what to do if your flight is canceled or delayed

Things to Do When Your Flight Is Canceled or Delayed

Everybody wants to reach timely to their destination. However, sometimes, mishaps might happen due to faults on the part of airline companies. Your flight might get delayed or the airlines might even have to cancel your booking, that can cause you a hell lot of stress and can put you in panic mode. In this article, we have made our best efforts to answer all your questions like what to do if your flight is canceled or delayed and how you can reach your destination by using alternative methods, safely and probably not too late.

The Airlines Canceled My Flight Booking, What Should I Do?

Stress is inevitable if the airlines canceled your booking last-minute or even well ahead of departure. You might be stranded at the airport looking and comparing all the different options that you feel are available and would be caught up wondering what to do when flight is canceled. You might want to take the help of support executives present at the counter or even consider availing benefits of travel insurance. Credits card can be put to good use during such situations. If your flight got canceled or in case of delays, you should keep these options handy:

  • Consider asking the airlines to see if you have been rebooked on another flight by them;
  • Use travel booking engines and search for some cheap options that you might have at hand if your flight has been delayed or canceled and the airline did not book you on an alternative flight.
  • Prices can be pretty high if you book tickets at the last minute, but sometimes making reservations on different airlines for different flights can be useful.
  • You might even claim a refund without having to bear additional charges from the airlines.
  • Another option if you are wondering what to do when flight is canceled, would be to contact the airlines on their number for getting help regarding your booking and requesting them for alternatives. But first, make sure that you have checked the airfare on their website or app to get an idea regarding the prices that you might have to pay.
  • Make use of vouchers or put that travel insurance or credit card points to good use at this moment.
  • Dial the airlines for knowing about compensation that they might be able to provide to you for the inconvenience.
  • As soon as weather-related cancellations are announced, be quick to make re-bookings. Travel light with just a carry on for getting ahead of the problem.

Get on Another Flight in Case of Flight Cancellations:

According to the “contract of carriage” you can get assistance from the airlines if your flight got delayed or canceled due to issues that were well within the control of the airlines like mechanical failures.

What happens if your flight is cancelled due to weather? For hindrances that the airline companies would not be able to control, like delays due to weather, they are not bound legally to provide any compensation to you. However, what they might to is rebook you on another flight or give you the option of taking a refund from their end without additional fees.

There are some things to do when your flight is canceled or delayed:

  1. Check Airlines App: Check for notifications, advisories or alerts by airlines in your email inbox or open the app of the airline company that you booked your ticket from and see if there’s any information about your flight cancellation or delays.
  2. Book another Flight Ticket: Weather conditions are not in the hands of airlines. If such are the conditions due to which your flight got canceled or delayed then you would be better off looking for other modes of transportation. However, if the reasons are different then you should use applications or websites for ticketing to look for other flight options and low airfares so that you can book another flight and reach your destination without having much of your time wasted.
  3. Reach The Airlines Over Phone: Airport staff might be exceptionally busy due to the rush and crowd. If you are standing in line or are at the airport, thinking about what to do when flight is canceled or delayed, then it might be utterly difficult for you to get hold of an agent for helping you rebook your flight ticket or help search for other options. More often than not, contacting the airlines on their phone numbers would get you through agents who would give you prompt response regarding rebooking or refunds. This process would be faster and swifter.
  4. Let Your Politeness Pay off: If you are nice to the airport staff or agents, then the chances of them helping you better regarding your flight cancellations would increase. They might even get you upgradations or provide you with travel vouchers and other forms of reimbursement. You might secure a flight cancellation compensation letter and be polite might eventually pay off in such cases.

Handling Other Logistics When Your Flight Is Canceled or Delayed:

The airlines may or may not help you out with providing accommodation and/or fooding. This actually depends on a lot of different factors and is in accordance with the regulations set by them. If the delay or cancellation for your flight booking was due to reasons that include weather delays or other circumstances, then you can expect to not receive any lodging dining options.

In cases where you are not provided with any coupon or assistance, there are other things to do when your flight is delayed or canceled. You can claim a refund or compensation and take help of your travel insurance or redeem the credit card points for cheaper hotel bookings. These would not cover the cost of wine or other alcoholic beverages and if you have consumed these, then you should not be expecting to receive money back for the drinks. However, for other food and lodging, if you have kept all the receipts and bills with you securely, you would be provided with full refund as per the policies of your travel insurance and hence you can save money.

