E Ticketing Advantages And Disadvantages

E Ticketing Advantage And Disadvantage You Should Know:

An alternative solution to booking paper tickets, e-tickets offer a lot of advantages to passenger in the modern world. Most of us have already had some experience or other with booking flight tickets online. You get the ticket sent to the email address you provided and that makes life a whole lot easier. There can be a few shortcomings of e-tickets as well. Let’s discuss what are the e ticketing advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Why Has E-Ticketing Gained Quick Popularity?

What is e ticketing in actuality? Eticketing is a method of making flight reservations online. This can be done by visiting airlines website or using an Online Travel Agency (OTA). E tickets are being treated as a solution for overcoming all the problems that passengers face when using paper tickets. They offer convenience, flexibility, secure payment options, easy check-in, and price comparison features. You can just sit at your home and use a flight booking service for getting an e ticket. Airline databases store all your information and it is connected with online travel agencies to share real time information. Without printing your ticket, you can now perform check-in, obtain a boarding pass and board the flight. This is why e ticketing has gained immense popularity in recent times.

What Are The Disadvantages Of E Ticketing?

1) There are multiple disadvantages of mobile ticketing or online flight booking. If your computer crashes, then your information might just vanish. Backup systems on networks would possibly prevent this from happening. Carrying a print out of your e ticket would also come in handy before such situations happen.

2) If you want to transfer a flight, then e ticketing can put you at a disadvantage. Last-minute cancellations and changing flights can cause hassles for you. The etickets might not always be compatible with networks of all airlines.

3) If you are using an e ticket for foreign travel, then airport authorities might require seeing a return ticket to ensure that you would not breach their immigration laws. Therefore, your foreign travel might even be hindered.

4) Unemployment might increase. This is because e tickets would reduce the use of travel agencies and airline help desks leading to their turning obsolete.

5) There are some e ticketing advantages and disadvantages. If you are not very friendly with using technology, airline e ticketing might put you at a disadvantage. You might lose the e-ticket confirmation sent to your email ID as it might get lost among hundreds of mails. Chances of you accidentally deleting the eticket email are also there.

6) The feeling of handing out a personalized flight ticket to your near and dear ones is also taken away by the prevalent use of e-tickets. So, if you want to gift a flight ticket, the disadvantages of buying flight tickets online is greater.

7) Millions of passengers avail benefits of booking e tickets. Since the database of airlines stores so much information, it has always raised concerns regarding the security and privacy of your details being stored online. 

8) You might make mistakes while booking tickets online. Smartphones also let you use mobile applications and avail the benefits of e ticketing system. However, you can make payment errors or enter incorrect information while making reservations.

9) You should always be cautious while choosing an OTA. An Online Travel Agency might not always be authentic. You can lose all your money if you get flights e ticket from fraudulent companies. Therefore, the chances of you getting cheated are higher.

What Are The Advantages Of E-Ticketing System?

While comparing e ticketing advantages and disadvantages, you would see that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a large majority. Here is why you should totally opt for an online flight ticket and avail benefits of e-tickets-

1) You do not need to physically visit a travel agent. Online travel agencies are now letting passengers book airplane tickets at low costs. Reservations can easily be made from the comfort of your home. You can find coupons, promo codes and other deals online. These can bring down the costs of the e tickets significantly and you don’t even have to go through any agent.

2) There are many advantages of booking online flight tickets. E ticketing systems are highly advanced and can let you compare prices. You can get a comparison on different timings as well as would be able to check the airfare on different airlines with just a few clicks. This is one of the biggest advantages of e ticketing. 

3) E-tickets are much easier to track. You can simply send the PNR or booking reference number on your e ticket to your family or friends. They would be able to use this information online and track the progress of your journey. So, if somebody is coming to pick you up from the airport, they would be aware of the landing time.

4) Easy check-in facilities. E ticketing has made checking in to your itinerary super easy. You can simply log in to the airline website, enter passenger details and voila! Check in has never been this easy. You can circumvent standing in long lines waiting for your turn.

5) How do e tickets work at the airport, you ask? Make use of the self service kiosks place at the airports. If you could not perform check-in from your home, you can skip queues even then. Just use one of the kiosks placed at the airport and type in your information. That would get you checked-in quickly.

6) If you have checked in to your booking, getting a boarding pass is just as easy. There are many advantages of mobile ticketing. A mobile boarding pass would be available on your phone for quick boarding. Reach the security gates quickly. You can even print boarding passes at the airports. Scanning facilities are also available at a lot of major airports. Quickly get through the security gate using an online boarding pass.

7) Since your information has been stored by the airlines, there is no fear for you of losing the e-ticket. Your ticket can easily be pulled up and sent back to your email address using the PNR or booking reference number.

8) One of the disadvantages of paper tickets is theft. E ticketing has reduced stealing as it is practically impossible for someone to rob you of your online ticket.

9) If you are concerned about our environment, then e tickets are the way to go. In most of the cases, you do not need to print an e-ticket. This can reduce paper and ink wastage, which in turn is much better for our environment.

10) While there are e ticketing advantages and disadvantages, seat selection, choosing meal options and adding other services has become much simpler with e-ticketing. Just log in using the information on your e ticket and you can easily do all these and more. Pay for your baggage fees, add additional bags or request a wheelchair, an e-ticket has made things much more convenient.

11) E-tickets have almost made the use of paper tickets redundant. Airlines make huge savings on printing costs. You are even able to keep your pockets heavier by not having to go to a printing facility for printing e tickets.

12) Back in the days, when people lost their airplane tickets, they had to make fresh bookings which led them to lose out on money. Now, they can just get their tickets back with a few touches. This is the benefit of an e ticket.

13) E tickets offer flexibility and reliability to its consumers.

These were most of the e ticketing advantages and disadvantages that you should know. If you are looking for cheap flight tickets at the best deals and offers, just know that our customer support executives are available round the clock for assistance. We would help you book flight tickets at amazing discounts and unmissable deals. E-tickets can be reserved at minimum efforts. For getting all your questions regarding flight ticket booking, cancellation and refunds answered, call us on +1-(855)-737-8707.

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