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Tips for Flying with Kids and Rights You Should Always Know

There can be problems when flying with kids as they can get very fidgety during a flight and flying with kids tips can come handy during such situations. Kids do have their own rights in place for flying with parents. They are entitled for air travel and are allowed the freedom to fly with all the happiness. While children love to see the sights outside of a plane, they can get very bored quickly and that can cause them to get finicky. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that you spend some time planning your trip with kids when you are flying with them. Hyperactive children can cause you to get all caught up 35,000 feet above the ground. So, while your kids experience the heights of flying, there are some tips for flying with kids you need to know.  

The Tips You Should Know When Taking a Flight with Children-

If you are planning to take a flight with kids, you can avoid the stress or at least reduce the problems you face if the baby starts crying and gets panicked or fussy. As a family, there are some rights that you should be aware of to avoid the nightmare. Having knowledge about these rights can help you make your task a little easier as you can avoid the things that can go wrong.

1. Do you have any rights when flying with infants? The answer to this simple question is that flying with an infant is allowed but the age is variable among the various airline companies. There might be certain restrictions that might be imposed when you fly with your young kids. Parents can specifically be concerned about taking flights with young infants.

Although some of the airlines do let you bring your newborn on board, and the age for that can be as low as 2 days, most of the airline companies would suggest you to being infants in flight that have completed at least fourteen days of age.

An example of this rule can be one as seen on American Airlines. This giant airline company would only allow you to bring infants with you that are at least 2 days old. But, the condition for this is that you should produce the medical certificate of such young infants that would mention that they are fit for taking a flight. Other airline companies like Ryanair have set the minimum age limit for bringing young infants in flight to 7 days. If your baby is younger than the recommended age of 7 days by Ryanair, they would not let the child fly. One of the tips for flying with kids that you should be aware of is that you must dial the airline company before taking a flight with your kids. They would provide you with the best information regarding the rights that you have while flying with kids.

A birth certificate or some other documents might be necessary for you to take your infant in the flight with you. This would be needed regardless of how old your kid is. Airlines like Alaska Air or United would accept a birth certificate as an identification document for your infant for bringing them with you in the flight.

Most of the other airlines would probably ask for passport as a proof for your infant or kid for allowing them to board their flight. This could be necessary even for domestic flights while the passport for infants are compulsory for International flights. You should have enough time in hand before the scheduled departure of your flight that you are able to get the required documents made for your infant so that you can show them when asked for it.

2. Another right that you have when traveling with kids is that you are allowed to sit with your baby during the course of your flight. Some people might think that this is what the norm is and consider it as a standard rule that you are allowed to sit with your children as a parent during the flight. However, there is a law that makes sitting with children during a flight compulsory and mandates this as a necessary rule. This would not incur additional costs for you, in most of the situations.

If you have not reserved your seat in flight, then while flying, the airline company would let you board the flight before the other passengers letting you select your seat. One airlines like Ryanair, one of the parents is required to pay for their seat, making a reservation, so that a seat can be allocated allowing you to sit beside your child for free. This is the policy for some other low cost airlines as well. If they fail to do so, they might be given seats that might not be close to their children as there is no guarantee.

In the United Kingdom, the CAA, which is the Civil Aviation Authority recommends that the adult should not be kept separated from the child for more than one row of seating. You should always confirm with the airlines for knowing about the seat allocation that would be done for flying with kids.

In the United States, there are laws that have been made, according to which you do not need to pay any additional fee for sitting with your infants and if your child is below the age of 13, by the FAA Re-authorization, they must be seated beside their accompanying adult.

3. There are liquid laws in place on flights that can restrict you from bringing excess quantities of liquids in flight with you. But, milk as well as baby food has been exempted from the restrictions imposed on liquids. You are allowed to carry all the food that might be necessary for your baby for the course of your trip if you are traveling with an infant. This is one of the prime tips for flying with toddlers. You are allowed to do this if you are going for a trip with a child that is below the age of two. You can bring liquids like distilled water, juice, milk and other baby foods without having to face any restrictions.

4. If you are flying with infants, then you are allowed to carry strollers on the plane as well as car seats which would not cost you any additional fees. This is one of the tips for flying with kids that can help you know more about how you can make the flight more comfortable for your child. You can bring the strollers till the gate and the staff at the airport would help you with stowing the stroller till you have secured your seat in the plane. You can also bring car seats on the plane with you and you can even take it in-flight with you. These can help make your baby comfortable during the course of your flight as they do not have to sit in your lap the entire time. Still, you should always call in before hand for asking about the policies regarding car seats and strollers when flying with kids on a flight. Car seats when brought in flight can mean that you would have to bear the flying with kids cost. This is done because if a car seat is brought in plane, your baby would be taking up the space of an entire seat.

5. Parent as well as children rights would be protected in case you are taking a flight with kids and they are not happy as you are stranded. In case this happens, there are some entitlements that you are offered by the aviation companies, which means that you can claim compensation if your flight gets delayed or canceled and disruptions are caused. If you have bought a seat for your child as well, then they are also eligible to get compensated.

Lap infants when brought in flight with you can travel in the accompanying parents lap by paying discounted infant fare. If your toddler is below the age of 2, the airline company might ask you to pay 10 to 15% of the airfare for adults in addition to asking you to pay for the seat-belt that would be provided. Taxes would be an additional cost for you to bear.

However, due to some rules and lawsuits, you are now eligible to get compensation on your airfare if there are disruptions when you are traveling with kids, which can be the full airfare. There can be certain conditions on, which this would depend which include the distance, and if you have paid for your seat on the flight. The compensation money can also depend on the length of the disruption or delay.

If you child took the flight without you having to pay anything for this, then you would not be eligible to get compensated for delays or cancellations by the airlines.

6. If you are at the airport and the cancellations and delays are becoming too long, then you and your child are entitled to get free food and drinks by the airline companies. You can get vouchers or even get reimbursed for the food that you might purchase while waiting for your flight to start boarding. Make sure to add this tip to your flying with a toddler checklist. However, the condition for this is that your flight should have been delayed for a certain time duration as per the policy of the company, which you can get an idea of by calling the customer support executives of the airlines.

7. Aviation companies might let you have free night stays and even provide transportation for travel to and from the airport as a goodwill gesture if your flight gets delayed for a long duration. You would get furnished rooms that can let you and your family has a comfortable stay in case of flight disruptions. So, keep these tips for flying with kids in mind and you would be good to go!

8. If the company has overbooked your flight, or if your flight gets canceled or delayed beyond certain preset limits, then you would be eligible to claim a compensation, if the booking happened within the past three years. This amount can be as large as $700 and would solely depend on the policy of the airlines.

You should be informed of these tips for flying with kids so that you and your infant, toddler or kid can have a safe and comfortable journey. Flying with children can be cumbersome but once you know your rights and are aware of the tips that you can use to your advantage, flying would become swift and comfortable and not that hard. If you have doubts regarding flight ticket bookings, you can feel free to give us a call on +1-800-201-4791 for letting us help you find amazing deals and discounts on your flight ticket booking for making your travel experience comfortable. You can also call us on the given number for getting all your doubts regarding cancellations and refunds solved.

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