In case the delay is due to the fault of the airlines and you’re informed about cancellations, then for such mechanical difficulties, you would be provided with printed vouchers for hotels and food. These physical coupons would be helpful to you and you can simply walk up to your gate agent at the airport and avail these. You can then show the coupon at the helpdesk of the hotel and they would guide you further.

Will I Get Any Compensation for the Delay?

If my flight is cancelled do I get a refund? Sometimes, the airlines are legally bound to provide you monetary compensation. So, apart from getting food and being kept at some great hotels for night-stay, the airlines might even have to provide additional forms of compensation to you as per laws that have been set in place for the same.

  • If your flight is taking off from the European Union or if it is flying within the EU, then you would legally be getting monetarily compensated by the airlines, the rate of which can go as high as up to $700.
  • If your flight was overbooked, which means that the airline issued tickets to more passengers than the number of seats available, and you were involuntarily bumped from a flight which led you to not being able to reach within one hour of the actual time of arrival as per your booking, then legally, you would be able to claim a compensation of up to $1300, which is around 200% to 400% of original cost of your one-way flight ticket.

You can call in the airlines or mail them, if you need any assistance with claiming these reimbursements. Reach out to the company for asking about vouchers or other discounts that they can offer to you, if you were bumped from flights involuntarily for flying even outside of the EU.

Request for Reimbursement Immediately:

Airline companies are always trying to help passengers. Be prompt in asking for compensation and request for it immediately. More often than not, people put in claims for additional compensation and are able to get those. Even after having gotten a hotel or are getting on a rebooked flight, you can turn lucky if you ask the airline companies for providing you with extra compensation for the inconvenience caused to you.

You can also call the customer support team and ask them for helping you get more compensation for the delays or cancellation and you can be fortunate enough to receive vouchers for use on flights booked with the airlines in the future or other modes of compensation. In case of flight cancellation what to do is exactly this! The airline companies strive to retain passengers and you would be surprised to know how many people receive additional compensation simply by asking.

Precautionary Measures You Should Take:

Managing cancellations and delay related issues can be tough. You can be stuck wondering what to do when flight is canceled or delayed. Whatever the causes for the same might be, you would be in a state of confusion. However, by following some simple tips and tricks, you can get through your booking within a swing!

  1. Don’t Check Your Bag: Taking just a carry on bag or a backpack can be useful when you are in a rush for getting on alternative flights. Having a checked bag can put you in trouble of getting that luggage back causing additional panic. If you travel light, then you can glide through your booking in a jiffy.
  2. Rebook Your Flight Sooner: If you are proactive in getting your rebooking done, you can save yourself from issues. If you do not reschedule your flight now, then you might not get appropriate flights to your destination. How to find out why a flight was cancelled? Give them a call or keep an eye on their website or app. As soon as the airlines notify you, or as soon as you call them and get information about cancellations or delays, you should be quick to rebook.
  3. Use the Airline Websites to Make Direct Bookings: If you would like to get favors for your delayed flight, then going to an Online Travel Agency (OTA) can be a cumbersome procedure. However, if you have used the airline website to make direct bookings, then you can easily call the airline and ask them to make changes to your itinerary or request for compensation. Therefore, in case the airfare is almost comparable on an OTA and the website of airlines, booking directly through the airlines would be a much better option. Although, in case of delays, in most cases, the reservation counter or support executives would be able to help you out with your booking.
  4. Try To Schedule Early Flights When Going For Important Events: When traveling to places where your presence matters, you should always try to keep some buffer time in hand and make flight ticket bookings in accordance with these factors. Keep in mind that your flight might get delayed or canceled. Doing this would help you reach your destination well ahead of time so that you can reach to important events in your best shape and form and not in a state of panic or tiredness. Save yourself from the weariness by scheduling flights well ahead of your schedule.

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These were some tips on what to do when flight is canceled or delayed by the airlines due to weather or whatever reasons. People have missed work due to canceled flight and even have had problems with their relationships. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to stay informed. If you are still looking for cheap flight tickets for round the globe destinations at the best prices and unmissable deals and offers, you should consider calling us on +1-800-201-4791 and we can hook you up with the best in class airfare with minimum efforts. Our dedicated customer support executives also work round the clock so that you get all your queries related to flights cancellation and refunds answered promptly.

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