regional airlines vs. major air carriers

How to compare regional airlines vs major air carriers?

If you are looking for a side by side comparison between regional airlines vs. major air carriers, then in this article we have tried to explain in detail about mainline carriers and regional aircraft. There are many different types of airline companies serving the airline industry like National carriers, network carriers and regional air carriers. They are in operations to fulfill the different needs of passengers like tourists and business personnel. Regional carriers serve smaller domestic locations within a region and connect the isolated destinations. Major carriers, however, have extended services overseas and provide exotic in-flight experiences as their aircraft is better and the facilities inside are enhanced. However, apart from there, let’s look at the other differences between regional airlines and major air carriers.

What are regional carriers?

Regional carriers are flights that take passengers from one of the hubs or major carriers to the nearby locations. They help the major airlines save on revenue by providing smaller flights with limited seating capacity. When comparing regional airlines vs major air carriers, we found that there are a number of seats on major airlines. Empty seats lead to less income for the major companies and that is why they work in partnership with the smaller airlines. Regional carriers not only help generate more revenue but also have an increased frequency of taking passengers to their destinations. 

Larger planes might not be necessary for taking a small number of passengers across destinations that have a small distance between them. That is where regional planes come into the picture. Regional independent airlines are airlines that work under their own brand name and provide services to isolated domestic destinations. They are not owned by the major airlines and link the remote parts of tiny cities. For example, independent airlines like Mokulele Airlines provide services to the Hawaiian Islands and therefore helps passengers travel without having to pay hefty airfare.

There are many brands that operate as regional airlines like Iberia Regional, Qantas Link, United Express, Alaska SkyWest, WestJet Link, Ohana by Hawaiian and even Lufthansa Regional. United airlines regional carriers are airlines like Republic Airways and Air Wisconsin. These regional airlines help the major brands gain the attention of passengers traveling around local destinations. For example, Delta airlines have partnerships with SkyWest as well as Endeavor Air. This collaboration is under the brand name of Delta Connections and the regional airlines serve smaller domestic destinations.

In the States, American Eagle, as well as United Express and Delta Connection, provide world-class services around regional locations. However, there can be many challenges that these smaller airline companies face. Rail networks around some local destinations might provide faster connectivity along some routes. Therefore, although regional airlines actually connect smaller communities, they do have to keep their fares low to attract travelers.

What are the major airlines?

You might have heard about some of the major carriers operating in and out of the United States like Alaska Airlines, Southwest airlines, JetBlue, Delta airline, American Airlines and others like Frontier and Hawaiian. These are full-service carriers that provide global services and have a vast network of destinations that they serve. They help generate over a billion dollars in revenue. Major airline carriers might have some subsidiaries. When we look at regional airlines vs. major air carriers, we find that regional carriers like Envoy Air are nothing but subsidiaries of airlines like American. These network mainline airlines serve more overseas locations than regional carriers. You can get better connecting flights and layover options with the help of major carriers.

On these airlines, the salary of pilots, cabin crew and other mechanics might be higher when compared to regional airlines. Regional airlines serve as talent pools serving smaller markets. However, when we look at the flight cancellation rates of regional airlines vs. major air carriers, we would notice that regional air carrier cancels their flights up to four times more than the major ones. The aircraft for major full-service airlines offer better luxury for long or short-haul flights and therefore, better in-flight experience. However, on some regional aircraft, you might find more legroom and space to spread out when compared to major carriers that might not that enough seat pitch. In order to generate more revenue, the companies are now lowering the pitch of seats for adding more seating options.

The difference between the regional airline and mainline airlines is that the aircraft is larger. The size of the planes is much greater on network airlines as they are the heavyweights of the giant airline industry. They are better if you are going to be in the metal for longer hours and need better services and greater baggage allowance. On mainline carriers, you would find better services and a luxury experience, however, the regional airlines have also improve their facilities over the years and are important for legacy carriers to provide commutation options to those living in smaller or isolated cities or regions.

What is the difference between major and regional airlines?

Major air carriers often find that for smaller destinations around domestic destinations, not all seats are getting occupied. Therefore, full -service carriers like Delta, United and American Airlines often take the help of regional carriers for taking passengers around economically.

If you have to wonder about the difference between regional airlines and major air carriers, then there is a dissimilarity in the number of seats. Usually, you would not find less than 100 seats on a major airline. Since not too many passengers travel around smaller locations, regional aircraft have around 50 seats that can go up to 80. It is much more profitable for the airline company to fly passengers in regional carriers.

The benefit of traveling with regional airlines is that they have a flexible schedule and can take you around minor cities with ease. No matter what the town is, there is always some market for it. So, major airlines have stepped in and partnered with regional carriers. You might see that you have booked a flight with Delta but the name of a regional airline is also mentioned on your e-ticket. If these partnerships had not been there, travelers would face issues flying from one smaller city to the other.

Regional airlines pilot salary, as well as the pay for the cabin crew and other staff, is much lower on the regional airlines. On major carriers, however, the pay-scale of mechanics and pilots as well as that of the attendants is higher. Therefore, regional airline staff takes this as a learning opportunity for getting exposure to the aviation industry and then move to higher posts in major carriers.

There is no difference in the quality of training provided to the staff. Regional airlines thus provide a starting point for their careers and airline companies like SkyWest and others provide top-notch services to destinations around the globe. Delta Connection flights are collaborations between regional and major carriers. If you are flying on Comair, then you qualify for earning frequent flyer miles and points and even the aircraft uses the Delta logo under the partnership. The difference between regional airlines and major airlines is in the grandeur of the flights.

You can even own an airline independently and then apply for partnerships with major carriers like Delta, American and Alaska airlines. Even the airline companies can have full ownership of the regional flights. American Eagle flights are regional airlines that work in coordination with American airlines under the partnership. This is the SkyWest and American Airlines partnership, where SkyWest is an independent airline. This is how regional airline companies help the industry providing flights to smaller destinations around the globe, in their respective domestic region.

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