet facilities on Southwest budget airline, and even snacks can be bought on board.

10) IndiGo: Apart from offering flights within India, Indigo also has extended its roots to UAE, Singapore and Thailand. You would have to shell out some bucks for food but you can travel at budget-friendly rates on this carrier.

How Budget Airlines Work?

How do budget airlines offer cheap tickets? In a nutshell, they work by cutting airline costs. They might even lock in low fuel prices for months or years if they feel that the fuel rates might rise in the future. Using only one type of aircraft is another strategy to cut down on maintenance costs. What are budget airlines? A budget airline is one that can sometimes use underutilized airports and negotiate cheaper airport fees by dealing with drawbacks of smaller airports. They try to cut down on operating costs but the flights are as safe as full service airlines or legacy carriers. The interiors might not be that great and you might have to pay for availing on board services, but the budget flight experience can save you a lot of money and can make your travel more affordable.

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Some Facts and Key Points about Flying on Budget Airlines:

1) You Might Have To Pay For Water: Low-cost budget airline companies want to reduce the airfare and therefore, while you book your flight ticket on such airlines, you would not be charged for in-flight meals. There is no free meal on airlines that let you fly at budget-friendly rates. There can be some major points of difference when comparing low cost carrier Vs full service carrier. If you want water or food and even coffee, you can expect to shell out some extra bucks for that. Meals when bought in flight can increase the overall cost of flying and sometimes that can be comparable to regular tickets that offer free food.

2) Budget Airlines Might Land at Faraway Airports: Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you want to travel to Paris and RyanAir is what you’ve chosen to travel. RyanAir is a low-cost budget airline company that lands at the Beauvais airport, which is further from the main Orly airport by 1.5 hours. Although this is not always what happens, sometimes the airport where your flight lands can be outside of the major city. You should always check with the airlines and on maps. Calculate the overall cost and then decide if getting on that low budget airline would actually be worth it.

3) There is No Compromise On Safety: There is a whole bunch of people who believe that low-cost airlines would be much safer to travel on than the regular flights. However, this is not true. Budget airlines are equally as safe as their regular counterparts. Regular flights offer free meals, magnanimous luggage allowances and free drinks. But, what are budget airlines? On budget flights, you cannot avail these services. But, since these additional charges are not added, you can save every dime.

4) RyanAir Requires You to Print Your Own Ticket: One of the major budget airlines, RyanAir asks passenger to get their ticket printed for boarding. A reissue fee would be charged if passengers fail to present their printed boarding pass. You must therefore read the instructions on your ticket carefully and check with the airline to figure things out.

5) The Interiors Of Budget Aircraft Might Be Basic: Get a magazine or your own music as you might not find a TV screen on budget airline flights. The seats can be smaller and the cushions a little firmer than regular flights. Basic interior is what you can expect on some of the budget airlines. However, there is no compromise on the infrastructure.

6) Pay for Baggage and What You Use: Flight tickets priced heavily let you carry bags with higher weight allowance. However, you might be charged for carrying luggage with you on a budget airline. What they often do is they allow 15-22 lbs of carry-ons to be brought on board. Excess baggage fee is applied if you bring bags with you and that can significantly increase your flying costs. Make sure that you adhere to the size restrictions and measure your bags before taking them to the airport. You pay for whatever you use on such flights and you should always check the luggage policy of airlines and add the baggage fee while price comparing.

7) The Customer Service Might Not Be Bad: Are budget airlines safe? Yes, they are. Even on regular flights, you can encounter rude staff or face issues with lost luggage. The same is the case with budget airlines. You might come across staff that it not very polite. Delays, cancellations or lost bags are a mishap that can happen sometimes whether you book a low cost flight ticket or a higher-priced one.

8) Did You Compare The Costs Properly? On budget airlines, credit card companies might add surcharges or additional processing fees when you purchase your e-ticket online. Upon checkout you might even notice additional taxes. What you should do is while comparing prices, add these extra charges and then do the math.

It is actually almost more affordable to fly budget. Are budget airlines actually cheaper? Most of the time, yes! Your savings can be pretty significant when you get on budget flights that can go up to as high as hundreds of dollars on airfare. Do carry some sealed drinks or food if you want to save more on in-flight meals. General flight tickets offer more amenities, but if you are looking forward to flying cheaper, then low-cost airlines can be the way to go. 

Hope our effort to answer your query regarding what are budget airlines and facts was able to cover most of the points. We can help you book flight tickets at unmissable deals and irresistible offers. Call our dedicated customer support helpdesk on +1-(855)-737-8707. We work all year round, ensuring that you get nothing but the maximum discounted airfare. For clarifications on queries regarding flight booking, cancellation or refund, feel free to give us a call!

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