Airlines Baggage Fees & Policy 2020

New Additions to Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020

One of the most popular airlines in America, low-cost Allegiant airlines is ruling the aviation industry as the ninth-largest commercial airline in the United States. Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020 is an important aspect of their rules and regulations. You must want to know about the restrictions that Allegiant imposes on their baggage allowances and the different fees that you might be required to pay. It is important also to know about the prohibited items and the oversized as well as overweight baggage charges. In this article, we have tried to compile some of the necessary bits of the Allegiant airlines baggage policy so that you don’t miss out on the important stuff.

Crucial Points To Note About Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees And Policy:

1. Allegiant’s baggage fees and allowances apply your booking and you don’t get any free baggage. Thus, the price of your ticket can become expensive if you choose to add bags.

2. On this ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier), you would have strict restrictions on your baggage as the company tries to keep the base fare low for affordable travel.

3. You can bring some small personal item with you on board for free, and this is included with your base fare. 

4. You can also bring a backpack as a personal item. However, Allegiant Air personal item backpack should be small and within the recommended dimensions.

5. There are special allowances for those serving as active members in U.S. Military and they get to bring free checked and carry ons with them on their journey.

Information About Carry-on Allowances On Allegiant Airlines:

1. A fee is applicable if you decide to bring a standard carry-on bag on Allegiant Airlines.

2. You are only allowed to bring a small personal item on board with you for free, which is included with the base fare of Allegiant. There is no charge for this personal item, which can be objects like briefcase, a purse.

3. Is a backpack considered a personal item for Allegiant Air? Yes, if it does not exceed the maximum recommended dimensions and if it is small. 

4. The maximum dimensions of the personal item can be 7 x 15 x 16 inches and you should be easily able to put it under the seat in front of you.

5. For oversized personal item, a $50-$75 charge can be levied by Allegiant Airlines.

6. If you want to bring a larger bag with you, on board, a standard carryon fee would apply to your booking.

7. Each passenger is allowed to bring only one carry-on that they have to purchase.

8. The carry-on bag can be a roll-aboard or a garment bag. You should be able to fit it in the overhead bin comfortably.

9. There are sizer boxes at the airport. You can use these sizer boxed to fit in your carry-on and check if it exceeds in dimensions.

10. The maximum dimension of the carry-on bag on Allegiant Airlines can be 9 x 14 x 22 inches. This dimension should be calculated by including the wheels, handles, pockets and decorations on the bags.

11. A standard carry-on bag also means that you can bring a suitcase with you as long as the dimension restriction is kept in mind. Fees would be as per Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020.

12. PEDs or portable electronic devices should not be taken with you in the checked bag. It must be put in the carry on or should be on your person. PED are items like smart phones, tablets, electronic cigarettes and calculators. The full list of items that you can take with you is available on Allegiant’s website.

13. You can also bring a diaper bag for free apart from your free personal item. Allegiant diaper bag allowance is one of the rules stated in Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020.

14. Stroller and one car seat is allowed to be taken by each passenger who paid the fees. You need to get the stroller or car bag checked at the boarding gate for free.

15. If your flight has bulkhead seats, then you would need to store your carry on bags in the overhead compartment of the aircraft. This has to be done during and after the flight taking off as these types of seats do not offer the option to you for storing your items under the seat.

CarryOn Fees You Might Need To Pay On Allegiant:

What does Allegiant charge for baggage that is of standard carry-on dimensions? Since Allegiant Airlines does not allow travelers to bring carryon bags for free, you can do so by paying certain charges:

1. A different type of fees has to be paid if you are flying Allegiant.

2. The different fees depend on the route of your travel.

3. If you buy one standard carryon bag at purchase, you can expect to pay $18-$30 when you book the ticket online.

4. If you decide to add your carry on pre-departure, you would be paying $45. At the airport ticket counter, people pay $50 to get to their flight with a standard carry-on.

5. For taking your carry on with you on board, you can check-in at the gate. Just pay $75 and get check-in at the gate.

6. Your personal item would be charged $50-$75 if it is oversize.

Allegiant Airlines’ Allowances for Checked Bags:

1. Without having to pay overweight fee, you can carry a weight of less than 40kgs maximum, in every checked in bag.

2. An 80 inches maximum linear dimension is allowed on the plane.

3. The maximum weight of your checked bag can be 99lbs and all your baggage must be accompanied by a passenger on the flight.

4. Mobility devices like scooters or wheelchairs would be checked-in by Allegiant Airlines at no additional charges. They can transfer it to the cargo department if it is large in size. This check in of mobility devices can be done at the gate or at the ticket counter.

5. The battery might be removed from the traveler’s wheelchair, as per requirements, to be packed separately. Doing this might be necessary for other mobility devices as well according to Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020.

6. You can bring e-cigarettes or electronic smoking devices with you but they must be carried in your checked-in baggage and you should not be using them on the plane or charging the electric cigarettes.

7. Electric hoverboards, skateboards, self-balancing boards of any type using Lithium ion batteries and balance gliders are not allowed for transportation via Allegiant airlines. This rule has been put in place because there is a restriction on transport of hazardous materials.

