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Does Delta Seat Pitch Allow Enough Legroom On Flights?

Airlines often compromise on the in-flight seat space that passengers get in an attempt to make their flights cheaper. Reducing the distance between the row of seats often leads to complaining passengers who feel cramped due to less legroom. Cutting down on the amount of space that there is between the seats is being done so that the carrying capacity of flights can be increased. While the airlines make enormous profits and their revenues are growing steadily, passenger comfort is being compromised on some airlines. Delta airlines is one of the legacy carriers operating in the United States and flying to global destinations all around the world. Is Delta seat pitch enough for travelers to fly at comfort or does it put them in a space crunch situation? In this article, we have tried to compare the economy class seat pitch of different American airlines.

What Does the Pitch Of Airline Seat Mean?

Seat pitch on a flight is calculated in inches and is the distance between two rows of seats. Seats are placed one behind the other on flights and if the seat pitch is not enough, travelers can face difficulties, especially if they are going for a long or medium-haul journey.


If we look around the world, apart from these airlines, there are other flights that can have enormous seat pitch even better than the American carriers mentioned above. For example, Aeromexico, as well as Interjet, offers a generous 34 inches of seat pitch on its international airline. Even Air China and Asiana come with 32-33 inches of pitch between their seats. If we get a seat map on Japan Airlines or Turkish, we would see that their seat pitch is fabulous, at around 33-34 inches on long-haul flights. ANA and EVA Air also provide about 32-34 inches of pitch, while South African Airways has approximately 33.5-inch legroom. Qatar and Emirates come with nearly 32-inch seat-pitch.

Not all the seats on American airlines come with the same pitch. Delta seat pitch might be greater than some other airline operating in the U.S. It can be challenging to compare flights with ample legroom and pitch, if you are looking for a comfortable travel experience. A legroom guide is therefore necessary for planning your vacation. Generally, the seat pitch depends on a lot of factors, which includes the row that you are placed on and the airlines that you have chosen to fly with. If the seat pitch is higher on an American airline than the other, choosing the one with the greater room would be beneficial. 


With the ever-evolving rules and regulations in the aviation industry, the size can keep varying from time to time depending on the policy of the company. Therefore, if you want to know the latest seat pitch figures, you can always dial the airlines helpline number and inquire about the legroom you can expect on board. Let’s compare the economy class seat pitch on different airlines for finding out if Delta seat pitch configuration is actually better-

1) Delta Airlines Seat Pitch: First, let’s talk about Delta Air Lines. Delta seat pitch varies from 31 to 32 inches on their flights. The seat pitch can go a little lower, about 30 to 31 inches, on some Delta airplanes like the Airbus A320s, A319s and the Boeing 757s. Even the McDonnell Douglas MD-90 can have this compromised seat pitch.

2) United Airlines Seat Pitch: 30 inches of seat pitch is being offered on United operated flights like the Boeing 737, Bombardier Q400, A319 and some others. However, if we look at the overall figures for most United flights, we would see that around 31-32 inches of seat pitch is available to passengers.

3) Seat Pitch On American Air Lines: If you are traveling on an Airbus A319 or Boeing 757, then you can expect about 30 inches of seat pitch on American. However, in general, the figures go from anywhere between 31 and 32 inches in terms of pitch of the seat.

4) Southwest Seat Pitch: When we look at the low cost Southwest airlines, the fleet has about 32-33 inches of seat pitch, but their Boeing 737-700s have about 31 inches of space.

5) JetBlue Airways Seat Pitch: Some Jet Blue planes like the Airbus A320 has a very magnanimous seat pitch of about 34 inches in economy class. Which airline has best seat pitch in economy? Perhaps this one! However, across its fleet, JetBlue airlines offers about 32-33 inches of pitch between their seats.

6) Seat Pitch On Alaska Airlines: On Alaska, if you are flying economy, you can expect about 32 inches of space between the seats placed one behind the other. However, most of the Boring 737-800 Alaska planes have about 31-32 inches in seat pitch.

7) Hawaiian Airlines Seat Pitch: Hawaiian airplanes like the Airbus A330 has 31-32 inches of seat pitch. Others like Boeing 717 has 29-31 inches of space, while the Boeing 767 has about 32 inches of seat pitch.

8) Frontier Airlines Seat Pitch: Frontier airlines has about 28-31 inches of seat pitch on its A319s while if you are on their A320s you would find about 28-29 inches of seat pitch. This can be a little less spacious when compared to other airlines. On the A321s, Frontier offers about 30-32 inches of seat space.

9) Seat Pitch On Allegiant Airlines: Allegiant airlines has around 30 inches of seat pitch on its airplanes, when you fly in economy class. This is a little less when compared to Delta seat pitch.

10) Spirit Seat Pitch: Spirit airlines is one of the most preferred low cost airlines operating in the United States and has about 28 inches of seat pitch on its planes in economy class. Spirit mostly has Airbus A320 planes in its fleet.

11) Sun Country Airlines Pitch: In economy class, Sun Country offers about 31-322 inches of seat pitch.

If we compare Delta seat pitch with Aeroflot or other airlines like Cebu Pacific, Ryanair or even EasyJet, we would see that passengers are actually offers a seat pitch that is on the lower side. With about 30 inches of pitch, these airlines along with Austrian Airlines and Royal Air Maroc might not be the first choice if you are looking for spacious travel. In economy class, when compared to Delta seat pitch, Air Tahiti Nui is offering more legroom to its flyers. With about 33 inches of seat pitch on its new Boeing 787-9s, this airlines is surely one of the options to consider when booking flight tickets.

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Legroom can be a serious issue if you don’t want to be squeezed inside of a metal plane. However, you can totally be comfortable even in an economy class inside Delta flights. So, what is a good airline seat pitch? Delta seat pitch of about 31-32 inches is plentiful for most passengers who don’t want to compromise on their ease during a vacation. If you have made up your mind and want to book tickets, then we have the best prices on top airlines in and around the United States. Our customer support executives are experts at handling queries related to flight ticket booking, cancellation and refunds. We work all year round, 24/7, assisting customers and hunting down the best deals and offers for making your journey comfortable. If you want irresistible discounts and low-cost flight tickets, then call us on 1-(855)-737-8707.

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