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Guide for Back To Back Ticketing:

If you’re trying to book flight tickets for mid-week travel or if you want to book a round-trip flight wherein you have to travel and return before weekends, flight ticket prices might be very high for such quick trips. Many airlines have Saturday night stay requirements, which can put you in a fix. However, with back-to-back ticketing, you can, perhaps, get around this issue. Back to back flight ticket reservation is used as a frequent flyer trick by many businesspersons.

What is Saturday Night Rule?

Many airlines use the Saturday Night Stay policy to exclude business travelers from leisure travelers. In a nutshell, this rule makes it mandatory for you to stay overnight on Saturday at your destination to be eligible for discounted round-trip airfares.

If you try to book a round-trip flight that starts and ends on a weekday, the round-trip fares are generally much higher. However, if the duration of your round-trip includes one weekend, you can get exciting deals and offers to book discounted flights.

Thus, Saturday Night Rule attempts to impose restrictions on business travelers, who want to make trips on weekdays only.

What are back to back flight tickets?

Back to back ticketing is an airline ploy used by passengers to save up on cash by buying nested airline tickets. If you have to stay at the destination for shorter time-duration, back to back ticketing comes in very handy. Buying two separate round-trip airline tickets instead of one round trip flight ticket can help you save up on some money while making your flight ticket reservation.

How to book Back-To-Back Flight Tickets?

To avoid paying high airfares, you can buy multiple flight tickets and save up on some cash. Frequent fliers or business travelers often book two round trip tickets that include weekend stays. Then, they use only one leg of each ticket and save up on the extra expense incurred when you book non-discounted flight tickets.

Savvy fliers often use this airline booking ploy to bypass paying additional charges for flight tickets. Let’s take an example. Imagine that you have to travel from Los Angeles (LA) to New York on Tuesday and return on Friday of a week. You can book 2 round trip tickets instead of just one to cut down on the expense.

The first round trip ticket would be for a flight leaving from LA to New York on a Tuesday and returning on the following Monday (includes a weekend stay). The second round trip ticket would be for a flight departing from New York on Friday and reaching LA on the following Monday. The first leg of the first ticket can be used for departure and the first leg of the second round trip ticket can be used for the return.

This way, as both the tickets, include weekend stay, you would get discounts and the airfare you would pay would be cheaper than if you were to book a single round trip ticket departing on Tuesday and returning on Friday. This is an advantage of back to back ticketing.

Is Making Back to Back Flight Ticket Reservations Legal?

Using such hacks to book flight tickets to bypass the Saturday night rule airlines impose, is mostly frowned upon. However, if you make less frequent bookings of this type and use it only for quick travels, you can get away with making this reservation. In case the airline company finds out that you have made two round trip bookings to circumvent their rules, they might deny boarding to you.

Airlines, like American Airlines, can also flag your account or bar you from future usage of the airline services. Airlines can issue a warning or cancel your reservation as well. Financial penalties or fines can be imposed if you are found booking back to back flight tickets. Thus, there are lots of ways airlines can prohibit you from unfair usage of their services.

Back to Back Ticketing can lead to negative consequences too, although in some cases you might be able to successfully bypass the rules and get away with saving up on some cash and booking cheap flight tickets. If you are going to stay for a weekend, then there would not be any point in making a back to back flight reservation as you would already be availing discounts on your flight ticket booking. Back to back ticketing travel hack is highly unacceptable in the airline industry and it is recommended that you do it at your own risk. To book hassle-free flight tickets, still at amazing deals and offers and to get other queries about flight ticket cancellation and refund resolved, you can call us on +1-(855)-737-8707.

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