8. You can carry lithium ion batteries only in your carry on luggage and not in the checked bags. The batteries should be protected from short circuit and damage. You can use some protection methods like covering the terminal of the batteries using tape and using battery sleeve.

9. You can bring firearms if you are 18 years old at a minimum and declare it during check-in. The firearm should be encased and unloaded in a container that is hard-sided. There are other rules to carrying firearms in the checked-in baggage, which can be found on Allegiant airlines official website.

What does Allegiant Air Charge For Baggage That You Check-In?

1. If you check your bag in at booking, one to four in number, for each bag you can expect to pay $18 to $41

2. If you check in to your bag pre-departure by paying $45 for each bag-1 to 4 in number.

3. $50 is what Allegiant would charge if you get your bags checked-in at the airport itself.

Oversize or overweight baggage fee:

1. You can expect to pay an overweight baggage fee of $50, if your bag exceeds maximum weight limit of 40 pounds and lies between 40-70 pounds.

2. If your bag is overweight and lies between 71 and 100lb, then you are expected to pay around $75 by Allegiant airlines

3. Allegiant airline would charge you approximately $75 as oversize fee, if your bag exceeds the recommended height + width + length dimensions as mentioned in Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020.

Allegiant Airlines Bundles: What’s Included and Benefits:

Allegiant airline offers bundles which are nothing but packages of some of the popular services bought by passengers together. These come at a discount and save your time and money. Using Allegiant airlines bundles, each passenger can save up to a whopping $114.

1. These bundles are not refundable and you might be required to pay additional fees if you decide to change your travel time or destination.

2. You can upgrade your seat or add additional bags to a bundle.

3. Items in a bundle cannot be added, declined or changed.

4. Later, Allegiant airlines do offer you the option to add additional bags at extra baggage fees.

5. The purchase of a bundle can only be made during your original booking and the option to change the bundle would not be available after you have made your reservation.

6. If you do choose to get your seat upgraded, you have to pay the fare difference during the checkout process.

How To Pre-Pay for My Allegiant Airlines Baggage?

You can easily pre-pay for your luggage on Allegiant airlines and doing so has been made possible online or by downloading the mobile app of Allegiant airlines.

You can pre-pay for your baggage by visiting Allegiant’s website and logging in to the “Manage Travel” section there. Add the baggage and make the pre-payment for a hassle free journey experience.

You can also download Allegiant’s mobile app and perform a log in to view your booking. Add the baggage that you would like to pre-pay for and successfully make the payment for confirmation.

How to Save On Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees?

You can manage to get some savings while booking your Allegiant airlines flight baggage. Baggage fees with Allegiant airlines should be paid while you make your flight booking to avoid paying hefty fees later. The reason for this is that Allegiant’s baggage fees increases as the time of the scheduled departure of your flight comes closer. If you make a booking at the last minute for your baggage, you can be paying up-to three times greater for your checked baggage. Thus, paying ahead of time, preferably while making your booking would be an ideal scenario to save on baggage fees.

Get Allegiant Baggage Fees Reimbursed to You By Using These Credit Cards:

Allegiant airlines is a low cost carrier and thus it charges for checked bags and carry-on baggage as well. These charges are in accordance with Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020. You can avoid paying the hefty charges by using the following credit cards while purchasing Allegiant flight tickets:

1. Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card– This card would provide you with $200 worth of welcome bonus as 20,000 miles. This credit card is a no annual fee credit card and you just need to spend $1000 over a period of 3 months on this card for earning the welcome bonus. You can redeem these miles while paying for travel expenses like baggage fees.

2. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card– From date of opening your account, if you manage to spend $3000 using this card, you would get a welcome bonus worth $500 in the form on 50,000 miles. You can use this card for paying off your baggage fees and other hefty charges.

Waivers and Exclusions on Allegiant Airlines:

If you are an active member of the army and are currently serving the United States or if you are a National Guard, Allegiant airlines would allow you to bring 1 carry-on bag of standard dimensions and 3 checked bags weighing less than 100 pounds. You would get all this for free and the best part is that you would not be charged for checked luggage if it is oversized.

If you are dependents or spouses of U.S. active military or reserve military, are U.S military veterans or work as a National Guard, Allegiant would allow special exclusions and waivers for you on your flight ticket reservation. You would be allowed to bring 3 checked bags for free, which should weigh less than 40 pounds There would be zero charges for oversized luggage and apart form that you can also bring for free, one standard carry-on bag.

These were the simple and comprehensible points about Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020. It is necessary that you follow the requirements to avoid paying for overweight or oversize baggage. You should be aware of the limits and fees that you can be charged with. What is included with your ticket and what is not should also be checked once. If you still have doubts regarding flight ticket booking, cancellation or refund, you can contact us on +1-(855)-737-8707 and we would help you find the cheapest deals and offers for your itinerary. Our customer support executives work round the clock ensuring that you get nothing but the maximum discounted airfare for a budget-friendly travel experience!

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