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Get a Full Scoop on United Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020

United Airlines is the third largest airline in the world, and you must be wondering about the United Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020, which has been updated. The baggage policy of the airline, headquartered at Illinois, Chicago, is straightforward to understand. What is the baggage weight limit for United international flights? After reading this article, you’ll be much more informed about what you should take, the weight allowance, the maximum dimensions, and the different rules and regulations for carry-on and checked bags.

Key Points about Baggage Fees And Policy Of United Airlines:

— For certain tickets, you might be allowed to carry personal items on the airplane without having to pay any charges.
— The baggage charges on United Airlines are based on the luggage size and weight.
— There is a separate allowance for those traveling under MileagePlus Premier membership.
— For every leg of their journey, United Economy passengers have a restriction on maximum weight that they can carry per bag
— Military personnel who are active in the U.S. have a special allowance for them and their dependents.

United Airlines Allowance for Carry On Bags-

— United Airlines does not allow lithium batteries installed in your checked-in or carry-on baggage. To carry such bags, you need to remove the batteries, and thus, you’d be eligible to bring it on board. If you are planning to travel with smart bags that have non-removable batteries, just know that you can’t bring it on United Airlines flights.
— You should be able to fit your United Airlines carry on baggage under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin with ease.
— Most United Airlines passengers have carry on luggage limit of being allowed to bring one carry-on bag along with one personal item on board for free. However, some exceptions to this rule are also there. Other special items are also allowed in flight.
— Your carryon bag should not exceed the restricted limit of 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches and this size should be measured by including the wheels and the handles of the bag.
— The personal item you’re going to bring should be adjustable under the seat in front of you with its maximum dimensions not exceeding 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches
However, items like umbrella, jacket, pet carrier, camera, breast pump, reading material, food, or merchandise bought at airports and such other items are also allowed on board as mentioned on United airlines official website.
— There are sizers placed at airports. You should fit your carry on in those and check if it exceeds the stated dimensions or not. For large bags or more items, you need to get them checked.
— The exception to the carry on policy is if you are traveling at cheaper fares in Basic Economy class. As per United Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020, this lets you bring only one personal item and no carry on with you on board. You need to pay $25 as the fee for getting a full-size carry-on checked.
— However, customers traveling in the basic economy across Atlantic, or customers who are MileagePlus Premier members or have companions traveling on the same reservation as them, or Gold members of Star Alliance and primary MileagePlus credit card members can bring one carry on and one personal item as per norm.
— If you want to bring musical instruments onboard like a guitar, you can bring it as a carry on by placing it in a hard case. If they can fit under the seat in front, United Airlines counts it as a personal item. When placed in the overhead bin, it is taken as a carry-on bag.
— United Airlines carry on weight should be enough that you can easily lift the baggage and fit it under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.
— Breast pumps would be allowed as a special item for nursing mothers on board.
— If you have a stroller with you, it should be checked either at the gate or at the counter.

United Airlines In-Cabin Pet Policy:

1). If you have a pet that you want to take in cabin with you, it should be in a hard (maximum dimensions:17.5 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7.5) or soft (18 inches long x 11 inches wide x 11 inches high) sided kennel, which can be fit under the seat in front of you.
2). You should travel with pets on the same flight as you are responsible for your pet. Oxygen service won’t be provided for pets in case of an emergency.
3). If you have a pit bull, you cannot take this breed with you in the cabin.
4). If you want to bring your kennel as an additional item, you need to shell out $125 as a service fee each way and $125 additional service charge if stopovers are of more than 4 hours within the U.S. or if they are of more than 24 hours outside of United States.

