Spirit Airlines Military Discount

Spirit Airlines Military Discount For Active Duty Veterans

In this article, we talk about Spirit military fares and veterans discounts if you’re flying on this discounted budget-friendly airline company. At this time, Spirit Airline is not operating any military discount flights. However, Spirit provides free bags for active duty U.S. military members. Flying to over 60 domestic destinations, Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost budget airline operating over 400 daily flights. You can now take full advantage of active-duty military free checked bags if you are taking a flight. Although there might not be any Spirit Airlines military discount, the benefits being offered to an active-duty veteran traveling on Spirit are very enticing.

Does Spirit Airlines offer U.S. Military discounts?

Spirit, apart from keeping the fares extremely low, appreciates military personnel serving in the U.S. It, therefore, provides additional benefits to the military members and offers a range of different services to them. However, there is no special Spirit military discount as such.

What Are Honor Flights Being Operated By Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines military veteran discount is not applicable if you are flying with this budget airlines company in your day to day life. However, Spirit has partnered with the Honor Flight Network of South Florida. The 7th largest airline in the US, takes veterans along an emotional journey to Washington DC, the U.S. Capital. It honors the military members for providing their valuable services for the country and organizes events and other celebrations to appreciate their efforts. Honor flights take the U.S. Military personnel for special trips, every year, to places like Iwo Jima Memorial, and the latest World War II memorial built in the honor of these brave men. Trips to Arlington National Cemetery have also been arranged before. Events are planned where they get to meet Veterans Affairs officials and congressmen. 

Free Checked and Carry On Bags For Active Duty U.S. Military:

If you are a U.S. military member, then reach the check-in counter timely for getting your bags checked in. Do military bags fly free on Spirit? If you have chosen to fly with Spirit Airlines, then you would be getting to bring two free checked bags to the airport. You already get to bring your small personal item with you in the flight, but apart from that, Spirit also offers veterans to bring one free carry on bag with them. Although you won’t get any Spirit Airlines military discount on airfare, the extra baggage allowance is pretty generous.

What If I Have Already Paid For Bags On Spirit Airlines?

Spirit understands that you might actually have paid for your bags while booking flight tickets. If you are actively present in the U.S. military as an active member, you can simply show your I.D. at the ticket counter. The staff would issue full refunds on baggage fees paid for your upcoming journey in such a scenario. Therefore service members would not have to pay for 2 checked bags and on carry on while traveling on Spirit Airlines. This is in line with new policies in regards to Spirit baggage fees for military personnel.

Do I Need A Valid ID For Booking Spirit Military Flights?

You can get your active duty affiliation verified online when booking flights online through Spirit Airlines official website. Spirit military fares are not discounted, but you do get to avoid paying for bags. At the luggage submission counter, you would be required to present your ID for proof of being in service. 

Do My Friends And Family Get To Avail Military Baggage Allowance?

Free luggage is only allowed for active duty military members. There is no special Spirit Airlines military family baggage allowance if you want to take your friends or close ones for a trip.

Are There Any Bereavement Fares Or Other Military Airfare Discounts On Spirit Airline?

Present your U.S. Military ID while you are at the check-in counter and you would get to travel with 2 free checked, one free carry on and one personal item on Spirit. However, aside from these benefits, it is not offering any additional Spirit Airlines military discount for veterans. Bereavement fares and other rebates for senior citizens are also not applicable. The prices on the ultra low cost carrier are already low and therefore, they are able to provide only these add on benefits for actively serving U.S. military members.

Free Spirit Flights For Injured Warriors And Their Families:

If you or your family members have been injured in a battle, Spirit offers free flights to such service members. During hospitalization of the military member or their rehabilitation, Spirit provides them with flights in partnership with Luke’s Wings. They support the recovery journey of those wounded in a battle and therefore, they extend immediate help to active U.S. Military members and those in their families during times of need. Spirit Airlines military dependents can also avail of these free flight services. For encouraging injured warriors, Spirit does everything in its capability to benefit them and their dear ones.

Spirit already has low airfare and providing these add on services in addition to such reduced prices, is just a way of their saying thanks to the generous officials. So, if you are an active duty service member, Spirit is a perfect choice for making reservations. Any Spirit Airlines military discount is not available right now, but the extra services that come with your booking are fabulous! If you need cheap flight tickets and want to get maximum discounts, our customer support executives can guide you through the entire process. We have the best-in-class deals and offers to suit your pocket. Apart from round the clock availability, we are ticketing experts and can answer all your questions regarding flight ticket reservations, refunds, and cancellation. If you need the perfect traveling solution, call us on (855)-737-8707.

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