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Consequences of Skipping a Leg of Round Trip | Airline No-Show

Airline no-show is often used as a travel hack by passengers who want to make their travel cheaper or those who want to change their itinerary without paying heavy fees. However, airlines strongly recommend passengers not to Skiplag and an airline can charge you for missing a flight. Skipping a leg of your round trip flight ticket and only partially using your connecting flight ticket can lead you to get penalized and you can lose your air miles. There are many other consequences of skipping a leg of round trip flight. However, many passengers get away without being punished and use this as an airline ploy. Nevertheless, airline no-show clauses allow airlines to take action against travelers found using this technique.

What is Airline No-Show Policy:

If you booked a connecting flight from Destination 1 to Destination 3 with a stop at Destination 2 and decide to leave the airport at Destination 2 and does not show up for the connecting flight, this comes under airline no-show. No show for a flight also means booking a round trip flight ticket and not showing up for any leg of the itinerary. This is a prohibited practice and there can be many consequences of skipping a leg of round trip, called throwaway ticketing. You might not show up for flight, but in that case you have to inform the airlines beforehand, by calling them, so that they can allot your seat to somebody else who had been wait-listed.

Consequences of Not Showing Up For Your Flight Explained:

If you have booked a flight ticket and have only used the outbound part of your journey and want to get the date of the return journey changed, this can lead to the airlines charging a hefty fee. So, what passengers do is that they book another one-way ticket for their return journey on a different airline at cheaper costs and skip the return leg of their round trip journey. This leads to a vacant seat on the plane and thus, airlines frown at this practice.

If you do not board your connecting flight, the other passengers kept waiting for you have to face a delay. This also leads to empty seats on the flight, which is not good for the airline companies. They could have earned more money by allowing another passenger to book the seat. Round trip tickets are generally priced much lower than two one way tickets. However, if you skip a leg, airlines lose out on making revenue because you booked a round trip ticket at a lower cost and did not show up for your flight.

The Consequences of Skipping A Leg Of Round Trip can be:

1) If the airline finds that you have skipped a leg of your journey and have not called in to inform them beforehand, they might seize your air miles and cancel your frequent flier membership or take away your Elite status from their program. This can lead you to losing all of your frequent flyer points as per airline no-show policy.

2) If you decide to skip the departing flight and then want to use the return part of your journey, this won’t be allowed. So, what happens if I miss the first leg of my flight, you ask? If you do not show up for the departing flight, the airline would cancel the entire reservation, including the return leg, so you cannot use the return portion only.

3) Can I skip the last leg of my flight? You can possibly get away with boarding the departing flight and throwing away the return part of your journey. Still, it you’re caught you might be asked to pay a penalty which can be the fare difference or you might even be stopped at the airport and would only be allowed to board if you pay the full fare, which generally would make your travel very costly.

4) You should always alert the airlines, if you plan on using any part of your ticket and throwing away the remaining portion of your itinerary. However, if you fail to do so, you might be issued a warning and be flagged by the airline.

5) The airline company might even inform about your activity to all their partner airlines, making you ineligible for availing their services as well. It can lead you to getting banned from the airline and all their alliances.

6) You might face a flight no show penalty which is decided by the airline company for airline no-show even if you skip only the return part of your ticket. On Singapore airlines, for economy-flexi and flexi-saver flights, you might face a penalty of $150 plus tax, and even more would be borne by those traveling in business or first class. This can be negotiated and you should call the airlines for discussing your case. If you fell sick or got into an accident, by submitting appropriate proofs and medical documents, you can possibly get a waiver on this penalty. This is solely at the discretion of the airline.

Changing your flight details is not an affordable process and if you try to re-book your flight, it can cost you much less. This is why passengers prefer to Skiplag. Airline no-show can lead to serious hassles for some passengers, although quite a few of them get away without being penalized. If you make this a pattern, you will get caught and strict actions would be taken against you. United Airlines have already issued warnings to travelers trying to get away by gaming the system and skipping a leg of their ticket. The consequences of skipping a leg of round trip flight can be pretty intense. According to Lufthansa no-show policy, another passenger was issued a similar warning for airline no-show.

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