Things To Do in Rutland

Things To Do in Rutland|Vermont Trip

Rutland City in Vermont has many exciting places to visit and things to see. Rutland Downtown Historic District, Green Mountain National Forest, Deer Leap Trail and Wonderfeet Kids Museum are some of the commonly visited locations in Rutland. With annual sidewalk sales, many special events, scrumptious food and other Rutland VT activities, you can be sure of having an entertaining vacation. Find unique items at the many different shops or visit the Vermont farmer’s market, go hiking or skiing- you’d never be out of options if you are in the area. You can find some of the top things to do in Rutland at the Downtown area on your Vermont trip.

Pine Hill Park

1) Visit the Pine Hill Park:

This park, spread over 325 acres of land, allows you to have a perfect Vermont adventure. You can go mountain biking, hiking, walking, snowshoeing or geocaching. You can also try trail running while in the region. Volunteers look after the trail’s construction and maintenance for keeping this place as stunning as it is. Apart from having a Chinese-timber arch bridge, this amazing park has 6 other wooden bridges that are all very unique and different from each other. The Carriage Trail is very popular and the captivating natural scenery would surely blow your mind. Visiting this park is one of the most exciting things to do in Rutland.

Norman Rockwell Museum

2) Ride to the Norman Rockwell Museum: If you cannot decide on what to do in Rutland, visit the Norman Rockwell Museum. The historic collections at this museum are nationally recognized. The Norman Rockwell museum was established in 1976 and preserves the art and style of Norman Rockwell. This fantastic museum has over 2500 Norman Rockwell magazine covers, illustrations, and advertisements to commemorate his years in Vermont. Boy Scout art is also kept for display here along with collector plates and gifts themed on Norman Rockwell.

Humongous Hathway Farm Corn Maze

3) Spend some time at the Humongous Hathaway Farm Corn Maze: This is the largest corn maze in the State, with miles of paths and corn covering 12 acres of area. The maze at this place can be challenging to solve. Clues present all around the estate can be help guests find their Way . These family activities in Rutland can make up for a memorable family vacation. You can also fill up the eight-hole punches and put them in the punch card. If you’re able to fill up the entire punch card, you’d be eligible for a raffle drawing held at the end of the year. The mountain views can be enjoyed, sitting on Adirondack chairs at the grassy knoll. You can also come across four bridges at this amazing corn maze and if you’re tech-savvy, you can also play smartphone games that they have installed for the maze. The game lets you play trivia and allows you to trace your location as it is GPS enabled.

Paramount Theatre

4) Get Entertained at the Paramount Theatre: Watch a show at this historic theatre, restored in 2000. Gaze at the fantastically decorated ceilings and watch the affordable shows that comprise of old films, stand-up comedy, ballets , and mind-blowing musical performances. If you are looking for Rutland attractions, this theatre should surely be on your list. This place is extremely famous for its contributions to the arts, education, and culture of Rutland. Experiencing this culture-packed theatre would be one of the best things to do in Rutland Vt.

Culture Trip Fair

5)Take a Culture Trip at Chaffee Art Center and Chaffee Downtown: These two not for profit art galleries are historic landmarks of Rutland. The ownership of the Chaffee Art Center and Chaffee Downtown galleries is with Rutland Area Arts Association and they aim at promoting arts and culture. The front entrance of Chaffee Art Center is made in a Syrian style. A majestic porte-cochere, a corner tower with windows in Gothic style having three floors and a first floor made up of machine-cut marble blocks are its other distinctive features. Zen Buddhist spiritual practice and other activities are held year-round at the galleries. Sponsors, members, exhibit and other forms of donations help run these establishments. Chaffee Downtown was opened by Chaffee Art Center and various artists exhibit their work here. Community art offerings also take place at this marvelous gallery!

A Signature Day Spa

6)Calm Down at A Signature Day Spa- You can relax your nerves at the beautiful ‘A Signature Day Spa’ that provides various soothing services like skincare and body care. The calming environment and the refreshing aura of this place help maintain a healthy body and spirit. The professionals at this spa are highly skilled at massage, waxing, skin treatments and other spa services. This spectacular place is a must-visit if you’re looking for something to do in Rutland.

Drive Downtown Rutland

7)Drive down to the Historic Downtown Rutland: Street party, summer concert series and other annual events held here would keep you entertained for long! The largest farmer’s market, children’s museum, indoor and outdoor areas for recreational activities, shopping and dining spots are why people flock to Downtown Rutland. Brix Bistro serves superior-quality beer, Handcarved by Ernie is famous for its Brooklyn-style sandwiches and Kelvans for their vegetarian specialties. This place also gives you options for adventures apart from the other outdoor activities throughout Rutland. Hiking, biking, and skiing at Killington are just a few of the top things to do in Rutland in the Downtown area!

Rutland Free Library

8) Stimulate your Brain at Rutland Free Library: One of the most popular free attractions to enjoy in Rutland is the Rutland Free Library. This is a public library that has ebooks, WiFi and DVDs alongside books. The library is close to the Chaffee Art Center and Paramount Theatre and would satisfy your hunger for knowledge. If you’re on the hunt for free things to do in Rutland, take a trip to this library for excellent free resources.

The Green Mountain State is a place of extraordinary beauty and there are a lot of places to go near Rutland. Try out the cuisine or take a culture trip, visit the amazing lakes or the historic downtowns, shop or take a drive through the towns and villages- the options are endless. It’s very easy to find things to do in Rutland on your trip to Vermont and this remarkable place with its incredible aura would keep you thrilled on your vacation.

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