9 Things you must do when visiting Malibu

Hop on a plane and fly down to Los Angeles, home to the dreamiest of the dreamy destinations, Malibu! There are things you must do when visiting Malibu and you can’t just miss out on these when visiting the area. Malibu, closest to Los Angeles Airport, can leave you gasping for breath with its beautiful beaches, striking hills and clear skies. It’s so calm down here! This exotic location would please all your senses and Malibu nightlife is even more lit. Take a chill-pill, while the majestic city invigorates you. You can enjoy your sunny days and cash on that much-needed rejuvenation. Here’s a list of 9 unique things to do in Malibu.

1. Ride that Surfboard:

Malibu is famous for its oceans and beaches. If you haven’t tried your hands at surfing, NOW is the right time to do so! Surfing spots like Country Line or Zuma let you ride the ocean in style. At Redfish Malibu, you can get surfing lessons too, if you are a newbie. This is one of the first things you must do when visiting Malibu.

2. Try Fresh Seafood at Neptune’s Nest:

Take advantage of fresh seafood you get out of the glimmering water. Neptune’s nest is a legendary eatery that was established in 1956. Deep-fried seafood is the way to go if you want to tingle your taste-buds. Located near the waters, Neptune’s Net is surely worth a visit for your food and beverage needs. If you haven’t heard of live seafood, the time to taste it is here. Neptune’s Nest can be tagged as one of the best places to eat in Malibu. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity and make the most out of your trip to Malibu!

3.Relive History at Adamson House: 

If you’re fond of visiting historical sites, Adamson house should definitely be on your check-list. Located near Surfrider Beach, this Spanish style building faces the beautiful, blue ocean. This California State Park, inside Malibu Lagoon State Park, shows off decorative tiles and neatly kept gardens. So take that culture trip Malibu has to offer. Hand-carved designer doors and other handmade detailing can enthrall anybody. Although photography is not permitted inside, you will always have a part of California’s glorious history etched in your brain!

4. Spot a Grey Whale:

Springtime is when marvelous gray whales make an appearance in the waters. Watch these swimmers after a Malibu beach walk. The jolly time between February and April, gives tourists from all over the world a view of these giant mammals, as they traverse through the oceans during their annual migration. Of course, you get to see other sea-creatures like sea-lions and dolphins- a view like no other!

5. Get a taste of that Wine:

On our list of things you must do when visiting Malibu, we can’t afford to forget the amazing Malibu wine! There are multiple vineyards where you can taste fresh wine from the winery. Learn to do that perfect swirl, smell the freshness and taste the goodness. You can even do that while Stanley, the giraffe stares at you at Malibu Wine Safari winery. Cheers to an amazing experience!

6. Ready for some Hiking?

Certainly one of the most awe-inspiring places in Malibu, the Malibu Creek State Park, has a fantastic terrain, hidden pools, and a view and landscape that is perfect for a traveler. Besides the luxury things to do in Malibu, you can have this hiking experience that can invigorate your brain and keep you healthy. Horse-riding, bird watching, rock-climbing, and fishing are some activities you can do while you’re here. What more, it has hidden pools and lush green grass to make your hiking experience worthwhile!

7. Some More Hiking, maybe?

You can’t miss hiking on Santa Monica Mountains if you’re here in Malibu. There are many hidden gems in Malibu. Waterfalls like Escondido Falls and 67-mile backbone trail is where you’d find most people enjoying their holidays. So, what other than water sports and beaches you ask? Visit the Santa Monica Mountains and live your best life now!

8.Time for yet another Beach-y experience:

Lie down at the stunning El Matador State Beach for that perfect sunbathing experience among locals and tourists. Your search for the best Malibu beach experience is perhaps over. Watch the play between the ocean and the sun as you apply sunscreen and relax on the sand. Now that’s what is called a vacation in all its glory!

9.Time to gobble at Moonshadows

Enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean at Moonshadows and have your own romantic night, with delicious food and yummy drinks. You now have things to do in Malibu at night. Moonshadows also serves Brunch and Lunch, though. You can even relax at the beautiful lounge at this famous eatery in Malibu. Satiate your hunger and choose from the plethora of options like iced-oysters and an exotic selection of cocktails. So, you do have. It can be one of the perfect romantic places in Malibu!

It is breathtaking to visit the beach city. You fall in love and are left craving for more of that gorgeousness. The plan that getaway and travel to Malibu, away from all the hustle and bustle. You can have the trip of your lifetime with fun-filled activities scattered all around the city! These 9 things you must do when visiting Malibu. The cozy city of Malibu has got you covered for all traveling needs for your dream holiday.

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