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What Airlines Offer Open Ended Tickets Without Return Date?

If you are boarding a flight and are don’t exactly know when you would be coming back from your vacation, then you can book open-ended plane tickets, that do not have any particular date written on them. You can plan to return from your trip any point in time as per the validity of the booked ticket. If you are unsure about what airlines offer open ended tickets, then Turkish can be one option you can consider. Business deals take time and therefore, open ended flight tickets are very helpful for them. They can return at their luxury without having the burden on them to return from their place of visit. Open return flight itinerary was once very popular among flyers, but today, with a lot of alternatives, you would not find too many carriers offering this service. In this article, we have discussed what open ended tickets are and which airlines would allow you to book them.


Open tickets are reservations that do not have mention of any specific return date on them. You can be flying to important events and might not be sure when you would want to return from your trip. These types of tickets come in handy during such situations. You can simply book a ticket for departure and then return at anytime within a year. If you have booked and open-ended flight then you get the flexibility of coming back from your vacation when you actually want to and don’t have the pressure for boarding your return flight. You can get the date on your outbound flight changed without being penalized with the help of an open itinerary.


Open airplane tickets are not as common as they used to be in today’s world. However, there are a select few airline companies that do let you book open ended flights for traveling to your destination with the assurance of flexibility. However, even if you do not find opentickets, you can make use of your miles and points for making changes at low costs. Booking business or first class flight tickets can also be an amazing alternative to buying an open airline ticket. If you want answers to what airlines offer open ended tickets, here they are:

1) Turkish Airlines: Your open ended flight search ends here! Turkish Airlines is one of the major airlines operating in Turkey and allows passengers to book open ended flights. You can get in touch with our reservations helpdesk or contact Turkish customer support on their phone number for booking open ended Turkish Airlines tickets. If you have used one portion of your open Turkish ticket, then you have to redeem the other part within 12 months of taking the first flight. You can look for Turkish flexible flights online. If you have a partially used ticket lying with you of Turkish Air Lines, then you can contact their customer service number within 24 months of the initial journey for getting the refund credited to you. Open ended tickets with Turkish airlines have a validity of 12 months from the date of issuance. These types of tickets allow you to travel to your destination without having to worry about the return date. With flexible dates, these types of flight tickets would allow you to see the world without having to take the burden of reaching back within a specific time period.

2) JetBlue Airways: On your quest to book cheap open ended tickets, you might come across a low-cost carrier like JetBlue. If you are wondering whether Jet Blue Airlines offers open ended tickets, then you would be disappointed to know that this airline does not allow passengers to book an open itinerary.

3) Delta Airlines: When we discuss about what airlines offer open ended tickets, Delta can be an option that you might be considering. One of the major full-service carriers, Delta open ended ticket can’t be purchased for now. However, if you want the luxury of flexibility, then you can purchase one way flight ticket for departure and then book another one-way itinerary for returning back to your original place. Although doing this might be slightly expensive, it is still better than shelling money out for booking round trip flights and paying hefty change and cancellation fee later. Delta open ticket is currently unavailable.

3) Allegiant Airlines: Allegiant airlines offers a Trip Flex service to passengers where they can make amendments to their itinerary once and even postpone their journey without having to pay any change charges. This one-time cancellation or change facility is very useful, if you want some wiggle-room on your trip. You can make such modifications up to one hour before your flight taking off. However, Allegiant does not have open departure airline tickets, as of now.

4) United Airlines: Under the 24 hours cancellation policy of United, you have the freedom to cancel or modify your itinerary without having to bear any cost. Within the United States, if you have booked a flight ticket, and your mind changes, then you can easily make changes or even cancel your flight ticket for a full refund without any deductions. This is a flexible policy that allows you to get more out of your flight reservation. However, open-ended flight tickets for Unites are not available for now.

5) American Airlines: You can purchase American gift card from the official airlines website for using them against your booking. They do not have any date for expiration and are perfect if you are looking for some room to modify your flight ticket. However, an open ticket is not issued by this legacy carrier currently.

6) Southwest Airlines: When we talk about low cost airlines, Southwest is a name that always pops up. With high-class amenities, Southwest offers passengers with the option to make unlimited changes to their flight itinerary without charging them any fees for doing so. They also have a same-day change policy, under which you can make amendments to your flight itinerary easily. Book with Southwest and you don’t even have to worry about what airlines offer open ended tickets. Although open airline ticket option is not available on Southwest, you can simply squeeze the benefits of the unconditional free ticket change policy.

7) Hawaiian Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines does not offer travelers the perks of an open ended airline ticket. You can call the reservation helpline for knowing more about flexible fares and other policies that can help make your travel much more adjustable.

8) Virgin Atlantic Airlines: With Virgin Atlantic Airways, you can choose to book a refundable flight ticket. If you decide not to take a trip, you can easily reach out to the airlines and you would be issued the full refund on the fare as well as taxes. Fares on Virgin Airlines can be partially or fully refundable. If you are looking for open ended flights to Australia, Virgin might not be the perfect choice. Non-refundable tickets would not entitle you to get any refund on flight fare. You can also go for flexible tickets, where you would be allowed to make some changes to your itinerary without having to pay additional fees. Although Virgin Atlantic Airlines does not offer open tickets, the other alternatives that you have in hand are equally lucrative.

9) Spirit Airlines: Flight Flex is a service being offered by Spirit Airlines for allowing passengers to make adjustments to their itinerary. You can make changes to your flight booking once without having to pay modification charges. The fare difference would have to be borne by you and you can make these changes up to 24 hours before your flight taking off to its destination. However, if you are looking for a totally open return flight, then Spirit Airlines does not offer that, as of now.

Although not a lot of carriers allow you to book open return ticket for international flight, you still have alternatives available at hand that you can take advantage of and get the most out of your buck. Use the flexible flight options, book flexible flights, use one way itinerary or book on Spirit, the choice is yours!

If you were wondering what airlines offer open ended tickets, we hope our effort in providing a comprehensive solution for the problem has helped you get an understanding of flexible flights. Now that you have more knowledge about flight ticket booking, it’s time for you to take that vacation! Call our expert customer support staff for getting more information about cheap flight tickets that we can book at the best discounts and offers. We work all year round, providing top-notch 24/7 assistance for resolving all your doubts related to flight ticket booking, refunds and cancellation. If you have not yet found the perfect solution for all your flight ticketing needs, you can give us a call on (855)-737-8707.

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