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How To Find Error Fare Flights and Get The Cheapest Airfare:

Errors in listing flight prices can help you save hundreds of dollars on your round trip ticket if you are able to scan the airlines website and find them. Error fare flights are caused due to numerous different factors and the fact is that sometimes the airline companies overlook the errors as the mistakes are bound to happen. It can be a very time-taking procedure for the airlines to go through all the different flights and scavenge for the one flight that has suffered an error. However, this means that you have some time in your hand to hunt for the price error deals and book mistake fare flight tickets making your travel affordable. This secret flying technique is used by the savviest of flyers to save up on that much-needed cash! In this article, we have put in our best efforts to help you find error fare flights and get the cheapest airfare… 

What Exactly Is A Mistake Fare Flight?

The aviation industry is a very busy sector and thus mistakes in updating fares and discounts are unavoidable. The fuel surcharges and such other fees might sometimes not be added to the final pricing of your flight ticket and this can cause errors as humans process and update the fares. The pricing can become incredibly low due to errors in mentioning airfare. Flight mistake fares, in a nutshell, are airline price glitches that can save you hundreds of dollars as reduced flight tickets are available to you when such errors in flight listing occur.

Reasons for Airlines Offering Error Fare Deals:

There can be many reasons as to why you can find error fare flights due to mistakes caused by airline companies. Some of the common causes of error fare flight deals are:

Reasons for Airlines Offering Error Fare Deals:

1. Unintentional Human Errors: This is one of the most general reasons as to why error fare plane tickets appear sometimes, letting you book flights are exorbitantly cheap rates. Sometimes, when executives update the airlines site, they can cause errors in uploading the fare and you might get a fat-finger discount due to human error. This is because although highly efficient software is used by companies to design the prices, the entire back-end is still handled by humans.

2. Problems With Algorithm: Another factor for error fare flights can be technological problems as the airline companies often use complicated algorithms to determine the airfare for your itinerary. However, the airline systems might face glitches due to old codes and technology that has not been updated. This can often cause error airfare flights to pop up!

3. Currency Exchange Rates: The foreign currencies and their conversion can often lead you to save enormous amounts of money as sometimes due to the exchange rates fluctuating, there can be a significant reduction in airfare due to foreign currency. This once happened in Myanmar, when in 2012, some passengers were able to book flight tickets at bare-bones pricing of $250 to the US from Yangon when they paid it in Burmese Kyat. This has happened as the currency of Myanmar has faced major devaluation that year.

4. Error Fares Caused On Certain Routes: The fuel surcharges might not get added to your total fare as the prices can be route-specific and this would make the airfare become significantly low so that it can be labeled as an error fare. This can happen on some itineraries due to particular routes that cause the fuel surcharges to drop.

5. Errors in Conveying Messages: Communication problems can cause errors in flight pricing. The airlines and the Online travel agencies use GDS (Global Distribution System) for maintaining communication between themselves. Error fares can be caused when airlines make mistakes in informing the travel agents of correct fare details or discount percentages.

Is Error Fare a Common Occurrence?

Back in the day, it was easier to find error fare flights as they used to appear anywhere between three to four times in any given month. Nowadays, finding an error fare flight has become harder as they only show up not more than once during a period of four to six weeks. Even if you are able to scan the airlines website and find error fare tickets, the fares would not last for a longer duration- at best a few hours. Airline error and sale fares are a wonderful way of cutting down flying costs. Error fare pricing hardly ever lasts for a full day and therefore the time you have to find and book error fare flights is not massive.

How to Find Error Fares On Flight Listings?

You can find mistake fares if you look online and spend hours searching for price drops or error fares. You can reduce your workload by turning on error fare alert on the airlines website or using other ticketing websites like Google flights for notifying you when the price on a certain route drops. This would keep you informed whenever there is an error fare deal between your selected points.

Booking Error Flights Using Travel Agents?

If you have been lucky enough to find mistake fare when searching for flight tickets, you might want to get your reservation done as quickly as possible. 

It is recommended that you book such type of tickets directly by visiting the airline’s website and using their flight search option to find the mistake airfare and booking through them. Using an online travel agency can cause additional hassles as they first have to send a request for a ticket to the company. If the error airfare has been discovered by the airlines, they would not let the travel agency or third party ticketing site to make the booking and your money might be refunded to you.

Thus, using a middleman can lead to your ticket at low prices and error airfare deals not being confirmed. Therefore, if you want a confirmed flight ticket, it is highly suggested to use the website of the airline company directly for finding your itinerary.

Another benefit that you can take advantage of when making direct bookings after you find error fare flights, is that your mistake fare gets locked for a period of 24-hours as mandated by US law. You can, therefore, cancel your ticket within this period without having to face any penalty. This basically locks the cheap error fare for you and gives you time to decide without the fare disappearing.

Sometimes though, these error fare offers might even be available on the online travel agency’s website, although the probability of this incidence is pretty low.

Frequency of Cancellation of Error Fare Tickets:

If you go by the statistics, you would see that around 10% of all error fare flights get canceled and you would receive a cancellation notification for your purchase within 72 hours. Do airlines have to honor mistake fares? Airlines might not honor the error fare if the error is of a huge magnitude. Revision of the deal might take place and your reservation might be canceled.

For example, if you booked an error fare ticket taking you from New York to Paris at $100 in first class, this round trip ticket might get canceled as the mistake is very egregious, when compared to a round trip booking flying from NYC to Paris at $250 in economy class.

What precautions should I take when booking an Error Fare?

When you book error airfare flight tickets, some precautions that you can take is waiting for a period of a week or two before making hotel reservations or arranging other tours at your destination. If this one or two-week duration has been crossed then you can almost be sure that your ticket would not be canceled by the company. Keep the booking reference number or the PNR of your flight ticket handy.

Airlines can face a lot of bad press if they do not honor mistake fares and therefore they prefer to face the losses instead of canceling the flight tickets that people booked at reduced mistake fares.

Can the Airlines Turn Around And Ask For Full Airfare?

The airline companies cannot ask you to pay more if you booked an error fare and you would not be asked to pay the normal fare. They can, at best, cancel your ticket, but the fear of bad press makes this an uncommon incidence.

If you find error fare flights for flying from NYC to Paris at $250 error fare, the company cannot ask you to pay the regular airfare of $750. 

Actions To Take If Your Error Fare Isn’t Honoured:

If you find error fare flights and book them and the airlines do not honor your error fare, then they would obviously refund the entire amount you paid and you might have to rebook your flight at the full fare. You can register a complaint with the customer support executives by dialing the airlines and they might offer to compensate you for the inconvenience by offering frequent flyer miles or vouchers that you would be able to sue on your next ticket booking.

You can also launch a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or Department of Transportation and threaten to do so if your error fare is not honored, however, this technique of convincing them might not work.

The frequency of finding error fare flights is pretty low. If you are tired of looking for cheap flight tickets and want some help, feel free to give us a call on (800)-201-4791 as we can help make your ticket booking experience all the more affordable by hooking you up with the best flight deals and offers. Let us help you find the maximum discounted airfare and answer all your questions related to flights.

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