United Airlines Allowance For Checked-In Bags-

— Including your checked bag’s handle and wheels, the maximum dimensions should not exceed 62 inches on the outside.
— The maximum weight of your checked bag should be 50lbs if you are in Economy class. That’s the United basic economy baggage.
— For Business and First class passengers or for United Polaris business class travelers, the maximum weight allowed per bag is 70lbs. This is also the allowance for MileagePlus members with gold, silver, platinum or 1K status.
— You are allowed to take 2 bags with you without fee
For economy class passengers, this is not free and they need to pay a charge.
— Does the united charge for checked bags? For U.S. Domestic flights, the first bag would cost $30 and the second $40. If you decide to bring additional bags, it would be charged at $150 per bag.
— For United Airlines Baggage International on United Airlines, you might be required to take the first checked bag for free, while the second one can cost $100. This is the general United Airlines baggage International travelers are allowed. However, for Basic economy passengers, the pricing is $60 for the first bag, while a charge of $100 is put for the second.
–You can use the Baggage Calculator on the airlines official website to find out how much it would cost exactly.
–You should keep the claim check that you get after getting each bag checked carefully, treating them like receipts.
— If you’re active military personnel or their dependents, you are allowed to bring 3 bags and 5 bags for personal and official business trips, for free, respectively.

United Airlines Policy for Extra for Overweight/Oversize bags:

Overweight baggage charges depend on the route and usually, the charges are $200-400 for luggage weighing 71 to 100lbs and $100-$200 for bags weighing 51-70lbs. For over-sized bags, the charges would be $200-$400 per bag if you are traveling via United Airlines.

–You will be charged with multiple fee, added up. If your bags are overweight, oversize or extra, you would be asked to pay all the 3 charges.
United Airlines baggage service won’t allow bags measuring greater than 115 inches or weighing more than 100 pounds to get into the plane.
–Musical instruments only up to 165 pounds are allowed.
If you have extra bags and they see that there is a seat empty at other regions of the aircraft, United airlines would do it for free.
–If you are going for a domestic trip or to Canada, the baggage charge would be $200 for oversize bags, $100 for overweight bags and $200 for an overweight bag
–You can take sports equipment as a checked bag if you pack them in containers and follow the size restriction on checked bags. There might also be some service charges. It is recommended that you ask at the counter for any additional charges and make the payment to get it checked-in.
Other policies regarding sports equipment are mentioned on the official website of United Airlines.

Use These Credit Cards for Additional Free Checked Bag:

On your United Airlines ticket reservation, you can use different credit cards so that the fee on checked bags can be waived off. With some cards, you might even get 2 checked bags for free. You should use these credit cards to make your travel simpler as they let you carry free checked-in bags, saving you that much-needed cash!

–You can bring one checked bag for you and another one for your companion on United Airlines flight by using United Explorer Card.
–You can get 2 checked bags for free by using Chase United MileagePlus Club Card and so can your companion
–By using the United Explorer Business Card you would get one free checked bag for your companion and you, as per United Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020
–Chase United MileagePlus Club Business Card gives you the luxury to bring 2 checked bags for yourself. Even your companion can bring 2 bags.

Waivers for Certain Routes and Exclusions:

Is checked baggage free on United Airlines? There might be certain waivers and exclusions for the route you might be traveling on and all the Premier MileagePlus members are allowed same weight, which is 70lbs per bag. For example, if you are traveling in Economy for domestic flights and flights to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America, you are allowed 3 bags of 70lbs for free if you are a Premier 1K or Premier Platinum member. United First, Polaris, and Business class members are also allowed to bring 3 bags weighing 70lbs each. If you want to know if there are any waivers for your route, you can use the United Airlines baggage calculator.

Can Baggage Be Pre-Paid For On United Airlines?

By making an online transaction you can pre-pay for baggage on United Airlines. You can also check-in 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight on the mobile application and pay for your bags in advance.

Just visit the United Airlines website and click on the Check-in tab and log in to view your itinerary. You can make the payment from there.

If you have downloaded their mobile application, you can log in and check-in to pay the fee and pre-pay for your luggage.

United Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy 2020 is straightforward and understandable. Apart from being a leading aviation industry giant, United has an extensive network connecting all parts of the globe. We can help you book affordable flight tickets to multiple destinations at maximum discounted airfare. You can call us on +1-(855)-737-8707 for knowing more about flight ticket booking, cancellation or refund. Our dedicated service team works round the clock to help you book national or international flight tickets at the cheapest rates and mind-blowing offers!

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