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7 Exciting Things to do in East Timor this December

The island of Timor has divided into Indonesian Timor Barat in the west and Timor Lester in the east. With the best beach in Southeast Asia at Jaco Island, delightful eateries at Dili, beautiful villages beaming with culture and architecture, Timor Leste or East Timor is a very young, independent country. Among the best things to do in East Timor is scuba diving, visiting museums, going for a beach-experience or trying fresh seafood! East Timor doesn’t have much tourism but it’s time to change that! Read on to learn about 7 exciting things you can do and why you should visit Timor Leste…

1. Explore Dili, East Timor’s Marvelous Capital:

Try scuba diving or maybe gorge on some fresh seafood here at Dili! With produce markets, seafood stalls, restaurants, and textile stores, Dili has some of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia. Jesus Backside Beach, also called Dolok Oan Beach, is one such beach here. During the migration season, you can find whales swimming in the clear blue waters. The waters also house scorpionfish reef sharks, trevally and corals. Visit Páteo, an area in Dili, where you can find amazing cafes and a Portuguese supermarket to buy cheap items from.

2. Roam around Jaco Island:

One of the least traveled countries in South East, Timor Leste had some undiscovered gems to tap into! One of the best things to do in East Timor is taking a 6-hour drive from Dili, and reaching the easternmost tip of Timor Leste- Jaco Island! You can see short trails to caves, and also visit the Lene Hara, close to the village of Tutuala.
The Lene Hara Cave has a beautiful rock at you can stare for hours at. At the sacred beach of Jaco Island, you can go for boat rides on the stunning waters. Jaco Island is a part of Timor Leste’s only National Park and you can spot turtles, blue starfishes among other sea creatures, while you go snorkeling. You can be ferried around, by fishermen, for just $10! You cannot stay here, but you can find accommodation at Valu Beach, just opposite to Jaco Island.

3. Go Hiking on Mount Ramelau:

Timor Leste has a 99.1% Christian population and this is a site of annual Christian pilgrimage for the people there. However, you can go hiking on Mount Ramelau and scale Timor Leste’s highest peak! A statue of the Virgin Mary is placed at the summit of Mount Ramelau. The best time for visiting this place is May to November. Hatobuilico would be the starting point for your hike and is a gorgeous mountain village. Trees form a beautiful canopy while you hike up Timor Leste’s highest peak. The clear skies would be your constant companion through this enthralling journey!

4. Visit the Breathtaking Nino Konis National Park:

Independent since 2002, Timor Leste has an alluring National park that links bird areas like Lake Ira Lalaro and Jaco Island. Apart from being home to colorful and rare birds like Timor sparrow, Timor green pigeon, and a yellow-crested cockatoo, Nino Konis Santana National Park also has an underwater region. In this Coral Triangle, you can find very diverse types of coral and coral reef fish.
So, if you are looking for Timor Leste places to visit, this national park should definitely be on your list. This is East Timor’s first national park and is located at the easternmost tip. If you’re on the island, you better come to this heavenly national park, with very appealing flora and fauna!

5. Relax at the awe-inspiring Marobo Hot Springs:

In the hidden village of Marobo, you can find around three pools of lukewarm to hot water. The water at the Marobo Hot Springs is natural spring water and is geothermally heated. The pools are still open and you can relax among the lush green surroundings. It is one of the most soothing things to do in East Timor. It is said that the drinkable water of this hidden hot spring is helpful to provide some relief to those with diabetes. Give your skin a soak as the water apparently has multiple beauty benefits and healing properties to offer. You sure shouldn’t miss this spot!

6. Simplistic living at Atauro Island:

If you travel to the north of Dili, you would reach Atauro Island. This island lets you snorkel, dive, trek, and live with simplicity. Timor Leste holidays are best enjoyed at this serene place. If you visit Atauro Island between May and November, you can witness the last part of humpback whale migration and dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Island. Pilot whales, dolphins, Dugongs, are sea creatures that can make an appearance and say hi to you while you’re there!

7. Try Timorese cuisine:

Rice is a staple; corn, cassava, pork, poultry, prawns and fried fish are all part of the diet of the Timorese. Spice up your meal by trying Ai Manas, which is a unique blend of green or red chilies. Made with coconut paste, try Caril, a chicken curry. Gorge on Katupa, which are yummy Timorese coconut rice parcels. Bean, beef, and pork are added to make the delicious feijoada, which can keep you full for hours. There are a number of restaurants and eateries in East Timor where you can find these dishes. Food in East Timor is a part of socializing. Some restaurants in East Timor you can try include- Diya Restaurant, Black Rock Restaurant, and Vitoria.
Not too many tourists flock at East Timor. Nevertheless, it is an extraordinary place which deserves more attention from the world. There are multiple things to do in East Timor. With water activities, hiking spots, beaches, delicious food and rich heritage, Timor Leste has all that you would ever want! You can reach East Timor easily by flying to Dili Airport. You can also fly to Dili airport at super cheap rates from Bali in Indonesia. East Timor has many undiscovered hidden gems and it’s time you plan your trip to this paradise!
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