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Midnight Flight Confusion: Don’t Miss Your Flight!

Midnight flight confusion is one of the most common problems faced by new travelers or those who are not savvy with flight timings. Even those flying frequently might sometimes get confused with timings and time zones and reach the airport at the wrong hour. Understanding the 24-hour format of timing, and what 00:00 means on your flight ticket as well as getting a grasp on when exactly you need to reach the airport can be pretty complicated. However, we have tried to make sure you get a gist of things for avoiding confusion when booking flights that take off after midnight. Using these simple tips and techniques, you can try to avoid confusions for flights after midnight, so that you do not miss your plane and can save on cancellation or rebooking charges.  

What Are Midnight Flights and Why They Lead To Confusion?

If you are traveling during the midnight hours, you would see that the time range for night flights is between 12:00 AM and 1:59 PM. Such flights are called “night flights” and this can lead to some midnight flight confusion for passengers.

If your flight leaves after midnight, you should keep in mind that the check-in procedure would begin on the day before. So, if your midnight flight is scheduled for departure on 1st of June, then the check-in would start taking place on the 31st of May. Therefore, you are supposed to reach the airport on 31st of May for checking in on your flight that would leave for your desired destination on the 1st of June. This is where passengers sometimes get perplexed and mistakenly book flight tickets for wrong dates of departure or even check in to their itinerary a day later. What some people also do is that they reach the airport on the evening of the next day. This should be avoided and you should read the timings mentioned on the ticketing website or should ask the customer support executives to double-check that your flight is leaving at the right time. Midnight flight confusion can cause hassles and you should make sure that you understand the flight timings and time zones.

Are there flights at midnight? Rarely, another example of midnight flight leading to confusion can make your understanding of things clearer. If you have booked a flight ticket that departs on Saturday, 18/1/2020, at 12:20 AM, you need to understand that your flight would take off after midnight. So, based on where you are in the world, you need to perform check-in and get your boarding passes by reaching the airport on 17/1/2020, which would be Friday night. You can always take the help of your mobile phone for calculating the time left before your flight makes a departure from the airport.

For flights departing at exactly midnight, which is a rare scenario, those traveling by airplanes can get all the more muddled. Suppose, you have booked a flight for today, which would depart from the airport at 00:00, then do you need to reach tonight or the night the day after? 12 midnight can be considered by passengers as being tonight or even tomorrow night. For this, you should look at the dates. If your flight is for 00:00 today, then, in a nutshell, this means that your flight would take off as today ends and the next day begins. So, you need to check-in accordingly, which would typically mean that you would have to check-in to your itinerary before today ends. You should make sure to reach the airport two hours before the scheduled time of departure. Perhaps, 24-hour clock format would be used to indicate the timing as using AM or PM would lead to additional Midnight flight confusion as 00:00 is neither considered as AM or PM.

As you could see, there can definitely be some confusion for flights that pull off from the gate at or after midnight. The airport authorities would not check your bags if you try to do so after only one hour remains for your flight to take off. Your boarding would start thirty minutes before the take-off time. Therefore, it is a must that you check when exactly your midnight flight would take off, the date as well as the time zone. Departure and arrival time zone confusions can make things complicated, but you can always take the help of the internet for time zone conversions. How to know if your flight is am or pm? If you get confused when you see time in the 24-hour format instead of the usual “AM or PM” timings, then also, you can use the internet. You can also convert the 24-hour timing to 12-hour timing manually. Midnight on your midnight flight ticket would be mentioned as 00:00 and starting from that, till noon, the timings would remain simple. For example, 05:00 after midnight would mean 5 AM. Once noon is hit, 1 PM would be designated as 13:00, 2 PM as 14:00, till midnight of the next day is reached which would again be 00:00.

Understanding flights that depart/arrive at 0000 (midnight) is necessary. You should know how to read flight itinerary time for getting on the plane at the right hour! Hefty charges can be levied if you are not careful of the clock and you surely would not want to burn a hole in your pocket. We have tried our best to make things clearer and understandable if your flight leaves after midnight so that you do not have to worry.  

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