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Transfer Airline Ticket to Another Person – Is It Doable?

Airlines would often prevent passengers from transferring their flight ticket to someone else. This is done to ensure that on popular routes, third party sellers are not allowed to buy tickets in bulk. They can do so and sell them at higher prices later by changing the name. This would make the airline lose out on revenue. To stop this from happening, most airline companies would not allow you to change the name to a whole new traveler on flight tickets. Airline’s transfer policy can however let you make changes at name change fee, which can turn out to be more expensive than buying new flight tickets. If you want answers on how to transfer airline ticket to another person, read on.

Begin Your Research Regarding Transferable Airline Tickets:

Only a small number of airlines would let you book transferable tickets. For finding out which airlines allow transferable tickets, you need to contact individual airlines. Name changes would be allowed by paying a fee. However, the majority of the airline tickets would not allow making changes to your name and thus, are non-transferable. Only spelling mistakes would be corrected and you cannot swap your name with a new passenger.

How The Top Airlines in U.S. Handle Ticket Transfer Requests:

1) Delta Airlines: Although they would not comply with name change requests, Delta can allow refunds for unused airplane tickets. You, perhaps, would not be allowed to transfer airline ticket to another person on Delta. You can get a full refund within 24 hours of your booking. The ticket change fee on Delta airlines can go from $200 to $500, depending on domestic or International bookings on tickets purchased directly through Delta.

2) Southwest Airlines: Without paying any ticket change fee, Southwest tickets can be canceled and changes can be made. You would be allowed to do so within 24 hours of making your reservation. However, Southwest airlines transfer ticket rules would not let you give your ticket to another person. If you want to change an upcoming flight ticket, you can simply pay the airfare difference. Separate ticket change fee would not be applied. Therefore, the change and cancellation policy of Southwest airlines is passenger-friendly.

3) American Airlines: American can allow you to transfer your tickets to another flight. As per the American Airlines transfer policy, you would be allowed to do so before the scheduled time of departure. Charges and fees might be applicable for transferring your flight. However, the largest airline in the United States, American Airlines would not let you transfer a ticket to another person.

4) United Airlines: Within 24 hours of your reservation, United Airlines would let you cancel your ticket without charging any cancellation fee. For this, the purchase should have been made a week or more before the scheduled departure of your flight. However, if you want to transfer your ticket to another person, United would not allow you to do so.

5) RyanAir: On RyanAir, you would be allowed to transfer airline ticket to another person, but it would come at charges. This fee can be higher than the purchase of new airplane tickets. These name changes can be made before your flight takes off, two hours before its scheduled time of departure.

Steps To Try For Transferring Your Plane Ticket To Someone Else:

1) Visit Airlines Website: If you are curious, you can visit the airlines website and go through their “Tickets” or “Reservations” section. You can know more about their transfer and cancellation rules and if you would be able to transfer airline ticket to another person. They would tell you about the policies regarding name changes. You might be able to book tickets and get a refund if you have not used it, transfer your airline ticket to another flight or pay cancellation charges and your plane ticket reissued.

2) Read Your Ticket Carefully: Go through the fine print on your airline ticket and chances are that you would see the words “non-transferable” or “restricted” mentioned. Can airline tickets be transferred to another person? Airline rules are pretty rigid and if these terms come to your notice, getting an airline ticket transfer would probably not be allowed.

3) Talk Directly With the Airlines: Can I change flight ticket name? Call their customer support executives and ask them about name transfer policies. The rules keep changing and you can only be assured of you dial their number and ask tell them about your situation. They might tell you about all the available options for your scenario and you can then determine which one you would like to go for.

4) Pay Cancellation Charges: If there is no way out, you can always pay the cancellation fee that can be of the range $100-$150 and cancel your ticket. If the airline’s customer service department was not able to transfer airline ticket to another person, you just need to cancel your reservation and get the remaining amount credited back.

Flying After Marriage Name Change Policy:

If you got married or divorced and your name changed legally, then you might not have to get your name changed on the airline ticket. You can get on the plane by producing documents to support your marriage or divorce stating this legal name change. Some airlines might even change the name on your ticket if your name changed. Call the customer support team if you are looking for legal name transfer for your flight booking.

Penalty, fees and increased airfare might all be applicable if your airplane tickets say that they are non-transferable. We hope you got some insight on how to transfer airline ticket to another person. Always make sure to talk it out with the reservation helpdesk if you have queries. If you are unable to find answers to your ticketing doubts, we have a dedicated customer support team to guide you with flight ticket booking, cancellation and refunds. We offer the maximum discounted airfare on your plane tickets and make reservations at the best deals and irresistible offers. Call us for an enticing travel experience on +1-855-737-8707.

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