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How To Find A Good Travel Agency That Is Legitimate?

Choosing a travel consultant can be pretty confusing. Considering that there are so many travel professionals offering services, you might not be able to tell if a travel provider is reputable. Now that buying flight tickets and making hotel bookings have all become online, it is very important to keep away from fraudulent companies. Travel agents in the United States can often make reservations at hidden fee and this shady business is what you should avoid. In this article, we have tried to help you with answers regarding how to find a good travel agency that is legitimate-

Has Your Travel Adviser Listed Their Mailing Address?

Planning your holiday can be made much easier with the help of a trusted travel agent. However, it can be hard to check if a travel agency is legitimate. If you need hints on how to find a good travel agency, you should begin with verifying their details. The first step towards this verification is that you should look for their mailing address. If you would make bookings through a recognized travel agency, you would always find their physical mailing information on their website. It is mandatory for the agency to be present at a physical location. So, if they are only providing you with an email ID, then you should double check if they are real or just a scam.

If they are based in a foreign location and are trying to make you believe that they are located in your home country, this is not a reason for you to lose your trust. However, if they have a legal business address then they are more likely to get you to use their services.

How Does Your Travel Agent Act Under Pressure?

You should always make sure to interview the support provider when choosing a full-service travel agency. The world’s best travel agents would be able to stay calm and composed when put under pressure and bombarded with queries. Some agents might just care about the commission they receive from their company. They would not be able to handle questions seamlessly when put under pressure. Ask them what they would do if your travel insurance claim is not being honored or how they would help you if your flight is delayed. A good travel agent would be there for you when you are in trouble!

Make Sure To Check That Your Travel Agency Is Licensed-

An international travel agency almost always has partnerships with recognized organizations. Members of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) have to follow strict guidelines. So, if your travel agency is licensed and is one of the ASTA verified travel agents, you can be stress free. Your tour operator should have all the knowledge about booking flight tickets and help you with other travel solutions. Professionalism is another thing that legitimate travel agencies possess.

Trustworthy travel agents can be members of other organizations too. Check if they are a certified travel professional. They might be listed with United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) or National Tour Association (NTA). The point on how to find a good travel agency is that you should be open-minded. Apart from checking these memberships online, you can also dial your travel advisor inquiring about their active memberships.

If you truly want peace of mind, then make sure that the travel operator that you are going for is licensed. That would make sure that you choose a first class travel agency providing great value for your money. Look for reviews about the travel agency. Complaints filed on Better Business Bureau would give you an idea whether you should actually trust the travel agency or not.

Is The Website Of Your Travel Provider Up To Date?

Before you actually go about making a booking, go through their website. If their content latest? Check the dates of articles posted on their website. Regularly maintained content should be a parameter to look for when you book your vacation. Airfare or other prices should also be current. If you’re looking for guidelines on how to find a good travel agency, check their web page and about us section. Old prices and deals that have expired on their website might be a red flag. Spelling mistakes, old Facebook page and copied content as well as constant server issues should tell you about how much your online travel agent is bothered about earning your trust.

Did You Match Prices and Receive Details In Writing About Your Holiday:

You should be skeptical about travel agents that create pressure on you to book your holiday. You should ask them to give the prices, the fee they would charge and the total price in writing. Cancellation policies and change fee should also be provided to you by the travel company before you make any payment. A top travel agency would never ask you to reveal your income under any circumstance. If your local travel agent is asking you to wait for 60 days before you take a trip, be suspicious. You should understand the risks of not choosing a great travel agent. Theft and scams can make your pockets empty!

Do You Have The Right Documents With You After Booking Confirmation?

Travel agencies that are legitimate would immediately send you a trip confirmation on your email address or hand it out in physical format. If you have already paid money for your tour, then you should make sure to call your bank. Get the credit card statement and look for the names and amounts paid to your travel agent. One of the best tips on how to find a good travel agency is to always make sure to double check. Keep these documents handy so that in case something happens when you’re trying to travel, you would have these for reference.

Stay Away From Offers To Become Instant Travel Agents-

A competent travel agency would know what they’re talking about. They would know what a multi-city flight is, what are the pros and cons of booking e tickets and what happens if you miss a connecting flight. You should avoid anybody who offers you to pay money to turn into an instant travel agent. You might have shelled out hundreds of bucks for becoming a travel agent but are not trained properly. Instant agents are not real agents and have themselves been scammed. So, if you want to do it yourself, and have received offers from somebody who would turn you into an online travel agency quickly, you should stay away! Real agents would put in extra efforts for providing you a dedicated customer support. They are trained to do so and are legitimate.

What To Do If Your Travel Agency Has Scammed You?

Not everybody is successful on their hunt for the best travel agency. If you have been scammed by a travel provider, then there are steps that you can take. You can contact the Customer Affairs Office in your city to register your complaint. Communicating with the Better Business Bureau can also help you find a solution for your travel issue. You can also reach out to the office of your state’s attorney general if you have been the victim of a scam. If your travel agency was actually in membership with ASTA, you can contact them for registering complaints.

Picking the right travel agent can give you an edge in ensuring that your experience is one-of-a-kind. If you needed some help with how to find a good travel agency, keep these tips in mind. It can be hectic to select from so many travel providers. If you are tired of looking for cheap flight tickets to your destinations, you can invest your trust in our professional customer support executives. We make reservations at the best airfare and deals that can surely blow your mind! With our 24/7 assistance service, you can be sure you get answers to all your doubts regarding flight ticket booking, cancellation and refunds. If you want the best travel solution and unmissable flight offers, call us on +1-(855)-737-8707.

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