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How to Book Open Return Ticket for International Flight?

Many passengers when traveling internationally are not sure about the date of their return. They are constantly looking versatility on their airline tickets and that’s where open tickets come into play! These tickets offer a lot of flexibility when looking to make flight ticket changes like date change and other such amendments. However, open return ticket for international flight is not widely available these days. Only certain airlines allow you to buy such unrestricted tickets. Yet, we have certain alternatives and equivalents to open ended flight tickets that can make your travel more flexible. If you are a tourist or an international student, then this type of ticket can be very useful to you. Let’s first understand what open return flight tickets are and what are the other ways of making flying more fluid.

What Exactly Is An Open Return Ticket For International Bookings?

If you are opting to purchase an open return ticket for international flight or domestic travels, then you do not have to choose any particular date or time for your return. Open return flight tickets are nothing but tickets that allow extreme flexibility to passengers trying to book flight tickets online. The outbound portion of your trip would be confirmed, while the return would remain “open”. Your airplane ticket would be valid for around a year from the date of your flight taking off or have a validity as specified by the airlines. This is very advantageous for long distance trips or when you do not have enough money for booking return flights.

How to Book Open Ticket Online and Get Maximum Value?

If you look online, then the chances of you finding open returns are very low. A very few airlines allow you to book flexible airline tickets. Open return option is not readily available online and you should call the reservation helpdesk or take the help of an online travel agency for processing your booking. These tickets can have a validity of up to a year. You should dial your flight ticketing agent for confirming the airfare and date of expiration.

If you an unsure about your return date, then travelers can buy an open-ended airline ticket. These types of tickets allow businessmen to fly to their destination and return only when their work is complete or they have finalized important deals. This arrangement of openticket itinerary was very famous back in the days. However, open tickets for flight bookings are not that common in today’s age and day. You might be able to book an open flight ticket if you are a student or you fall under specific categories that allow you to book open ended tickets. Many airlines like United, perhaps, do not allow you to book open return ticket for international flight. You must call your travel booking expert for knowing what airlines offer open ended tickets.

What Are Alternatives to Open-ended Airline Tickets?

A few decades ago, during the 1980s, airline tickets allowed much more flexibility and open ended tickets were commonly purchased by the exclusive people getting on flights to their destinations. These days, however, open ended tickets might not be available for everybody and only a specific classification of people might be allowed to get them. There are still ways in which you can workaround flight tickets and get maximum flexibility out of them. Some alternatives to open departure airline tickets are:

1) Purchasing Tickets At Flexible Fares: You can buy flexible airfare tickets by visiting the airlines website or using an online travel agent. These tickets are completely flexible, meaning, you can change the date of your departure unlimited times. This is a great alternative to open return ticket for international flight. However, the only downside is that it can be much more expensive to buy flexible fares. However, the advantage of getting full refunds even if you cancel your flight just before departure, is a great way for obtaining a flexible travel.

2) Book One Way Flight Tickets: If you are indeterminate about the date of your return, then instead of paying hefty change fee on round trip flight tickets, you can simply book one way flights at a time. This is a great way of avoiding exorbitant charges when trying to make amendments to your itinerary. Reserve a one way flight, travel to your destination and then book the return flight when you want to return. One way flights are a great alternative to open ticket, meaning you get more freedom! This might be more expensive than round-trip flights. However, if you are not sure about the point in future when you would return, then booking one way at a time is a great way of skipping change fee that can quickly increase the overall cost.

Some nations, however, have a rule according to which you might be required to produce your return flight ticket as a proof of you eventually leaving the country. This “onward travel rule can be very strict in some places and if you are not able to produce your return ticket, then you might even be denied to board the flight.

3) Choose Business Class Or First Class: Booking open fares might be a little heavy on your pocket. Open ended flight search is also very time-consuming. However, just by increasing your budget slightly, you can fly comfortably in first or business class. Many of these tickets let you make changes to the flight date without charging any fees. Even if they make you pay for making changes to your itinerary, the charges would still be low when compared to economy flights. If you are looking for open ticket equivalents, then this option should definitely be on your mind.

4) Get Round The World (RTW) tickets: Pay one price for traveling around the world by purchasing RTW flight tickets. If you are looking to travel around the world, then these types of tickets allow maximum flexibility that you can use for making date changes without paying high charges. Open ended flights to Australia or other locations might be priced very heavily. However, if you are traveling to multiple destinations and are not sure about the date when you would want to fly or return, then this can be a great bet.

5) Buy An Air Pass: In particular countries, some airlines let you fly a fixed number of segments at a specific price. This is a great way of getting additional freedom when flying and is a fabulous alternative to open return ticket for international flight. Air passes can let you change dates or add segments without you having to pay charges. The airfare depends on the number of segments that you would fly as well as the total travel distance and duration of your journey.

6) Make Use Of Your Air Miles: Many airlines allow date changes without charging massive fees on tickets purchased using miles and points. Charges, if imposed, would not be very hefty when compared to airline tickets purchased using your card. Foreign carriers might not even charge you anything and therefore, if you are looking for some wiggle room for making changes to your itinerary, then using points and air miles is a great way of purchasing cheap flight tickets.

Can you buy an open return plane ticket now? Usually, only legacy carriers let you book an open return ticket for an international flight. These can be very costly depending on the airline and your itinerary. However, we have a team of experts who are constantly on the hunt for flight ticket deals and promos for making your journey affordable. Our flight ticketing agents work round the clock ensuring that you only get cheap flight tickets at maximum discounts and best airfare. If you need help regarding flight ticket booking, cancellation or refunds, we are available 24/7 for providing personalized support. If you are tired of looking for inexpensive airline tickets, give us a call on (855)-737-8707.

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