Flight Cancellation Compensation

Flight Cancellation Compensation: Everything You Need To Know

Situations might arise where an airline company has to cancel your flight and you can find yourself stuck! The airline might inform you of the cancellation last minute and this can cause great inconvenience. However, as per the European Union Air Passenger Rights Regulation, you are eligible for getting certain amount as flight cancellation compensation and this is given by the airline company. This amount can range anywhere between €250 and €600. Let’s learn more about flight cancellation, the reasons for cancellation and how you can claim flight cancellation compensation.

Meaning of Compensation in Regards to Flight Cancellation:

If your itinerary falls under EC261, and then the company cancels your booking, you are entitled to compensation by the airlines.

The amount of this compensation can be anything per person from €250 to €600.

For long distances of over 3500km, you can get €600 as compensation, while for distances between 1500 and 3500km, you would receive €400 as a compensation. For short distances, passengers can claim €250 as their compensation amount, which would be granted to them.

The airline offers compensation to maintain good relations with their passengers and as a way of apologizing for the disruption in their services. Flight disruption compensation entitles passengers to several benefits as they get reimbursed for the fault of the airline.

A goodwill compensation can be in form of travel vouchers, which can be used during your flight ticket booking in future. You might even receive an alternate flight ticket, that is, you might be booked on another flight flying to your destination, if your flight was canceled by the company. There might be other forms of compensation depending upon different rules and policies.

Rules for Compensation on Flight Cancellation

There are some flight cancellation compensation rules that you should know before you go ahead and claim those precious bucks!

1. Airline companies are supposed to notify you when they cancel your itinerary. If they did so before 14 or more days of flight departure, you might not get flight cancellation compensation.

2. However, it the airline company lets you know about them canceling your flight within a period of 14 days, you can ask them to compensate you for the inconvenience caused to you.

3. The flight cancellation should be due to the fault of the airlines

4. You should have checked in for your flight in time and not after that.

5. For getting compensated, it is mandatory that your flight should depart from EU or arrive in EU. For landing in EU, the headquarter of the airline company should be in the European Union

6. You can still claim compensation if the airline company failed to provide you with an alternate flight option after the cancellation of your ticket

7. The amount you’d receive as compensation depends upon the distance of travel and also on the duration of delay that took place.

8. The airline company is bound to provide one free meal to you and other refreshments if they delay your flight for two hours or more than 2 hours..

9. You might even get overnight accommodation if the delay lasts for over 6 hours and the company would arrange for your stay, usually near the airport

10. If you are not in the EU, and are from US, unfortunately there is no rule to provide any form of flight cancellation compensation to you in case the flight ticket gets canceled. However, they might put you in an alternate flight and take you to your desired destination.


1. If you miss one leg of your flight due to cancellation of the other one, you would get compensated for this

2. However, the rule says that all the flights should be made under the same booking reference number

3. The delay should be of at least 3 hours at your final location

4. EC261 jurisdiction should be applicable to the canceled portion of your connecting flight ticket.

The 4 Different Procedures For Getting Airline Cancellation Compensation:

1. Claim Airline Compensation For Cancelled flight On Your Own: You can get compensation for a flight that was canceled if you follow the right steps and the right procedures-

1) Apply for flight cancellation compensation on operator airline. If Delta was the flight operator but reservation was made on website of Air France, you must contact Delta Airlines for compensating you.

2) Call the actual flight operator, for example, British Airways, if you made booking through an Online Travel Agency (OTA)

3) You can email the operator airline and tell them about the journey and if you got a prior notification or not. You can describe in detail about the problems you faced and also tell them about the compensation value you expect from them. Also mention to them the Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004 law to them.

4) Wait for their reply and you might be given the compensation.

2. Contact Your Lawyer: You can enforce your passenger rights by contacting your lawyer and seeking help. However, the fee paid for the lawyer might not always be justified as there is no guarantee that you would get your money back even after making flight cancellation compensation claim. It can also take up a lot of your time as a lot of paperwork is involved and might not be the go to option for claiming your cancellation refund.

3. Go To A “Small Claim” Court: You can submit your claim for flight cancellation compensation at such a small claim court and pay the fees involved for getting legal support. Your presence might be compulsory for going through this procedure.

4. Contact NEB or ADRS: You can take help of an adjudicator or regulator for claiming your compensation. National Enforcement Body or Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme can be used to contact the airlines and go through a legal process taking up to 6 months to progress.

These were the 4 methods using which you could get some help in getting compensation for flight cancellation.

Some Other Tid-Bits To Keep In Mind:

1) Compensation being offered by the company at the airport is often in form of vouchers or frequent flyer miles and they should not be accepted. If you accept those at the airport, then you cannot claim for flight cancellation compensation as per flight cancellation compensation regulation. Such vouchers and miles, when accepted, invalidate your compensation claims.

2) You should save all the receipts with you for claiming the compensation for flight cancellation

3) Make sure to ask for “Right To Care,” if the delays are of over two hours. You can get a free meal and other refreshments while waiting for your flight to start boarding.

4) Keep important items like luggage tags, your ticket and the boarding passes safe with you. These would serve as documents, helping you claim flight cancellation compensation.

5) Ask for refund if the airline company offers to put you in a flight that is not suitable to you.

6) Under EC261, you can claim the compensation for your booking up to 6 years after. However, you won’t be compensated if the airline company files for bankruptcy.

Flight cancellation compensation can be a little tricky to understand, but if you read the terms and conditions carefully, you can easily file for the compensation and claim what is yours. How can I get flight cancellation compensation, you ask? You now know almost everything! If you still have doubts about flight tickets cancellation and refund or if you want us to help you book cheap flight tickets at amazingly discounted rates, do not hesitate to call us on +1-(855)-737-8707 for making your travel simpler and smarter! We are here at your service 24*7, and look forward to serving you.
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