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How to Change Name on Flight Ticket – Can You Actually Do So?

Small errors while booking your flight e-ticket online can often happen. If you have made mistakes while entering your name and have made a spelling error or other typo mistakes, you might be stressing about it. However, fret not! More often than not, without causing you too much pain, most airline companies would let you make small corrections to your name. You might not be able to transfer the ticket though and if you have gotten your name legally altered, it can be a little more cumbersome to get these changes made. If you are wondering how to change the name on the flight ticket, then in this article, we have you covered.

Can You Actually Change Your Name on a Flight Ticket?

You can actually get the name changed on the flight ticket. You might be denied boarding or flying if there are discrepancies between the spellings of your flight reservation and legal identification. Therefore, to avoid causing hassles for passengers because of spelling mistakes on their flight tickets or other small errors, most airline companies do allow you to get your name changed at some fee.

How to Easily Change Name on Flight Ticket:

Up to 24 hours following your reservation, most companies would allow you to make changes to your name. As soon as you realize that this needs to be done, contact the customer support executives of the airline or have a talk with your travel agent about the name change that you might need to get done. Your flight might even have to be canceled, under certain circumstances. This would incur extra charges. Paying these charges and calling the airlines for the same is how to change the name on flight ticket easily.

Can I Give The Flight Ticket To My Friend?

Airlines might only entertain requests for the correction of the original passenger’s name. All of the major airlines like Southwest, JetBlue, and Delta airlines have rigid rules for this. You can almost never transfer the ticket to your friend as the airlines would often tell you that they are non-transferable. They want to control the generation of revenue. If you are allowed to transfer airline ticket to another person, people might actually resell cheap flight tickets for higher prices. This means the airline would lose out on money. Thus, for security reasons changing the name on your flight ticket to a new traveler is not permitted, generally.

Get Spelling Mistakes On Your Flight Ticket Corrected:

Mistakes on your flight ticket are generally corrected if you act on it and dial the airlines. Small alterations are usually allowed. Mistakes of up to three letters would be considered for change by the airlines without you having to pay anything. But, you must be swift in taking action and should request the airlines for making these necessary changes to your name on airline ticket. For this purpose, you can give a call to your agent who helped you make the reservation or directly reach out to the airline on their reservation helpdesk number.

What If Your Name Has Legally Changed?

If you want to board a flight, then the name on the legal identification document your product at the airport should match exactly with the one on your flight ticket. How to change the name on flight ticket if your name has actually changed? You should quickly contact the airlines if you have been married, divorced or if your legal name has changed due to other causes. They would help you get your name changed and would guide you through the process.

Is Your Flight Ticket Missing Your Second Surname?

The name on your flight ticket should always match with the one on your passport or driving license. Wrong last name on airline ticket needs to be changed. Special characters should be omitted while making reservations and if you have a surname that is double-barreled and the second surname is missing from the ticket, you should feel free to dial the airlines for getting necessary changes done. If you made the booking through an OTA (Online Travel Agency) then you should contact them for knowing about how to change the name on the flight tickets, in case of a missing surname.

Costs for Making Name Changes on Flight Tickets:

So, the next question that might pop-up is how much does it cost to change the name on a plane ticket? The charges for making name changes on flight tickets are variable. It completely depends on the airlines that you have made your booking with. Some airlines might even apply no charges and correct small typo for free. However, if they don’t and you have to get your flight rebooked, then expect to pay a cancellation fee for getting it done under a new name. The fare difference should be paid if the airfare has increased. So, you must act quickly if you have discovered that you need to get changes to your name done for your flight ticket.

How to Get Flight Ticket Name Transfer Done?

If you are looking for flying after marriage name change on your flight reservation, the best thing to do would be to call the airlines. If you want to transfer your airline ticket, then that might be chargeable and the fee is decided by the airlines. Name transfer charges would have to be borne by you. You perhaps cannot get these fees waived for a ticket name change. This can hold true even if you are registered with their frequent flyer program. This flat fee would also be applied to your booking, even if you are an elite ticket holder. Can you transfer plane tickets? You need to call the airlines for knowing if they would actually be able to help you with flight ticket transfer or not.

Changing the Name on Flight Ticket Free Of Charge:

Can you change the name on a plane ticket Delta? According to guidelines set by the Department of Transportation, you can make a name transfer if you want, within 24 hours of making your reservation. This would be done without applying any additional charges. You can contact your travel agent if you want to make minor changes to your name as the airlines allow them to do so. You might not have to pay any fee for making such small corrections to your name on the flight ticket.

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